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Demystifying Twitter Marketing

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Fundamentals of Twitter Marketing

Fundamentals of Twitter Marketing

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  • 1. ContentIntroduction ......................................................................... 8 What is Social Media?....................................................... 9 Forms of Social Media .................................................... 12 Social News Sites ........................................................ 12 Social Networking Sites ............................................... 13 Social Sharing Sites ..................................................... 14 Social Bookmarking Sites ............................................ 15 Wikis .......................................................................... 16 Micro-blogging: a convenient alternative to blogging? .... 17 Why you should be in Twitter? ....................................... 18Chapter 1 ........................................................................... 23How can Twitter be used? .................................................. 23 Information .................................................................... 23 Search ........................................................................ 23 News .......................................................................... 24 Getting your questions answered ................................... 24 Networking and daily usage ............................................ 25 Make new friends ....................................................... 25 Keeping up with friends .............................................. 25 1|P a ge© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 2. To-do list and taking notes .......................................... 26 Personal Branding .......................................................... 26 Setting up meetings ........................................................ 26 Use in Business ............................................................... 27 Promoting your business ............................................ 27 Driving traffic to your website ..................................... 27 Collecting Feedback .................................................... 27 Hire employees........................................................... 28 Know your Customers ................................................. 28 Finding Prospective Clients ......................................... 28 Know Twitter better ....................................................... 30Chapter 2 ........................................................................... 35How Twitter Craze took media by Storm............................. 35 Performance Measure .................................................... 35 Competition with other blogging .................................... 38 Connecting Blogs with Twitter – LIFE STREAM ................ 40 Facebook and Twitter - Battle for social media space ...... 40 Search Engine Debate - Will Twitter be the new way to search for the information .............................................. 42 Executive Tweets, Politicians, Celebrities and Brand media Tweets............................................................................ 44 2|P a ge© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 3. Twitter as your social ID.................................................. 45 Future Innovation in Social Media................................... 46Chapter 3 ........................................................................... 48Business and Twitter – Manoj Jasra Sr. Strategist at ShawCommunications Inc. .......................................................... 48 Top Characteristics of Twitter Apps ................................ 49 Twitter Applications for Business .................................... 52 Blogging and Twitter ....................................................... 61Chapter 4 ........................................................................... 65Growing in Twitter – Bhupendra Khanal, CEO InRev............ 65 Bringing Quality to Tweets .............................................. 65 Why un-follow who don’t follow you (for new Tweeters) 70 Benefits of Using Twitter ................................................ 76 Twitter Followers: Quality vs. Quantity in Marketing ...... 80 Merits and Demerits of Twitter BOTs .............................. 86 Reasons to hate BOTs ..................................................... 87 Reasons to Like BOTs ...................................................... 89 My Take:......................................................................... 93 Spam Control .................................................................. 93 Types of Spammers ........................................................ 93 3|P a ge© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 4. Ways to fight Spam ......................................................... 98 Social Media Marketing (SEO and Social Media)............ 100 Content Generation .................................................. 102 Links Building ............................................................ 103 SEO and Reputation .................................................. 104Chapter 5 ......................................................................... 106Twitter Analytics for Marketers and Analytics ................... 106 User Analysis ................................................................ 106 Followers Analysis ........................................................ 113 Timeline Analysis (24 hours analysis) ............................ 116 Following Analysis ........................................................ 118 Brand Tracking (Mentions, Competitive Performance) .. 122 Demographics / Data .................................................... 127Chapter 6 ......................................................................... 133Case Studies ..................................................................... 133 All top – Get Latest News for all topic ........................... 133 About Guy Kawasaki ................................................. 133 About Alltop ............................................................. 134 Guy Kawasaki on Twitter........................................... 135 Dell - Use of Twitter ...................................................... 140 4|P a ge© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 5. How did it start after all? - The ups and downs.......... 144 Speculation ............................................................... 144 The Key Reason for Success ...................................... 146 Zappos.com – Online Shopping ..................................... 147 About Zappos.com .................................................... 147 Zappos.com in Twitter .............................................. 147 Zappos employees on Twitter ................................... 150 Zappos sold to Amazon ............................................. 150 Jet Blue - Airways....................................................... 153 About Jet Blue Airways ............................................. 153 Business Model......................................................... 153 Discovery of Twitter .................................................. 154 Learning in Twitter .................................................... 154 Key reasons for Success ............................................ 155 Naked Pizza – Pizza Store .............................................. 156 About Naked Pizza .................................................... 156 Naked Pizza and Twitter............................................ 156 How Naked Pizza achieved Success ........................... 156 Targeting Local Community ...................................... 157 Benefit leveraged by Naked Pizza.............................. 157 5|P a ge© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 6. Lesson Learnt............................................................ 158 Pepsi – Soft Drink ......................................................... 158 About Pepsi .............................................................. 158 Rebranding with Twitter ........................................... 159 Pepsi and Twitter ...................................................... 159 Experimentation ....................................................... 160 Learning with Pepsi................................................... 161Chapter 7 ......................................................................... 162Interesting events in Twitter ............................................. 162 Armstrong and Contador .............................................. 162 Lance Armstrong is looking for his stolen bicycle via Twitter...................................................................... 163 Fake Id.......................................................................... 164 James Corden ........................................................... 164 Dalai Lama ................................................................ 165 Ashton Kutcher and Twitter .......................................... 166 Ashton Kutcher Vs CNN............................................. 167 Hacking of ID ................................................................ 169Chapter 8 ......................................................................... 170Pro Twitter’s thought ....................................................... 170 6|P a ge© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 7. Twitter: What’s In It for My Business? ....................... 170 What does the future for Twitter hold? .................... 173Chapter 9 ......................................................................... 175Build your own Twitter Application- Binit Thapa, CSA, InRevSystems ............................................................................ 175 Twitter API Usage ......................................................... 177 HTTP Basic Authentication ............................................ 178 Open Authentication (OAuth) ....................................... 180 Rate Limits and White-listing ........................................ 181 Data Compression ........................................................ 181 User Agent Header ....................................................... 182 Interesting Applications on Twitter ............................... 183References: ...................................................................... 189Authors Panel ................................................................... 190 7|P a ge© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 8. IntroductionThe key to the success of any business lies in getting itsproducts and services over a large audience and sellingthem. A business has to continuously engage with theircustomers and cannot succeed if they fail to build arelationship. In the competitive market that existstoday, the challenge is not just to listen to the consumerbut listen to them before your competitors do.Social Media has done an excellent job in bringing theproducer and consumer closer. The distance betweenthe company and the consumer is diminishing by theday. From positive feedback to negative criticism,everything talked on the sphere of Web 2.0 today isclosely watched.When we talk about the contribution of Social Media inthe marketing efforts used by a company, Twitteremerges as a clear winner. The simple interface andapproach has received an overwhelming response fromstartups to huge enterprises alike. 8|P a ge© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 9. Twitter is one of the youngest kids on the block and aswith any form of Social Media one needs to be cautiousin optimizing Twitter for business benefits. Like all SocialMedia sites, Twitter can be addictive too. Therefore itbecomes necessary to understand the role of Twitter asa marketing platform before you make a leap.In this book, we have tried to define what exactly SocialMedia is and how effective Twitter is as a marketingplatform. We have used our experience and real timeexamples to provide you with ways you can use Twitteras a marketing tool.What is Social Media?Before we jump to know how Twitter can be used as atool for business, it’s important to have a briefunderstanding of Social Media and why it is called thenext BIG thing. What is it about Social Media that we all seem to be incomplete awe of? Is it the fact that it has changed 9|P a ge© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 10. monologues to dialogues or is it the ease with which wecan connect with people? There is no denying thatSocial Media has brought about a revolution in the waywe connect and immortalized the way wecommunicate.According to a Nielsen report “Global Faces andNetworked Places”, Two-thirds of the world’s Internetpopulation visit social networking sites, accounting foralmost 10% of all internet time and this percentage islikely to grow as the time spent on the social networkingsites is growing more than three times the rate ofoverall Internet growth.The word social media could be deceiving at times as itis not really media in the most traditional sense. Whatsocial media actually refers to is an online medium or aplatform through which people can communicate. It issocial without a doubt but not a media in the way werefer to media.Social Media is an interactive way of providinginformation. It includes all the online medium and toolsthat are used by people to share their opinion,perspective, insights or just random thoughts. It could 10 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 11. be as simple as giving your vote for a campaign, writinga comment, sharing pictures online or maintaining ablog.Social Media has been around for decades in some formor another. Its existence and usefulness is subject toyour own understanding of what Social Media means toyou. It could be as old as the newspaper which asks itsreaders to write back their comments back to them oras new as the day your started your blogging site.A lot has been talked about Social Media lately and howit influences our lives. Communication has been a partof our existence and Social Media is adding anotherdimension to it. Companies are actively increasing theirparticipation on the web. The golden rule of marketingis being rewritten by digital words and the use of socialmedia as one of the channels of Marketing isimperative. The companies not embracing social mediaare bound to be wiped out by competition. 11 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 12. Forms of Social MediaSocial Media is defined differently for its various forms.There is a difference between Social news sites, SocialNetworking sites, Social Bookmarking sites, Social Photosharing sites even though all of them form a part of thishuge Social Media. They all have different approach andare targeted to different audience. They need to betreated differently in terms of user expectations andpreferences.Below mentioned are the various forms of Social Media:Social News SitesThese sites are primarily meant as a source of news andinformation. Users visit these sites for news and toexchange useful information. Most of these sitesprovide users the facility to vote for the informationwhich according to them was most useful. The linksappear on the site based on the users rating so thatmost popular news is seen by maximum people.Some of the popular Social News sites are: 12 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 13. Digg: The largest and most popular social news site. Itcovers everything from politics, entertainment, andtechnology to general news.Reddit: Another popular social news site which alsocovers specific topics like programming and science.Propeller: A site that operates similarly to Digg. It coversa wide range of topics including technology, politics andentertainment.Slashdot: Though this site covers topics such as books,games, politics and entertainment, it is still primarily atech news site.Social Networking SitesThese sites help you stay connected with your friendsand family. They are also a great channel for meetingnew people and building online communities of userssharing common interests. The major aspect of SocialNetworking site is communication. This communicationis mostly in form of posts on a user’s profile, instantmessaging or direct mails. 13 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 14. Some of the popular Social Networking sites are:Facebook: This is hands down the most popular socialnetworking site. It lets you form online communities,find new friends, connect with old friends and muchmore.Myspace: It became the most popular social networkingsite in as early as June 2006. It operates in similarfashion as Facebook.Twitter: This micro-blogging site is an equally popularSocial Networking site. It not only helps you know whatyour friends are up to but also lets you connect withnew people and follow their posts.Social Sharing SitesThese sites are basically used as a medium to share allkinds of information like reviews, photos or videos. Thepopularity of these sites is largely contributed by thehuge user generated content. 14 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 15. Some of the popular Social Sharing sites are:YouTube: This is one of the most popular Social MediaSites with one of the highest number of users. ThisVideo sharing site allows the user to upload and sharevideos.Flickr: This is the largest Photo sharing site which claimsto host more than 3.6 billion images. This site is verypopular for upload and sharing personal pictures.Social Bookmarking SitesSocial Bookmarking is a way of managing the bookmarksof the WebPages user saves on the internet. SocialBookmarking Sites offer a channel for the users to savethe links of the web pages that they want to use in thefuture. These bookmarks can be private, public orshared with a limited number of people.Some of the popular Social Bookmarking Sites are:Delicious: This Social Bookmarking site is used forstoring, sharing and finding new bookmarks. Users canview the most recent as well as most popular 15 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 16. bookmarks here.Blinklist: This is one of the oldest social bookmarkingsites and is used for personal and social bookmarkingservices.WikisThis is a tool for creating and sharing knowledge. A wikiis a collaborative website that lets the user create andedit the web pages and the contents. These areabsolutely open since anybody can edit the informationusing the simple web browser.Wikipedia is not only the most famous Wiki but also thelargest and most preferred source of information on theweb. Wikipedia boasts of 13 million articles written byusers around the world. 16 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 17. Micro-blogging: a convenient alternative toblogging?While there are many who think that describing amoment or an emotion in limited number of words isnot possible, there are a huge number of argumentsthat micro-blogging sites have replaced theirconventional blogs.While Micro-blogging might have started as way ofkeeping in constant touch with friends and family, it hascertainly turned into something much bigger. It’s notonly used to keep up with friends and families, it’s also achannel to share information and reviews. Businessesuse micro-blogging to promote their business and getfeedback from their customer. It can also be used asmedium to announce launch of new products.Many people are turning to micro-blogging just becauseit’s much easier than conventional blogging. It’s thesimplicity and ability to post frequently that themicro-blogging sites offer which is drawing a largenumber of users. It has this real time factor attachedwhich makes it a favorite for news updates. 17 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 18. When it comes to micro-blogging sites, Twitter iscertainly the most famous of them all. Othermicro-blogging sites include Jaiku, Tumblr, Mysay. Suchis the popularity of micro-blogging that the biggestsocial networking site ‘Facebook’ integrated a Twitterlike status update feature in its site.Micro-blogging has revolutionized the way peoplecommunicate. It has brought a transformation in theway people share their thoughts and information.Micro-blogging sites have significance presence on theweb and are growing at an unimaginable rate. Such isthe impact of micro-blogging that they are forming themajor headlines all over the world.Why you should be in Twitter?Twitter is certainly one of the first and most popularMicro-blogging services which actually evolved frommobile blogging. “What are you doing?” is what you areasked when you log into the extremely popular socialmedia site Twitter. What started as a way to update 18 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 19. friends what you were doing has caught like a wild fireand is reckoned as one of the most popular way ofonline marketing today. If Social Media has brought arevolution in the way people connect, Twitter hascertainly given a new dimension to the way peopleinteract. Who had imagined that conversation limited in140 characters could actually become one of the mosteffective ways of communication and marketing?Its popularity can also be credited to its simple approachin connecting two people. Unlike other Social mediatools, you do not need to wait for an approval from theuser you want to follow. You can see all the updates(tweets) of the user you are following. Your tweet is abroadcast to all your followers. They can choose tolisten or not listen. 19 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 20. There has been a lot of discussion on why one shoulduse Twitter. When I started receiving invitations fromfriends to join Twitter; for a very long time I used toselect them all at one go and click on ‘delete’. I didn’tunderstand the need to be on Twitter when I wasalready connected to my friends on numerous othersocial media sites. Half of which I was registered to buthad never used.It was only when I was completely bugged by peoplearound me talking about Twitter all the time did I decideto find out what such a big deal this one was about.After having used Twitter for a while now, I can easilysay that the usefulness of Twitter is manifold. Not only 20 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 21. can it help your friends/ family know about the thingsthat you had never thought you’d mailed them about;but it can cut down on the cost of your marketing andPR team.From getting to know your favorite celebrity better tofinding about the performance of a new mobilelaunched in the market, Twitter provides great benefitsto all its users. It completely depends on how you wantto reap the benefit.I remember the first time I logged into Twitter, I wascompletely lost. I could just see random messages allover and didn’t know what to do with them. Then I wastold by a friend that there was absolutely nothing that Ihad to do. I just had to follow people I wanted to andpost updates. I was at the loss of my wits “What was allthis fuss about?” And then it struck to me that we are soused to complicated systems that sometimes simpleones are difficult to manoeuvre.If there was one place you’d want to see diversity, getyourself a Twitter account. From programmers tomarketing gurus, tenth graders to grandmothers; youwill find them all. My first knowledge of cloud 21 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 22. computing came from Twitter. Computer is certainly nota field of interest to me.One thing that adds greatly to the popularity of Twitteris the large applications being built over it. The lastcouple of months not just witnessed a steep increase inTwitter user base but also saw hundreds of Twitterapplications mushrooming in every corner of the world.Some of these applications are really great and cancome handy in helping you manage your Twitteraccount. 22 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 23. Chapter 1How can Twitter be used?Twitter has gone beyond personal usage and has gotitself a lot of followers in professional arena as well. Isee many people maintaining two different accounts fortheir personal and professional use. I use Twitteractively and have acquired great fondness for it. Twittercan easily blend with your daily routine and be a part ofyour everyday life. You have to be cautious and not getaddicted to it though.Here are a few things that Twitter can really help youwith both in your personal and professional life.InformationSearchThis according to me one of the most useful featuresTwitter offers. Unlike other search engines, Twitterprovides live results in the form of comment threads.While most of the search engines take some time to 23 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 24. update the events, Twitter works at lightning speed tocover any news. The real time search is becoming verypopular since it adds the human factor to your search.You can access the search engine athttp://search.twitter.com/NewsOne thing Twitter has certainly replaced is mynewspaper. I find it very easy to follow news of myinterest on Twitter than anywhere else. Not only is itlive and fastest way to get the news but it comes veryhandy for keeping track of things you are interested in.Twitter users give live updates from the scene and thenews floats throughout the world in second. You canfollow @CNN and @NYTimes to follow the newsheadlines and links. If you are interested in social news,you can subscribe to Twitter feeds for specific sites.Getting your questions answeredI find it quite fascinating that a question posed doesn’ttake more than a few seconds to answer. Twitter indeedis a great source to get the answers to your questions. Itsaves you a lot of time that you’d spend searching for 24 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 25. that answer yourself. You could ask for opinions fromyour Twitter followers to get feedback on something.The question could be anything from “How to getgridlines removed in Excel?” to “Which is the bestChinese restaurant in Bangalore?”Networking and daily usageMake new friendsLike any social media service, Twitter helps you a greatdeal in finding new friends. It helps you connect withnew people. Twitter has an inbuilt facility to track themessages from your friends and keep track of them. Youcan find people with similar interests and benefit interms of learning and developing long term friendship.Keeping up with friendsTwitter is a great way to keep up with friends. I’d neversend a mail to any of my friends telling them how badthe traffic situation was this morning. A tweet on thesame would let my friends know what I am up to just byseeing my tweet. It’s up to them if they want to read my 25 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 26. updates or not.To-do list and taking notesTwitter can also help you in keeping track of your to dolist. You could mark the important tweets as favoritesand file them for later use. Alternatively, you could usean online task manager which can be synced withTwitter.Personal BrandingAs a social media profile, your Twitter account can worka long way in building your personal brand. It can helpyou get recognized by people and companies as a socialpersonality and your quality and degree of interactioncan help you create a great rapport.Setting up meetingsIt’s an informal yet an effective way of casual meetings.You could be in a café and ask fellow users to join you. Itcould also be used to organize meet ups and events etc. 26 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 27. Use in BusinessPromoting your businessTwitter works great for promoting your products. Ofcourse this should be done within limits. If you keep ontweeting about your brand all the time, you are verylikely to be listed as a spam/bot. Keep a good balancebetween building personal relation and promoting yourbusiness.Driving traffic to your websiteThe visits that I get on my blogs from twitter are neverless than double the visits that I get from searchengines. Twitter has a viral effect and it takes a fewseconds to reach a crowd. Of course the blog or siteshould be interesting enough to travel.Collecting FeedbackA product or service needs constant feedback toimprove. For any successful business, it’s important thatthe owner listen to their customers. Twitter is veryuseful in getting quick feedback. You can just tweetasking people to test a certain things and be assured to 27 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 28. work on a collective feedback.Hire employeesI was on the lookout for .NET programmers and thoughtof giving Twitter a try. Within minutes I got a list of afew people and a few recommendations as well. This isa hassle free way to find perspective employees andword of mouth does help most of the times.Know your CustomersTwitter can be very effective in building two waychannels between the company and the customer.Twitter feed can be used for informing customers aboutnew products or changes in the existing ones. It worksas a great advantage for the company if customers feelthat their brands are listening to them and making anattempt to keep a personal relation with them.Finding Prospective ClientsTwitter can work as a platform for finding clients foryour products and services. If I have a service in the fieldof Social Media Services, I can just use the keywords“Social Media Services” and get in touch with people inneed of related services. I could also post relevant 28 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 29. tweets and let others in need find me. 29 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 30. Know Twitter bettertweeting: the act of updating your status in Twitter.tweets: posts on Twitter by Twitter users.tweetup: Twitter meet up.twitosphere: community of Twitter users.twittastic: fantastic, wonderful, superb.twittduit: If you need to tweet a friend that does notfollow you, post a twittduit asking your followers to passa message.twittectomy: un-following of friends.twitter stream: a collection of tweets often times inalphabetical ordertwitterati: The list of elite Twitter users.twittercal mass: a community that has achieved acritical mass of twitterers. 30 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 31. twitterer: Twitter usertwittering: sending Twitter message.twitterish: erratic outbursts.twitterness: users contribution to the twitosphere.twitterject: interject your tweet into an existing tweetstream of conversation.twitterlinkr: a service collecting the best links postedthrough Twitter.twittermaps: a technology that that helps users findother users using Google maps.twitterpated: overwhelmed with Twitter messages.twitterphoria: the feeling when the person you addadds you back. twitterage: rage at a Twitter post.twitterrhea: sending many Twitter messagesadventuritter: an adventurous twitterer 31 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 32. beetweet: a buzzing tweet; a “hot” tweetco-twitterer: a partner that tweets on your Twitteraccount.dweet: tweet sent while intoxicatedmistweet: a tweet in which one later regretsneweeter: a new tweeteroccasionitter: an occasional tweeterpolitweeter: a political tweeterpolitweet: a political tweetqwitter: a tool used to catch Twitter quittersreportwitters: reporter style twittererssweeple: sweet twitter peopletwadd: to add/follow someone to your Twitter accountas a friend.twaffic: Twitter traffic. 32 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 33. twaiting: twittering while waiting.twalking: walking while twittering via text.twapplications: Twitter applications.twead: to read a tweet from a fellow Twitter user.tweepish: feeling sheepish or regretful about somethingyou tweeted.tweeple: Twitter people, Twitter members, Twitterusers.tweeps: Twitter people that follow each other from onesocial media/network to another.tweetaholism: the continued use of Twitter as anaddiction.tweetaholic: someone addicted to Twitter.tweet-back: bringing a previous tweet conversation orreference back into the current conversation.tweet-dropping: eavesdropping on someone else’shome page in friends mode. 33 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 34. tweeter: a Twitter user.tweetin: when a group of twitterers agree to gettogether at a set time to Twitter. 34 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 35. Chapter 2How Twitter Craze took media by StormPerformance MeasureThe growth of Twitter users was not exponential as itseems today. It was unpredictable at the beginningsince it was unlike any other kind of social mediaaround. It had distinct brevity to its design and structurewhich made people uncertain of its importance. Butslowly, it was this very simplicity that won the hearts ofmany Twitter users.The graph above shows the volume of news covering 35 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 36. Twitter in the news channel and other media. By theend of 2008, Twitter had taken all the spot light. Thereare many reasons for this which we will be exploringsoon.By February 2009, Twitter had an astounding 1,382%year-over-year growth and total unique visitors grewfrom 475,000 in February 2008 to seven million. Moreinterestingly, ages 35-49 had the largest representationon Twitter - almost 3 million unique visitors from thisage group which is almost 42% of the entire audience.Further 735,000 unique visitors accessed Twitter viatheir mobile device. This brings us to the effect of risingmobile application to increasing the popularity ofTwitter. It’s been discovered that the maximum Twitterusers use iPhone to send their status updates.Even with such rise and the hype, Twitter is stillstruggling to gain some credentials among thecorporate users. People are still finding it difficult torealize the influence of Twitter on the Consumer andthe benefit of having Twitter as their new channel forcommunication. Twitter still has to break certain 36 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 37. barriers to prove its place in the entire market.The chart shows that the awareness of Twitter amongthe consumers is very low. There are only 12% positiveopinions about the future of Twitter. Despite thecoverage of Twitter in mainstream media, Twitter is stilllacking the potential to attract consumers to use it. Butunlike the sentiment of the consumer, marketers on theother hand are very optimistic about the growth of 37 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 38. Twitter. This brings us to the strength of Twitter as aniche marketing medium.Competition with other bloggingAs Twitter was getting it-self attached to major news,like the update of forest fire news, earthquake in LosAngles and who can forget the terrifying attack at Taj 38 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 39. Hotel, Mumbai on 26/11. It seemed certain that Twitterhad the potential to reach out to the mass in a fractionof a second much before the news got published in themainstream media.This was what caught the attention of the marketersand potential news publishers. The news didn’t travelfrom the main stream to the mass, instead news wascaptured as it happened and went pandemic. The flowof information was controlled not by main-streammedia but by people themselves. This was interesting asit demonstrated the power of freedom of speech.This put Twitter into direct competition with Blogs.Expressing in only 140 characters in Twitter toexpressing via Blogs in more than 100 words in a waywas heavy competition. Twitter became famous as themicro-blogging portal. The fall of Blogs was muchdebated topic among the bloggers. This brings us to theintegration of Twitter as a Life stream in Blogs. This notonly disbanded the competition but instead integrated 39 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 40. the two technologies.Connecting Blogs with Twitter – LIFE STREAMSoon Twitter was the talk among bloggers. Everyonewas writing about the ways to succeed in Twitter. Newweb applications were being featured every week onblogs and were talked about in Twitter itself. Newmethods were written to integrate Twitter stream inblogs. Suddenly, it was compulsory for every blogger tohave a Twitter account.Among many blogging portals, Mashable.com turnedout to be the leading publisher about every Twitter andother social media related news. These days, thepresence of Twitter cannot be ignored. It has virtuallymade itself a space in the blogging industry.Facebook and Twitter - Battle for social mediaspaceAs Twitter was getting used to its new fame, it started 40 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 41. being preyed by big competitors like Facebook.Facebook is the most popular social networking sitewith 250 million active users and highest userengagement of around 5 billion minutes spent each day(worldwide).The features like “Update Your Status” on Facebook and“What are you doing?” in Twitter were directlycompeting with each for consumer space. Both have asimilar goal of allowing users to share their thoughtsand daily work with friend and family.The news of Facebook buying Twitter was everywhere.But the deal between the two parties did not happen.Facebook had offered to purchase micro-bloggingservice Twitter for 500 million US dollars in stock butthe talks ended over the price, AllThingsD.com hadreported.The failure of Facebook to buy Twitter turned into a 41 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 42. very interesting event. Facebook announced change inits interface on March 2009, which un-doubtly matchedwith that of Twitter. The feature “Update your Status”was replaced by “What’s in your mind?”There was a sudden uproar among users against thenew looks, but beside many criticism Facebookremained adamant.These days, besides the rivalry, there is a clear line ofdifference between the ways in which both these socialmedia tools are being used. Twitter network is morepopular among advertisers whereas Facebook amongclose friends and families.Search Engine Debate - Will Twitter be the newway to search for the informationTill now, no one has been able to properly define whatTwitter exactly is. Is it a social networking site likeFacebook, or is it a news channel, or is it a bloggingportal? Due to this uncertainty, people are still confusedabout the nature of Twitter. The most interestingcomparison occurred was when Twitter was called as 42 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 43. the strongest competitor to Google’s search engine.The Twitter search allowed anyone to dig into thecontent generated by the users in twitter and presentinteresting information. This made twitter much morethan just a micro blogging portal. It was the gateway forTwitter into the consumer market. This also extendedthe power of Twitter, now there are numerous thirdparty applications digging into the content andproviding information for users to make informeddecision in their business.The information that Twitter search provided was unlikethat of Google which depended upon mathematicalformula to index the content. Instead the content in theTwitter was indexed by its popularity and recency.People kept making wrong judgment about the identityof Twitter and mixed it with every possible technology,without realizing that Twitter was one of its kinds andhad its own standards. Right now, Google is morethreatened from the collaboration of Bing and Yahoo 43 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 44. than Twitter. Though it can be said that Twitter mayalso play some role in future into the way people searchfor information.Executive Tweets, Politicians, Celebrities andBrand media TweetsIt was not only the features and the hype that madeTwitter popular. It was the involvement and presence oftop Celebrities and top Executives in Twitter whichmade it more interesting and valuable.The mere presence of Obama in Twitter, brought thewhole world’s eye into it. He has about 1,887,795followers in Twitter. Obama is known for his immenseinvolvement in social media during the US presidentialelection.Furthermore, one Microsoft powered site(http://www.exectweets.com/) brought the tweetsfrom the top executive which helped to make Twittermore corporate and friendly to business. Twitter hasbecome a means for celebrities to publicize themselves 44 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 45. and make a point of view.Right now Twitter shelters Celebrities, Top Executivesand Brand media like BBC, CNN and other top newspublishers. Twitter has been the driving factor of traffictowards the news websites. In this way, the influence ofTwitter among corporate users and brand media isincreasing day by day. At this pace, Twitter is sure tobecome one of the most powerful main-stream mediain days to come.Twitter as your social IDUndoubtedly Twitter is your new ID in the internet.Everywhere you go there is a way to connect throughyour twitter ID. If you have a twitter account than youhave a pass to enter to any sites without need ofregistration and getting new Ids. The trouble has beentaken care by the concept of OpenId, the Id which isread by any site.Right now, every blog has a way for you to postcomment through your Twitter Id and other social 45 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 46. Media Id. This recognition of Twitter as a social ID hascertainly boosted the popularity of Twitter as a way tocommunicate in the internet.Future Innovation in Social MediaHow are things going to go ahead with all Twitter andsocial networking sites? Many people believe thattwitter is still in its infant state. It’s not only Twitter, thewhole online networking site is in its infant state. Thereare more innovations waiting to break the barrierbetween being the HOT start-up and establishedbiggies. There are two ways of looking at the future, oneis from the perspective of Twitter alone and other isfrom the perspective of social network as a whole.In case of Twitter alone, we still need a proper Twittermanagement tools to track down spam and unnecessarytweets which are creating false news and noise into thestream. In order to deal with such problem, we need tohave a system similar to spam filter present in emails.This also requires a proper understanding of Twitteruser’s demographic and spam nature. 46 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 47. There is technological barrier to be broken before socialmedia hits the new height. We can call it – new SocialNetwork Framework. What this means is that right nowwe have more than enough social networking sitesamong us. The reasons for so many networks comefrom the fact that people differ in their taste. There is aneed for integrating all the social networks into onecommon platform or framework.This existence of many networks platform pose oneproblem – the ability for people from different networkto connect with each other. Now the obvious solutionmight be the creation of different Id, but how manywould you go about creating different Ids. There has tobe a limit to the numbers of different unique Ids. Justlike the concept of Open Id and the ability to connectinto any blogs and sites through Twitter Id or FacebookId; people having any kind of social media ID should beable to connect with their friends in any social media.There are various portals for this, but then again this isjust another network requiring you to create new Id. 47 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 48. Once a common platform is created and API exposed,there will be many innovations in social network. Thiswill allow Twitter and many other networks to havemutual benefits.Chapter 3Business and Twitter – Manoj Jasra Sr. Strategist atShaw Communications Inc.Apart from being an amazing communications vehicle,the power of Twitter also comes from the openness ofits data. Using Twitter API, hundreds and thousands ofindividuals and businesses have developed applicationsthat manipulate Twitter’s data so that users can interactwith it in unique and exciting ways. Twitterapplications come in all sorts of different flavors, fromdesktop clients to services which increase followers toengaging usability/analytics data.Twitter API is free however by default there is a limit of150 requests which can be made per hour. If anapplication requires more hourly requests, a developer 48 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 49. can simply put in a request to be “White listed” which,upon approval, increases the rate limit to 20,000requests per hour.Top Characteristics of Twitter AppsThousands of Twitter applications are available to thepublic today and some of them are very popular. Belowwe have outlined a few of the top characteristics whichmake Twitter apps successful:Speed: Whether its validating credentials, collectinginformation, sending information, or processing acomplex task, the app has to be near instant becausethats what online users expect now.Accuracy: If you show users information that isinaccurate, they will not give you a second chance. Withthe amount of competition in the app world, they willprobably have another option available quickly.Uniqueness: Thousands of Twitter applications equalssome overlap, if the majority of your apps functionality 49 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 50. can be accomplished with something that already exists,then why would users make the switch to yours? Doyour due diligence on the competitive landscape beforeentering the marketplace.Ease of Use: Also referred to as usability, ease of userefers to the concept of a user friendlyapplication. Navigation, form interaction, use ofcontent/images should all be simple to understand andinteract with.Price: The apps that are truly remarkable, addressfunctionality/usability first and making moneysecond. Very often companies will release simpler andfree versions (in beta) before they release full-featuredproduction versions.Geography: If your application is only available tocertain geo-segments then you may be missing out onmillions of potential users. 50 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 51. Platform: Can your application adapt to web, mobileand desktop? Furthermore, can it accommodateWindows and Apple users?Design: Looks are not everything for Twitter Appseither but having an appealing design can have apositive effect in attracting new users. Finding a gooddesigner who can execute your vision with some flarewill give you an edge over your competitors.Experience: Assemble a team of highly skilleddevelopers who have worked with APIs across multipleplatforms.Testing: The concept is simple, before releasing yourapplication to the public, apply thorough qualityassurance and testing practices to it.*Bonus - Marketing: Get your product in front of topblogs such as TechCrunch, ReadWriteWeb orGigaOm. Then use Google to research other thoughtleaders who have discussed Twitter application in the 51 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 52. past and get them beta access to your app aswell. Youd better have a website so leveragetraditional internet marketing tactics such as searchengine optimization and paid search - dont forget toharness Twitter as well.Twitter Applications for BusinessNext we’ll take an in-depth look at a few of our favoriteTwitter applications and their benefits. The apps wereselected partially based on popularity and partially dueto their innovative use of Twitter API. As a bestpractice, before jumping head first into developing yourown application it’s very important to understand 2things:1) As we mentioned before, ask yourself if there is roomfor your application in such a competitive environment -has your idea already been implemented?2) What pain does your application solve, is there aneed for it? Addressing a need is why the following 10applications became popular and on a higher scale it’s 52 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 53. the same reason that companies such as Google & eBayhave seen such explosive growth.Twitpic (http://twitpic.com/ )Twitpic makes photo sharing simpler for Twitter usersby allowing them to upload pictures to their Twitpicaccounts and then automatically post a message toTwitter with a link to the file. The success of Twitpiclies in its speed and efficiency. So let’s say you are at ahuge sporting event and you want to share theexperience with your friends, you can click a picture onyour mobile phone, upload to Twitpic and post toTwitter in less than a minute. TwitPic also allows youto email your photos to a TwitPic specific email wherebythey are uploaded on your behalf. In this scenario theemails subject line will be used as your content in theTweet. TwitPic uses keyword tagging to help categorize imagesand with your permission your images can be madepublic so other can add tags on yourbehalf. Additionally, like many other socialapplications, TwitPic promotes sharing by allowing youto embed other users photos on your own website. 53 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 54. You can tell from TwitPics home page that the serviceis very popular - the home page shows live pictureuploads overlayed on a Google map which is one everysecond. With Twitpic you dont need to create aseparate account since the application is completelyintegrated with Twitters API.TweetDeck (http://www.tweetdeck.com ) First started in the summer of 2008, TweetDeck bringsthe much needed organization to your Twitter accountthrough desktop and mobile interfaces. TweetDeckwas developed using Adobe Air which makes itsfunctionality quite seamless. It has numerouscustomizations features, including the ability to creategroups for your followers and saved searches for yourfavorite topics. Other features of TweetDeck include:Sharing photos/videos/links, managing multipleaccounts from one instance, and built-in spam control. TweetDeck works on various platforms such as iPhone,Apple, Windows and Linux. As we mentioned beforeadapting to multiple platforms is one of thecharacteristics of a great application. To add to itsversatility, TweetDeck can manage your Facebook 54 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 55. status updates too!In addition to its popular application, the TweetDeckteam has a very engaging blog where they keep usersup to date on the latest happenings of thecompany. Most recently we found out that TweetDeckwill be adding multilingual support by translatingTweetDeck into: Chinese (simplified and traditional),Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Japanese andSpanish.TwitterCounter (http://twittercounter.com/ ) TwitterCounter combines a variety of different servicesinto one application. The primary service allows usersto see trends in regards to their followers, friends andupdates. Users have the ability to graph the trends asfar back as 3 months and compare data against otherTwitter users. Similar to FeedBurner, TwitterCountercreates a widget which users can display on theirblogs/websites allowing them to show off the numberof follower they have to the rest of the world. Otherdata that TwitterCounter provides includes: the numberof days youve been tracking the stats, the growth offollowers per day, a prediction for the next days (and 55 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 56. the next 30 days) follower count and your TwitterRank. TwitterCounter also has an exclusive list ofGlobal top 100 which ranks the most popular TwitterUsers. Ashton Kutcher still leads the way.One of the other features of TwitterCounter includes aMyBlogLog type functionality where you can design awidget which shows which twitter users recently visitedyour blog or website. The widget is customizable interms of color, height and width; embedding isimplemented using JavaScript. With 4 million activeusers on TwitterCounter, youre very likely to see thiswidget while youre surfing the internet.Finally, if youre interested in being featured onTwitterCounters site a "Featured User" they offer a paidservice. For example, they will guarantee you 100,000views of your profile for $289.00 USD with the claim ofan extra 1000+ followers at the end of it. We haventtried this feature ourselves, so were not entirely surehow well this works.Monitter (http://monitter.com/ ) 56 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 57. Monitter does exactly what it sounds like just spelleddifferently. It gives users the ability to monitor 3 uniqueTwitter conversations in a predefined location. Bypredefined location we mean you pick the radius andthe city you want to monitor the conversationswithin. Standard search operators such as doublequotes, minus/plus signs, and/or operators can be usedto filter the conversations for unnecessarynoise. Monitter is actually quite a slick applicationbecause conversations automatically roll in without anyrefresh of the screen whatsoever. Some additionalfeatures of Monitter include: a setting which allows youto toggle from dark/light background colors, watchinghot Trends across Twitter; and a useful link which hidesunnecessary information allowing for more screenspace to monitor the conversations.The major benefit of Monitter is the ability to seetrending topics in your region without having toperform advanced queries in Twitter search. Monitteralso provides an embeddable widget that users cancustomize and enhance their blog/website with.Buzzom TwitIn (http://buzzom.com/) 57 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 58. Developed in early 2009, TwitIn focuses on tacticalmethods to increase your reach in Twitter. In addition, italso provides you an insight on your Twitterusage. TwitIn shows you the basic statistics such asnumber of tweets, followers, following etc. It alsoprovides you with the number of friends (users you arefollowing and they are following you back), fans (userswho are following you but you are not following themback), stars (users whom you are following but they arenot following you back). The 2 most important features of TwitIn are PeopleSearch and Cross Follow. People search allows you tofind people based on the keyword provided. This waypeople don’t have to spend time manually searching forpeople of similar backgrounds. For example, if you areinterested in programmers or designers. Then simplytype those keywords in the TwitIn search box and findthe list of people matching your result. Cross Followallows you to lookup a given Twitter users list offollowing or followers and get connected to them. Thisway you can expand your network by connecting withpeople of similar taste. 58 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 59. Tweetie (http://www.tweetie.com/ )Tweetie is often considered as one of the best Twitterapplication for the iPhone and perhaps this is why it wasgiven the Apple Design Award at the iPhone DeveloperShowcase in 2009. All the basic functionality of Twitteris present as Tweetie makes full use of TwitterAPI. Furthermore there are numerous useful featuresof Tweetie including: an inline web browser, customthemes, integration with TwitPic, custom searchqueries, Japanese localization, image compression foruploads, InstaPaper integration (saving web pages toread later), a public timeline and many more.StockTwits (http://stocktwits.com/ )StockTwits has created a Twitter community around theconversation of investing and the stock market. Youmay have seen the use of the # sign which is Twitterlingo that helps users categorize topics. StockTwits usesa similar methodology to monitor their conversationand they do it by inserting a $ before stock tickernames.As you land on the StockTwits home page there is a very 59 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 60. prominent search box which allows you to search for astock or company name and see all the conversationaround that query. For example, I typed in Goog (forGoogle) and on the left I was presented with Twitterconversations on the topic of Goog, on the rightStockTwits had passed all the URLs from theconversations that mentioned Goog and presentedthem a snippet from their HTML title tag. For furtherinsight they added a graph which detailed Googlesstock across the last day, month or year.Each of the applications we have described above hasthe exact same foundation - Twitter API. Each team haspoured in hours of brainstorming, designing, developingand testing in order to create an entirely uniqueexperience. Like many online businesses these days,you no longer have to create an idea from the groundup, rather you can take someone elses service andenhance it with your own flavor. All these businessesand applications have Twitter to thank which has giventhem the opportunity to take part in this experience ofSocial Marketing. 60 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 61. Blogging and TwitterBlogging is still a powerful way for individuals orbusinesses to communicate new ideas, converse withtheir customers or provide coverage in a givenindustry. The difficulty with blogging is beingconsistent, its difficult to produce unique and engagingcontent everyday and this is why so many bloggingattempts are abandoned. With the introduction of Twitter the concept ofmicro-blogging was further strengthened. With theability to write micro-blog posts consisting of 140characters or less, anyone can participate and addinsight to any conversation.Blogging allows users to create search engine friendlycontent which is descriptive and contains otherengaging items such as photos and video. Mostblogging platforms automatically convert content intoXML so that owners can syndicate the content to theirsubscribers using feed readers.The connection between blogging and Twitter happens 61 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 62. in a couple of different ways. The simplest method isfor bloggers to embed a Twitter icon or link after eachpost which allows readers to share the post afterclicking on the icon. The other is to simply embed codeyou can insert per post a blurb which can help in theincrease of more followers, for example, heres what Iuse:“Want More Internet Marketing Insight? Follow Manojon Twitter! (The underlined text is linked to twitterprofile)”.A few other quick ways include adding a Twitter relatedicon beside your RSS Subscription icon OR showing ofyour followers using Twitter Counter(http://twittercounter.com).Finally, the more complex and affective integrationstake place by leveraging two different Twitterservices. The first is TweetMeme(http://tweetmeme.com). TweetMeme is a Digg likeservice which aggregates all the popular links on twitterto determine which links are popular. TweetMeme isable to categorize these links into categories andsubcategories, making it easy to filter out the noise 62 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 63. allowing you to locate what you are actually interestedin. The functionality of Twitter comes in the form ofTweetMemes ReTweet button which plugs into everypost on your blog, allowing users to automaticallyReTweet the post to their TwitterAccount. TweetMeme has developed a custom plug-infor the popular blogging platform, Wordpress, making itreally simply to add the ReTweet Button.The second is TwitterFeed(http://twitterfeed.com) which currently powers morethan 400,000 feeds into Twitter. TwitterFeed basicallytakes in any RSS Feed URL you input and automaticallyposts the contents to Twitter based on the time intervalyou configure. TwitterFeed is smart enough not to postduplicates and offers lot of flexibility by allowing usersto specify the content to include in the post (title and ordescription), the URL shortening service to use, and acustom prefix/suffix. TwitterFeed also comes withsome on-board reporting which displays the amount ofclicks each of the URLs in your Tweet receives. 63 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 64. Blogging and Twitter actually complement each other.In fact beginning with either strategy can help propelthe other. For instance, if youre an active blogger, bysetting up TwitterFeed you can easily keep up arelatively dynamic Twitter account. On the other handif you swear by Twitter and your followers simply cantget enough your juicy content, you should considerexpanding your 140 characters posts to something evenmore compelling. 64 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 65. Chapter 4Growing in Twitter – Bhupendra Khanal, CEO InRevBringing Quality to TweetsMany people ask me about my quick growth on Twitter.I did have 20 Thousand followers by the end of 4months. Here are few points which made it happen.1. Identify Successful Tweeters and analyze themWhen I started Tweeting, I chose 10 Tweeters matchingmy interest. They were Guykawasaki, Unmarketing,Mashable and others (didnt choose Obama or BritneySpears, as I knew I can’t follow their footsteps).I learned few things from them -- like tweet links, focuson news, more on social media news and follow peopleto get reciprocated. 65 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 66. 2. Follow people and target best possible groupIt’s a human factor that most people reciprocate love orfavor. I started following very aggressively and manytimes it exhausted the limit set by Twitter.The simple way to target people is to check out MassFollower (anyone having more following than followersor people following more than 2k people), and followhis followers.3. Tweet about Social MediaThis is tricky, but just think. Which is the mostinteresting subject to all the Tweeters? It’s none otherthan Twitter and Social Media. I tweeted on these areasand received huge response. I got an average of 3 RTsper Tweet.4. Make a plan of action and execute itOne great blog article or a wonderful Tweet is easy. Butcan you make 2 interesting Tweets everyday for 2months? Not an easy thing to do. 66 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 67. I worked few days on this part and came up with aformula. I do visit Google News, Yahoo News andGoogle Blog Search, and search for few keywords likeSocial Media, Twitter, Facebook, Economy etc, andcollect materials. I Tweet most of those links foundthere.This ensured two things -- relevance by keyword searchand the fresh updates.5. Aggressive Tweeting and effective MarketingIf you want to be a successful social media marketer,first thing you need to do is to hold your nerves fromaggressive marketing. Be calm, choose few ads for yourproduct or services and keep it ready. Tweet on generalstuffs and make your readers happy. While postingupdates, throw one or two ads in.I would suggest going for 90-10 or at the maximum80-20 where majority should go towards social cause ofinforming people or discussing issues with them. 67 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 68. Smaller part can go for Marketing.Never throw too many ads. It pisses people off and youmay lose your followers.6. Feeds are fine, but one in an hourI don’t feed aggressively but have done it few times.Aggressive feeding from blog or site is the easiest wayto lose followers. People want to talk to people and notto Robots!If you ever use, do not post more than 1 Tweet an hour.Else you give no time posting Tweet and people give notime reading other’s Tweet!7. Form a group and help themForm a group of your interest and continuously followthem, RT and promote them for follow. They are sure toreciprocate you and with time grow the horizon.People in this group of interest are your best owned 68 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 69. asset. Respect them and continuously talk to them. Ihave a group of around 100 people whom Icontinuously engage. Twitter Client applications arebest to keep track of your groups.8. Listen to people and actThe major power of social media is the ability to knowwhat people think. Ask people and listen to what theysay, and act soon.I have seen many people having auto-DMs welcomingthe followers. This is a total turn off to most people, andit is very common in Tweetersphere talks. Still if youdont turn off the auto-DMs, you are either ignorant ornot social.9. Use #Topic while you talk on TopicsNever forget to use "#topic" while talking on topic ofpublic interest. There are people who follow such topicsand there are many applications which use them.I use this function very often, and it brings in manyfollowers and RTs for me. 69 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 70. 10. Read and Make People feel that you readThis is the most important action. You should makepeople confident that you read their Tweets, and thiscan best be done by replying or RTing others Tweets.Remember -- If you don’t read others Tweets, they willnot read too!Why un-follow who don’t follow you (for newTweeters)Twitter being a Micro-Blogging site, has most peoplespeaking and few people listening. There are peoplewho neither listen, nor speak. And surprisingly, thereare a lot of computer bots acting like Humans andfooling the audience.Twitter has influenced our lives a lot, and for me secondlargest contributor of traffic to my blog after Google isTwitter. And that comes in just 2 months!I have also plans for using Twitter as a platform tomarket InRev Products and Services . Does this mean, Iam going to add junk to it? Well, the answer NO mostly, 70 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 71. and partly YES. I will however try to make it pleasant formy followers and not bombard lots of ads or feeds; butwill certainly engage in meaningful communication togrow my business.I was constantly thinking for some time, should wefollow people who don’t follow back? My answer is aclear NO. Here are the reasons WHY! This howeverapplies only for new entrants. When the number offollowers and following goes above thousand, itbecomes unmanageable to take up huge number ofpeople with you. Then you might need to get selective.1. No meaningful conversationIf you are not friend but a follower, you cannot have ameaning conversation. This will hurt your interest, andfrustrate you of Social Media and Twitter.2. Why favor someone while you are not reciprocated?This is another tricky thing. There is a saying, "There aretwo qualities of a successful man; 1. His friends aresuccessful 2. He reads good books". Better push yourfriends and they will pull you too. Why push someoneand give him good exposure when he does not care 71 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 72. about you.3. Lack of Online HelpTwitters best use is to ask few what you want to knowand get the answer. This is better than Google as it isHuman Involved search. People who don’t follow youdont see you question; forget to get answer from them.4. Stars in real Life do not need to be followed inTwitterWell this is personal choice. I have no complaint if youfollow Barack Obama or Britney Spears but I willcertainly not do. They are good at their place and I amnot interested to know when they have lunch and whenthey have a shower. If anything important comes, I willget form the news and my Twitter friends will let meknow. I dont want to make all the real life stars look bigin Social Media too; I would love to see new peoplebecoming stars like Guykawasaki, Unmarketing,Mayhemstudios etc.You may rethink if you want to keep following yourfavorite artists. 72 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 73. 5. Don’t ever push the indifferent friendsI have seen many people following their real life friendseven through the friend are not an active Twitter user.This adds no value; and more so if he does not evencare to follow you back.6. If you are not following anyone, you won’t loseanythingTwitter is a network of people. I am sure there are manypeople who don’t like me, but I am happy there are alsoa bunch of people who like me. I would better be withthe later ones. Why bother about others, Right?If I don’t follow anyone, I am sure one of my friendswould be following him and I will get any importantTweet that comes in Twittersphere. It is explained bythe Market Law, "If something is important in themarket, you will know it."7. Care about your time; but don’t over-runYou can never be faster in knowing anything. It’s justthat, you will know. Zeroth Law of Market says, "Neverinvest just because you know something. If you know 73 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 74. anything, everybody knows it." So following someone,you won’t beat time.8. Less the people more the careIf you follow less people and targeted people, you canshare your love among them and increase yourinfluence. While if you engage yourself in reading andRTing people who dont follow you, you lose yourrelevance in your friends network too. Love, hate, careand ignore; all of these are reciprocated by human brainin most general cases. Do the same, and get highlyconnected network and increased bonding.9. You won’t get dumped in Junk; just manage it betterWorried about auto-follow and too many junks like autoDMs and feeds? Well, don’t be. Twitter is going to bemuch better. You will soon get tools to filter the junkfeeds while not annoying the feeder. One way of doingit is to maintain group in Twitter Client applications likeTweetDeck, Seismic Desktop and Buzzom Desktop, andgive higher importance to the group members. Bettertools should be coming; will let you know.Actions rewarded, gets repeated. So if there are people 74 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 75. who throw too much of junk; don’t just unfollow butblock him altogether!! This is the best return you cangive to them.10. You aren’t making Twitter monotonous; you arebuilding relationsA ffew of my friends believe if everyone starts followingothers, Twitter becomes too monotonous. I disagree.There can be many inter-connected groups; it will bebetter modeled in a complex network of manysegments where few nodes are common in more thanone segments.Result: less distance within the segments i.e. similarminds together; larger distance between differentgroups i.e. dissimilar minds away!! This will fuel thehappiness index of Twitter users, and thus make Twittera better place to be in. 75 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 76. Benefits of Using TwitterI started using Twitter on Dec 2nd 2008, thanksto @lokeshawasthy and @bibek. These two folksinspired me to come, and I came to try it. Since then Ihave come a long way.Got a message yesterday from @MrMilestone saying Ireached 10 Thousand Followers!! The five digit numbergave me some happiness and then I looked at thehistory. It was on the 82nd day of my joining Twitter.Dont know, if this is a good feat; but seriously felthappy and thankful for the love extended by myfollowers. Thanks all.My Twitter Experience has been great. Enjoyed somegood conversation with few folks; learned a lot from thepeople whom I follow.Some of the achievements:1. Just in Time UpdateYou will get to know most news as soon as it happened.Be it political, economic, technical or other; I became 76 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 77. more up to date on things.2. Widen Knowledge BaseBeing a Business Consultant and an Analyst, I was lost inmy field. I followed people from various backgroundsand got to know other areas pretty well.3. Friendship and NetworkingYou can make friends from all parts of the Globe. Now Ihave more friends in US than in India (country ofresidence) or Nepal (my hometown). Wow :)4. Traffic to Website or BlogYou can get a huge number of visitors to your blog.Surprising but true now Twitter is the biggest source oftraffic surpassing Google by more than 50%.5. Review of Services and ProductsTwitter is very useful for product reviews. I often askedmy followers to review my company products, and theyhappily did it.I am very grateful to those folks who reviewed InRev 77 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 78. services and products. Special thanks to@robertnelsoninc, @greybucket, @justinrfrench,@a_smart_union, @masonronald, @onlinesneh,@bhuttan, @bibek, @lokeshawasthy and others.The views and comments helped to better our offerings.6. Increased Personal BrandingIt was virtually impossible to make a brand of my ownafter starting the company in a short time. Productbuilding, serving clients and earning revenue all taketime. But thanks to Twitter, it does not take either. Icould make a space for myself here, and could provemyself. This has not only given confidence in mypartners, but also helped me build profile to talk toexternal parties, clients and partners.7. Ideas Sharing and Business EnhancementTwitter rocks in this area. When I was working ondevelopment of an Economic Reporting Portal - F-Cube,I tweeted few times on what would people like to see init. Within ten minutes I got 10 replies. This wasawesome. 78 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 79. Second, I asked for suggestions on Buzzom, which isTwitter Account Management Service, and got 21suggestions in a day. We worked on those lines andbrought the service. It instantly became a hit andsurprised everyone including us.We have brought Reporting, Analytics Ranking and fewAccount Management functions there. Rest functionsare kept for next phase.8. Own Medium for Marketing and Gained ConfidenceNow I have my own medium for Marketing, where I canreach to thousands of people with a click. And it’s allfree to use. Thanks to Twitter.I would never have such facility without it. A smalladvertisement on a national newspaper costs a lot andbuilding a reputed blog to market takes hundreds ofdays. Twitter has proved to be the blessing for start-upslike InRev.9. Increased Efficiency of TalkTwitter has a limitation of 140 characters for eachTweet. Earlier I used to get irritated with this limitation, 79 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 80. and even thought of starting a rival with 500 characters(...lol). But after using it for more than two months,have started loving it.It has increased my efficiency in using words. Talk to thepoint and get the work done! It has impacted on otherworks too; I have become more to the point now (myfriends say so!! It must be true).10. Job and Marriage OfferI started blogging around 3 years back, and it was justbecause I wanted to share my views to the World. Butafter a year it became source of job offers, and got fewmarriage offers too! 82 days in Micro-Blogging throughTwitter has brought two job offers, and who knowsmarriage offers might be in waiting: D.Twitter Followers: Quality vs. Quantity inMarketing 80 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 81. If you are a serious Tweeter, you will need a goodfollower base. If you are a marketer, you need morepeople to follow you. Quality is important but not asmuch as quantity.When I say "Quantity", this does not include Bots andSpammers. I mean real people. But yes, all sorts ofpeople irrespective of their Twitter or Web usagebehavior.Here are few reasons why!1. Everyone is your potential customer; you need toconvertIf you have been a marketer for long, you must haveknown that everyone is your potential target customer.Some people are direct targets while many more areindirect. Word of mouth simply cannot be ignored,especially if you are a Social Marketer.2. No one is a sure customer; Conversion Rate is lowThis is another big truth. If you know someone 81 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 82. personally and he is following you, he isnt your gainfrom Twitter. The gain is to get new followers, and buildgood relations. The end goal would be to convert theminto your business partner.In the unknown world, however fit or good you mayassume, one can never be your sure customer.Conversion rate is very low. The average of the marketis said to be around 2%.3. Measuring Quality is DifficultIt is hard to rank customers even when they are withthe business for a long time. The complexity comeswhen there are diverse portfolios and diversemetrics. Low Risk, high profitability, high loyalty, highlife time value, high RFM etc give weight-age todifferent set of people. Further, when it comes to theperspective customers, it’s all the way more difficult.There can be some predictive methods to target, buttheir application is best applied to the interested classthan to the entire market. If few out of these hugenumbers get interested, targeting can be done to servethose. 82 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 83. Targeting is important only if you dont have resourcesto cater to the mass. If you can cater to all, go for it!4. Conversion Takes Time; have patienceAny business relation takes time to be established.There are certain phases that go into it like -- knowingeach other, knowing the company, knowing theproducts/services, understanding and finding the usagein business, getting approval for the purchase etc.There is no short-cut to bringing revenue. It’s a game ofpatience. If you bug anyone too much, you might lose apotential customer. So just let someone know aboutyour services and let him take time. Till then you canbest be patient, and create more leads.5. More people mean more views and comments.Ideas are best challenged. More people you connect to,diverse is the angle of thinking. This helps to fine-tuneproducts and services. Always keep an open mind. It’salways better to know and not do something, than notto know at all! 83 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 84. 6. Diverse Thoughts, a way to remain interestingAccording to many it’s always good to be focused sothat you establish yourself as an expert in that field andpeople come to you for the same reason. Well, nothingis wrong with this philosophy. But there is a limit onhow much you can talk on the same subject. There isalso a limit on how much your reader reads the samestuffs. There needs to be a balance and you need to talkon diverse topics so that your followers don’t get bored.This solves a greater purpose of catering to variousgroups. Have friends or followers from various areasand enjoy the talk. Talk about general life, music, news,economy, politics and then business. This gives a morereal human feel. If you just target a section of peopleand talk business, you look more like a BOT. And giventime I may build a robot better than you (no offence,just a joke).7. Chances to be seen as Twitter StarBeing small helps in better targeting, but do not forgetone thing, till you are small you are the only person whomarket you or your services. But once you grow, others 84 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 85. start marketing you as well. They market for reasonslike -- a) to get a bigger benefit as a return favor b)when you are big, you are a star and people love talkingabout you and want to show his association with you.8. More People much more second order reachA large number of followers always has this advantage.More people mean bigger reach. Even by luck ifsomeone Retweets an important Tweet, it can domiracle! So why miss the chance!!9. High Scores in Graders and OthersThis is another important part of the Twittersphere.Rankers and graders have nothing to rank accounts ifthey dont consider followers count and RTs count. Soall of them use it, and to promote their service theypromote the elites (based on their scores). If you arethere, they promote you. Again an additional gain at nocost!!10. More Followers equivalent to more Site Visits;Conversion is an art 85 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 86. Conversion to business is different from getting in touchand letting people know. Conversion is an art, and youmight or might not have that. If you have networkingcapability, just do it. Seek help from a sales person fromyour company to convert the lead.Just focus on getting greater reach, where SocialNetworking like Twitter works best. They give facilitylike more traffic to your site.Once you have someone following you, try to make himyour friend and connect in Facebook and LinkedIn. Nextstep would be to exchange company profiles andprojects.Merits and Demerits of Twitter BOTsIn my school days, there was a favorite topic for debatecompetition -- "Is Science Blessing or Curse?” I haveparticipated few times and had to put points from boththe side. My stand was, and is always is -- there cannotbe black and white in the World. It depends on how weuse and make good out of any function or technology. 86 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 87. Now Twitter BOT seems the same. I am happy to knowthat a Human (Aston Kutcher) won over a BOT (CNN) inthe race to have 1 M followers.Reasons to hate BOTs1. Welcome Auto-DMs used as AdsAuto-DMs are really annoying. When you follow peoplethey say welcome with an ad -- "please visit our sitexxxx". I take this as an offence. Suppose you come toour company site and we start telling you about ourservice one after the other without knowing why youcame and what your interest is.Would to you like this? I am sure you won’t. The beststrategy is always to listen first, understand and thentalk. When you talk, it is better to ask questions andgenuine questions. This will ensure good relationbuild-up, thus ensuring the successful use of SocialMedia.2. Too Many Automated DMs 87 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 88. When I follow you, I am subscribing to your Tweets andnot to your DMs. You can DM, but not regularly forcingme to un-follow or block you. It is a good way of takingrelations private and personal to have successfulprofessional co-operation. Robotized actions in suchfunctions can only harm.3. Frequent TweetsTwitter is not a Media like Radio, Television or NewsSite. You dont need to be there all time. It is simplybecause no one is listening only to you.Twitter is a Media where people follow many othersand share things. Quality of Tweet matters a lot thanFrequency. If the frequency is too high for followers tofollow, you can only lose them; you have a share ofpeoples time and you better stick to it. Increasing theshare can be a long term strategy with well thoughtplanning; this needs quality of service and not quantity.I unfollow any users who use BOTs to Tweet more than5 Tweets a Min. This is irrespective of the quality ofTweet. 88 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 89. 4. Automated RTsThis is another annoying thing. RTs are done for theTweets that you find interesting and worthy for othersto read. People have high expectations while visiting thelinks that are RTed. If you use a BOT for that purposeand wrong Tweets get RTed, you are gone. It can harm alot and you may end up losing followers.More important is the fact that such actions will lowerthe value of RTs. Accounts are graded by many Accountgraders using this metric, and the automated RTs of theuseless Tweet will affect that badly.5. Repeated TweetsThere are few BOTs in the Twitter Sphere which Tweetabout certain no. of links or services. They continuouslydo the repetition and add no value to the followers. Itonly decreases the relevance of the user and is mostlikely to be unfollowed.Reasons to Like BOTs 89 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 90. 1. Automated FollowbackThis is debatable whether you need to followback allwho follow you or not. I do feel, it is necessary at leastto know what the follower has to say. I unfollow when Ifeel the user adds no value.This follow back takes huge time as I get 200 to 500followers daily, and it actually pains to follow each ofthem. I use Buzzom for this, and I am pretty happy withwhat it does for me. It has the facility to choose whomto follow back and whom not to.I may even choose to have automated follow back, buthave not done it so far.2. Find New and Interesting PeopleTwitter is believed to be having around 25 million users,and they all differ in their likings and disliking. If I wantto know who are from my domain and who haveinterest matching my interest, I need a system to tellme. I need a BOT! 90 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 91. 3. Grow Regularly and TimelyI want to find and follow people from certain areas likeAnalytics and Economy. I also like to follow people whoare likely to follow me back and grow my follower base.I can do it manually but again it takes times. If I have acertain behavior that can be automated, why not do it.I would like to use BOT for some regular stuff, but wantto make sure my action does not annoy anyone. Myexperience is that, continuously follow and unfollowannoys some people. If anyone can give me facilitywhere these things don’t happen, I will certainly use aBOT and save my time.4. Quality FeedsIf you are a blogger or a News Site owner, you will needa BOT to set-up feed Tweets. I am not a big fan of suchfeeds but dont have any problem if they are quality,genuine and manageable. I would actually love to seefeed Tweets from CNN, BBC, TechCrunch etc., providedthe frequency is manageable. This would mean if I get100 Tweets in 5 minutes from CNN, no way I am goingto follow them and lose what other folks have to say. 91 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 92. When done timely and properly, feeds are actuallygreat. They add huge value to the followers, and yousave your time. It is a win-win situation.5. SPAM ControlIron can cut Iron, a bamboo stick cannot. Only a BOTcan find and nullify the SPAMMING BOT, out of 25million Tweeters, and out of hundreds and thousands ofTweeters we follow, there are a few thousand suchSpamming BOTs that trouble us. It can be fought backonly in two ways –1. Having too much control and choosing followingscarefully2. Go for a mass follow and make huge number offriends, while having a BOT working to control the SPAMin your follow list.If you follow the first approach, you are not using thestrength of Twitter and using it like Orkut or Facebook.Twitter is about going out and reaching to the maximumpossible people outside of your friend circle. If you 92 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 93. compromise here, you lose the fun and the opportunityof this new Social Media Revolution.Follow the second one and relax.My Take:BOTs are not essentially bad, and can be blessing indisguise. Individuals need to make a Twitter strategyand get it going. BOT may or may not be suitable to you;you are the best person to judge.Spam ControlTypes of SpammersThe idea of spam was originally related to junk e-mail inyour mail box. The purpose of spam is differentregarding the nature of it, some are there to push itsmarketing campaign, where as some are there to floodthe mail box and bring the system down. In case ofemails, the idea of spam was much easily understood asit meant email from the people whom you don’t know.But in case of twitter, the concept of spam needs more 93 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 94. elaboration.Spam in case of Twitter can be stated as follows:Continuously updating tweets of same status directingto same link.Many twitter account does nothing but keeps tweetingthe same link and statement over and over. Thisirritates followers a lot and they tend to block theaccount soon.Continuously tweeting unnecessary updates which arenot relevant to you at all.This has got to do lot with the babbling people whokeep updating their daily chores. This is not to be takenoffensive if they are your friends; but it really floods thetweet stream if you are in Twitter for a businesspurpose. Sending Automated Direct Message with marketingmessage.This is one of the most offensive spam which everyonein Twitter receives. It has degraded the importance of 94 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 95. the Direct Messages. If you are a twitter user than youcan see that your Inbox is flooded with irrelevant DM.Despite many complains in Twitter, people have notstopped automating their DM.Flooding your Reply Stream by unnecessary messages.This has increased a lot in the last few months. In thiscase, people send their message by including yours andothers twitter Id.For example:“ Try this link xxxx. @bexdeep @leplan @sweta6”“Marketing Affilates : @bexdeep @leplan@lkhatiwada “This not only spams your main twitter stream but alsoyour reply stream. As you can reply to people beyondyour network in twitter, it’s virtually impossible to stopthis spam. 95 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 96. Exploiting the Trending Topics and mixing it withirrelevant updates.This one is the most popular of all the other spamming.Twitter has list of trending topic by its side in the mainprofile page. As these topics are clicked by most of thepeople, they have been exploited by many spammers byincluding these keywords in their twitter status.For example: if “#MJ” is the top trending topic than youare bound to see messages like:“make money online. http:xxxxx #MJ”You can see the irrelevance of the hastag.Presence of redundant and false followers.These kinds of spammers do not flood your stream butthey do flood your following and followers list. Theseaccount’s main purpose is to just have as manyfollowers. These are dummy accounts. Though notharmful, they surely are redundant accounts in your list. 96 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 97. High Tweet frequency automated by using Feeder.This is the most likely candidate for a perfect spammer.These accounts are mostly linked with an automaticfeed which continuously bombards link into yourstream.Finding yourself between the long conversations inwhich you are not interested.Though this is not a purposeful spamming, most oftenyou find people’s long discussion in your twitter streamover which you are not interested at all. Though youmay do nothing but listen to them, you should at leasthave an option to ignore them.Most of these spam are unavoidable unless youunfollow or block the user. But most spamming can betemporary phenomenon which you may want to ignoreinstead of blocking the user or unfollowing them. 97 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 98. Ways to fight SpamIn order to counter these spam there are two thingswhich can be done, one is from the side of Twitter andthe other is from the side of third party twitter APIapplications. Since, we have no control over the workingof Twitter as a whole; this article will be more focusedon how an intelligent twitter API can be designed toprevent Spam tweets.In many desktop applications available, we havefeatures like grouping the people and making more thanone groups to see the tweets, but this really doesn’tsolve the problem of spam, as the spam might be withinthe groups. A way to handle the tweets to differentfiltering channels is necessary to make sure that peopleget to benefit from all the relevant tweets and not getover shadowed. 98 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 99. Mashable’s partnering with TweetDeck to have itsdedicated channel was a good strategy from Mashable.This allowed the tweets from Mashable to reach all theusers of Tweetdeck which is about millions and peopledidn’t even have to follow Mashable. This has helpedMashable to stay away from the regular tweet streamwhich prevented from spamming the stream. In twitter,there are tweets like those of News channel whichcannot be avoided, thus taking them to differentchannels and not mixing it to the regular stream wouldhelp the tweet reader a lot.In order to deal with the tweets flowing in at a high rateis to have similar tweets hidden and a there must be away to open the hidden tweets. This technique hasbeen effectively used in Facebook to hide the similarstatus updates. This will clear the path for other tweetsto appear without affecting the regular stream.Any tweets being received from the friend’s feed or anyother feed must be given different channel or different 99 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 100. preference as it’s for sure that these tweets areautomated. In this way we can get rid of almost half thespam. Hiding certain user is also an important toolwhich will allow you to temporarily shutdown certaintweets. Most of the time, people would be having adiscussion over certain topic which might not interestyou, this way you can clean your tweets stream.After applying these filtering tools the remaining streamis the one which is free from the unnecessary tweetsand you can view the genuine tweets. But we needmore than just an automatic running algorithm, weneed a system that continuously take the feedback fromthe user’s response and tune the algorithm dynamically.So we need a system to read the behavior of the userusing the system, as I have mentioned earlier, theconcept of spam is different for each people.Social Media Marketing (SEO and Social Media)Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process ofimproving the volume or quality of traffic to a web site 100 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 101. from search engines via "natural" ("organic" or"algorithmic") search results. Typically, the earlier a siteappears in the search results list, the more visitors it willreceive from the search engine (from Wikipedia). SinceSEO has been around for more than 10 years,sometimes there is misconception that it is a dyingpractice since the new web is all about SocialMedia. We completely disagree with thismisconception and believe that SEO and Social mediaare complimentary to each other, so much in fact, that ifyou are applying one without the other you are missingout an extraordinary opportunity.Because of the basic concepts of social media, the ideaof public conversation, sharing and open data, and theplaces on the web where an individual can interact witha brand or converse about a product/service has grownexponentially. From a marketers perspective itbecomes quite challenging to identify all the varioussites/blogs/forums (touch-points) their customersengage with. Marketers and their organizations find itdifficult to provide the same brand experience at thosetouch-points as they do on their website. 101 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 102. SEO has been the bread & butter strategies for millionsof websites. Frankly, theres no reason it shouldnt havebeen since traffic from search engines can provide loadsof traffic while being highly relevant - and itsfree! Two of the most common tasks that users cometo perform online are to search and to be socialtherefore our strategies should also combine forces toaccommodate these two activities. Search engines likeGoogle had to alter their algorithms to accommodatefor social media because the creation and sharing ofcontent through linking is faster than ever. Below welldiscuss a few ways in which you can leverage socialmedia and SEO together.Content GenerationIs content still the King? Sure it is. If not, its stillsomewhere in the royal family. Search engines arebecoming quicker at indexing results from social mediasites so that the results are fresh, and this means youhave even more competition in the organic searchresults to deal with. The keyword research practicesyou applied in SEO on your own websites, where youtried to select keywords based on a users intent for ourcontent can be applied in your copy in Social media sitesas well. So whether youre writing a blog post, 102 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 103. submitting a story to Digg, or responding to customersin Forums/Twitter, try to be proactive and think of usingkeywords that your users may use to find this contenteasier on the search engines.Links BuildingLink Building is one of the most difficult tactics in SEOand we dont mean any old link building which gets youlinks in 4-folder deep directory pages or in a fakecomment within a forum, were talking about naturallinks to your website where credible site has read yourcontent and linked back to it. This practice is oftencalled link baiting, which refers to creating something soengaging that it naturally attracts back-links for yourwebsite because people cant stop talking aboutit. Social media can become the link building hub ofyour SEO strategies if you can think of viral content thatusers will find so interesting that they simply have topass it onto their friends or write an entire blog postabout it. The viral content doesnt always have to betextual or even live on your corporate website, it can bea video, an application, an e-book, or even a blog post -all types of content can be leveraged - just make sure togive your corporate brand/website credit for thecreation of the content. 103 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 104. SEO and ReputationSearch engines dont really care if the results listings foryour brand are positive or negative. Large organizationswho have thousands/millions of customers have to bevery cautious of the negative opinions of upsetcustomers going viral (which they can veryquickly). Heres a scenario, Customer A gets reallyupset with a given brand so customer A writes hisnegative experience on blogs/social media sites, othercustomers see this content, share it with their friendsand also mention it on their sites and finally the originalcontent gets indexed on the search engines as do someof the related posts. If entering in your brand nameproduces listings with negative content with some ofthe listings the only way to get rid of the content isthrough SEO - using new content to push the negativelistings off the first page. This is where the contentwriting, keyword analysis, link building, all become verynecessary for your organization.Lee Odden from Mashable (a social media news portal)said it right: "implementing a social media marketingprogram without optimizing content is leaving moneyon the table." The reverse, optimizing withoutthinking of social media is a lot of opportunity lost as 104 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 105. well, therefore when assigning budgeting dollars, dontpick one over another. Think how you can leverage SEOand Social Media together. 105 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 106. Chapter 5Twitter Analytics for Marketers and AnalyticsTwitter and all the other social media is a new branchwhere analytics can be utilized to understand theconsumer better. The analytics can be employed in twoways: one is based on the heavy text mining on thetweets and finding great insights into brand. The otheris to heavily mine the behavior of the people in Twitterand allow people to make a change in their tweetinghabit to gain maximum benefit from the social mediacampaign.Below are the lists of parameters which are essential forbetter understanding of the campaign in Twitter. Thelist has been categorized according to the User,Followers, Following, Time Line and Tweets Analysis.User AnalysisSignal To Noise Ratio 106 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 107. If the Tweets with Link are considered as Signal andnon-links are taken as Noise; the signal to noise ratio isnumber of link tweets to the non-link tweets.Influence RatioThe number of followers shows the influence of theperson in Twitter sphere. But not all followers follow anaccount for his Tweets; they could be real life friendsand following each other.The Influence ratio is the major of the influence out ofthe reciprocity.IR = # of Followers / # of FollowingsSecond Order ReachNumber of followers is the direct reach of a user. Thesecond order reach is the extra potential he has with hisfollower’s followers. If a Twitter Star is following a user,his second orders reach increases sharply. 107 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 108. Second Order Reach = # of Followers + Sum (followersof all unique followers)Tweet EfficiencyQuality Tweets gets RTed and help in attracting newfollowers.Tweet Efficiency = # of Followers / # of TweetsReTweet Ratio (RTR)RTR is another measure of the quality of Tweet. Ifpeople like a Tweet, they are likely to retweet.RTR = # of RTs / # of Tweets 108 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 109. Tweet FrequencyTweet Frequency is the average no. of tweets postedper day.TF = # of Tweets / Age (in days)Chat RateChat Rate is the measure of replies (@) to the overallTweets posted. A person who is very sociable and wantsto chat with his friends will have high chat rate.CR = # of @replies / # of TweetsChat FrequencyReplies ‘@’ are good but only if they are in smallnumbers. If one talks with a few people regularly then it 109 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 110. floods other followers’ timeline. Chat frequency is theaverage no. of replies send per day.CF = # of Replies Sent / Age (in days)Popularity IndexPopularity Index is the measure of number of replies perday. More popular a user is; the more replies hereceives.PI = # of mentions / AgeActual ReachReach is same as the second order reach. Actual reach isthe actually exploited reach. It is calculated for a week.AR = # of followers + sum (# of followers of RTers) 110 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 111. Subjects TalkedSubject Talked corresponds to the trend of keyword inthe Tweet of the User.# Hash Tag Mentions#Hash Tag Mentions is the list of all hash tags used bythe user.Link Redundancy RatioThere are people who keep on tweeting the same link,and these multiple tweets do not add any value to thefollowers.Link Redundancy Ratio = # unique link posted / total #linked Tweets. 111 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 112. App Use StatisticsThe number of Twitter Client Applications used toTweet along with the percentage share.Tweet DensityTweet Density is the distribution of the #tweets within aday, a week and seasonal trend with respect to days.Top Replied PeopleThe list of people who replied the user listed on theorder of highest to lowest number of followers.Growth RateGrowth Rate is defined as the rate of increase offollowers count for the user. It is usually done monthly. 112 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 113. GR = (# of followers at month end - # of followers atmonth end) / # of days in the monthFollowers AnalysisAverage Growth RateThis is tricky and is complicated to calculate but it is notimpossible either. The average growth rate of allfollowers can be calculated by adding the growth rate ofall the followers and dividing the result by the numberof followers.DemographicsDemographics study is done by mapping the followers’by their location. This is important for the Marketerswho want to get more followers from a certaindemographics for targeted marketing campaign. Activity Index 113 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 114. This is a time series metric calculated on hourly basis.The hourly trend of tweeting behavior of the followersis generally referred to as Activity Index.Unattended MentionsThe number of mentions ‘@’ that goes without reply.Normally any user is supposed to reply the mentions‘@’, but many times it is either not necessary or notpossible (due to huge volume). So not all, unattendedmentions are bad.Best Pals (most chatted)The list of most commonly chatted friends. These aremostly mutual friends, but not necessary in all cases.Online Trend 114 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 115. Online Trend is the trend of the number of onlinefollowers’ at each hour of the day. This is a verydifficult-to-calculate metric. It can measured by seeingthe Tweeting behavior of all followers, and segmentingit on hourly basis.Followers MapThe demographic distribution of the Followers is calledthe Followers Map. Depending on the user, it is good orbad to have distributed followers from all over theWorld.Usually for MNCs and MNC Employees, it is good tohave followers from many countries.Top ReTweetersThe list of followers who Retweet the most. These arethe most valuable followers, and a user needs to workto retain and engage them. 115 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 116. Elite FollowersElite followers’ is the list of followers with the maximumnumber of followers of their own. Generally the Top 10followers with the maximum number of followers arepicked and shown.Timeline Analysis (24 hours analysis)Feed PercentageThe percentage of Feed Tweets received in any timeline.The proxy from Feeds can be done by analyzing the ‘via’information. If a Tweet comes from Friendfeed orTwitterFeed, it is a Feed.There are other services that provide posting feed, andthose include HootSuite, PingVine and FeedmyTwitter.Feed Percentage = Tweet from Feed / Total Tweets 116 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 117. Day Activity GraphIt is the trend of number of Tweets per hour. The dataof Timeline is collected for 24 hours, and is plotted.Signal to Noise RatioIn the time line, it is necessary to have good signal tonoise ratio. If many friends are chatting with each otherand not posting any links, the information value of thetimeline is less.Signal to Noise Ratio = # of Link Tweets / # of TweetsNoise Chat RatioThe NCR is the measure of Chat in the timeline that isnot directed to the user. It is mathematically calculatedas:NCR = # of not directed Chat / Total Chat 117 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 118. Chat Ratio (chat to overall)Chat Ratio is the ratio of Chat Tweet to the overallTweets.CR = # of Chats / # of TweetsRedundancy Link IndexLinks that appear more than once is redundant, and addno value to the timeline.Redundancy Link Index = # of Unique Links / # TotalNo. of Linked TweetsFollowing AnalysisActive Accounts 118 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 119. Active Account is the list of accounts which have at leastone Tweet in a specified time frame. Normally one weekis taken as the period of analysis; but it may vary fromanalyst to analyst.Solo FeedersThe lists of accounts that have no manual tweets, all thetweets are feeds.Average Tweet IntervalAverage Tweet Interval is the average of the timedifference between two consecutive tweets.Maximum TweetersMaximum Tweeters refers to the accounts in thefollowing list that send maximum numbers of posts 119 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 120. (tweets). These are mostly the fake accounts andspammers; but not always.Tweeters like Mashable, Unmarketing and GuyKawasakido have good number of Tweets. Even CNN and BBChave high number of tweets.Inactive AccountsInactive Accounts are those accounts that do not tweetin a given interval. In most cases, this time interval is 7days.Top ChattersTop Chatters are those Tweeters who have highestnumber of mentions ‘@’ in their Tweets. One Tweetwith many mentions is taken as one only.Online Trend 120 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 121. Online Trend is the hourly trend of number of accountsonline during the day. The more number of followersusually corresponds to more activity in the timeline.Following MapThe demographic distribution of the Tweetersrepresents the following map. It is interesting to see thegeography of the people whom you are listening to.Redundant FollowingsThere are certain people who do not post originalTweets. These people keep RTing others Tweet, and aregood to have as follower. But they might not be asvaluable as following.Their importance is less when you are already followingmost Tweeters whom he RTs. 121 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 122. Brand Tracking (Mentions, CompetitivePerformance)The conversations that used to happen privately behindclosed doors (email, phone, physical conversation) arenow happening publicly and Twitter is one of thecompanies at the center of it all opening up the gates topublic communication. Whether youre an individual,small business or large corporation its very importantto monitor your brand/public persona. Negativeconversations can spread quickly so its important to beinvolved before it gets out of hand, additionally thequicker you begin to listen and participate, the easier itwill be for you to be proactive in addressing anyconcerns in the conversation. For larger organizations itbecomes little more difficult because of the noise thatneeds to be filtered out, as well as all the customertouch points that need to be identified.Before I jump into the best ways to monitor your brandsand that of your competitors (AKA reputationmanagement), Id like to discuss the reasons whyTwitter may provide a strong influence in thisstrategy. According to comScore, Twitter has an 122 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 123. international reach of approximately 45 million visitorson a monthly basis (comScore June 2009) and althoughno one can accurately tell the exact number ofregistered Twitter users, sources say its roughlybetween 6-10 million. Twitter is still somewhat in itsinfancy and has a lot of growth potential, according toCompete.com Facebook (which is many times largerthan Twitter in Visitors/Users) had an increase in visitorsover a 12 month period of 248%. If you look at thatsame period for Twitter, its visitors jumped by1100%. Besides the traffic data, relevant Twitterconversations receive a lot of traction because of howTwitter is designed: quick messages, real time search,and open data.I can understand everyones excitement to dive in headfirst into brand tracking, however its very useful to dosome planning: what branded/non branded words areyou going to monitor, at what frequency, whatcompetitors are you going to include, what tools youare going to use, who the internal stakeholders are thatneed to be involved in this project and what our goals asan organization are. 123 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 124. Listening is the foundation of reputation managementbecause listening allows you to understand where theconversation is happening, the volume of conversation,the individuals involved and the online authority of thesources. I believe that without listening and monitoringthe conversations, youre basically flying blind andrather than making educated decisions with regards towhere to participate youll end up selecting thisquarters most popular social application. Basiclistening practices can start by using sources such asGoogle/Yahoo Alerts, Twitter Search, Technorati orSearch Engines. However for better results Irecommend looking into a brand/buzz monitoringsoftware such as: Trakur (Trakur.com), Radian6(Radian6.com), Techrigy (Techrigy.com) or BrandsEye(BrandsEye.com).Personally, I have seen some excellent results usingBrandsEye, which is developed by a Marketing Companynamed Quirk out of South Africa. With BrandsEye (likemost software), you begin by inputting the phrases youneed to monitor. BrandsEye is Google like in the setupsince you can use advanced query operator such as 124 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 125. double quotes, minus/plus signs, and/or operators inorder to filter out the noise. Selecting the right phrasesis critical in determining the external touch-points ofyour customers; furthermore you dont want to have toparse through thousands of irrelevantconversations. Once the conversations in BrandsEyeare collected there are 2 types of manual filtering stepsinvolved and the reason they made it manual is becauseits difficult for a machine to deciphercontext/tone. The first step is simply marking theconversations as relevant, irrelevant, duplicate orspam. The second step takes a little more time but isabsolutely necessary. For each conversation markedrelevant you have to go through it to assess thelanguage, category, authority of the source, the numberor keyword mentions in the sources content and ascore for a 10 point rating from negative topositive. BrandsEye has developed a FireFox plug-in tohelp speed up this process therefore you can whizthrough the relevant conversations fairly quickly. Thereporting from BrandsEye is quite useful because ithighlights top domains, number of relevant mentionsand a breakdown of mentions by source(consumer/press/enterprise). BrandsEye also provides 125 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 126. a reputation score for your entire account and byindividual keyword.After using BrandsEye (or a similar tool) you will beginto get a better sense of where you can start toparticipate and at what level. I read a white papertitled the "Customer Service Meeting the Social Web"by RightNow Technologies earlier this year and theydesigned an excellent process for how to evaluate andrespond to different customers:Content is Positive - Respond with a Thank YouUnhappy Customer - Opportunity for a service RecoveryRant or Rage - Simply Monitor (as they may be hostile ordegrading)Incorrect Facts - Provide Corrected InformationMeasurement is the key during this process so that youcan understand and gauge how well your strategies areworking. Some key metrics you can look into include:referrals to your support pages, comments on blogs, call 126 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 127. volume, reputation score, new customers, and volumeof negative comments or even new revenue. Peoplealways ask me about benchmarking and how they aredoing against companies in the same space. I find thatcompetitive comparison can be useful but its evenmore important if you baseline your own metrics andsee if you can try to improve upon them.Brand Monitoring is a cyclic process because as yourelease new content/products/services there will be anew set of conversations happening across the SocialWeb. Today it might be happening on Twitter orFacebook and who knows what will arise tomorrow, thekey is to follow the underlying principles of listening,participating and monitoring.Demographics / DataSocial media is growing so quickly that traditionaldemographics are changing all the time. However wehave gathered some metrics that are relevant forTwitter in 2009. The engagement metrics near the endcan be looked at in 2 different ways: 1) Twitter is still inits infancy and an average user still doesnt understandhow to fully use it. 2) Twitter, although popular, hasonly engaged a portion of its user base. 127 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 128. According to Hitwise (HitWise.com):Twitter ranked #32 among all US websites and #5among their Social Networking Category for July 2009(when comparing visitors). The Average time spent forvisitor in July 2009 was 19 minutes The US visits to twitter have increased 2200% sinceJuly 2008The Gender breakdown is split almost right down themiddle. Females represent 50.91% of all visitors andMales represent 49.09%According to age of Visitors 128 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 129. Top 10 Upstream Websites visited before Twitter 129 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 130. Top 10 Downstream Websites visited after Twitter 130 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 131. In July 2009, Nielsen Wire (blog of the NielsenCompany) presented the data a little differently in apost titled "Teens Dont Tweet, Twitters Growth NotFueled by Youth." According to their panel of 250,000US Internet users, peopled aged 2 - 24 represented only16% of Twitter users whereas the 25 - 54 and 55+ agegroups represented 64% and 20% respectively.HubSpot released one of the most comprehensivestudies of Twitter in June 2009, called the State of theTwittersphere. The data was collected from over 4.5million user’s wit many interesting details on TwitterActivity. (HubSpot.com and Twitter.Grader.com):79.79% failed to provide a homepage URL75.86% of users have not entered a bio in their profile68.68% have not specified a location55.50% are not following anyone54.88% have never tweeted 131 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 132. 52.71% have no followers24.14% of users have a bio in their profile31.32% of users have a location in their profile20.21% of users have a homepage URL in their profile45.12% of users have tweeted at least once47.29% of users have at least one follower44.50% of users are following at least one accountTop 10 Locations (globally)1 London2 Los Angeles3 Chicago4 New York5 San Francisco6 Toronto 132 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 133. 7 Atlanta8 Seattle9 BostonChapter 6Case StudiesAll top – Get Latest News for all topicAbout Guy KawasakiGuy Kawasaki is a Managing Director of GarageTechnology Ventures, an early stage venture capital firmand also a columnist for Entrepreneur Magazine.Previously, he was one of the employees of Apple,responsible for marketing the Macintosh in 1984. He isaffiliated with several organizations like BizsharkBusiness Search, Doba, Feedhub, Alltop and many more.Along with being a well known blogger, Guy Kawasaki is 133 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 134. also an author of nine books that include Reality Check,The Art of the Start, Rules for Revolutionaries, How toDrive Your Competition Crazy, Selling The Dream andThe Macintosh Way. His educational backgroundcomprises BA from Stanford University and an MBAfrom UCLA as well as an honorary doctorate fromBabson College.About AlltopAlltop is owned by a company named “Nononina”.Three friends Will Mayall, Kathryn Hnekens and GuyKawasaki, who have been working together since lastcentury, are the founders of Alltop.In a simpler term, Alltop has been introduced with ameaning: “All the Topics, All the Time”. It’s an onlinemagazine rack of popular topics. It’s a news aggregationsite that provides “All the top” stories of forty mostpopular topics on the Web. The headlines and the firstparagraph of the five most happening stories from fortyto eighty sources for each topic are displayed. Thestories in the site are refreshed in every ten minutes. 134 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 135. The basic purpose of Alltop is to help viewers answerthe question, What’s Happening?” in all the topics thatthe viewers are interested in. The topics on the Alltopare placed by collecting the headlines of the lateststories from the best sites and blogs that cover thetopic. The topics that run on Alltop are adoption tozoology with photography, food science, religion,celebrities, fashion, gaming, sports, politics,automobiles, Macintosh and numerous other subjects.Guy Kawasaki on TwitterGuy Kawasaki is on Twitter with two different accountnames - Guykawasaki and Alltop. He believes, he is thefirst one who has been able to derive the best benefitsby using the tool Twitter. He has made the proficientuse of the network in marketing his website Alltop andhis book “Reality Check”. He conceives that Twitterbenefits can be extracted only if it can be used for thecommercial purposes.For him, Twitter is the inexpensive, easy and bestmedium to reach massive amounts of people and there 135 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 136. is no other tool better than Twitter.His philosophy on Twitter is to get as many followers ashe can. This is based upon the law of big numbers: themore followers, the more people will talk about whatyou do and this is what marketing means. Moreover, tohave linkages with more number of people, he followsthose accounts which have huge number of followers.As mentioned earlier he has two accounts on Twitter,despite having accounts on two different names hegives 99% of the attention in Guykawasaki accountbecause his theory says people are more likely to followthe person than a company. When a company is soldthe name of the company goes with the acquirer but ifthe account is created in the name of the person, theperson can tweet both on the personal information andthe information about the company. This is why he putslot of emphasis on Guykawasaki account than on Alltopaccount. 136 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 137. Twitter is used as tool for the purpose of asking helpfrom the people. If the people don’t have courage to askhelp from the people, you don’t get the desiredpublicity. Alltop would not have been anything close towhat it is now without Twitter society. Users of Twitterhas suggested Kawasaki many amendments in the siteitself which he has incorporated and gained thesuccessful results. For instance, many users havesuggested a topic to be included in Alltop and compile acollection of feeds for the topic. Besides this, the usershave also helped a lot in promoting.The next benefit that Kawasaki has found on Twitter isthe service entitled Tweeterfeed, which is a servicewhere any RSS feed, can automatically appear as theusers’ own tweets. This is done by bloggers so that theirblog posts can automatically appear as tweets. He usedthis service by taking help of Mario Menti, theTweeterfeed creator, to make a special webpage wherepeople could sign up to allow Kawasaki to automaticallypost news regarding Alltop as their tweets. There werearound 177 people who did this. This means all 177people agreed to repost all Alltop news as their tweets. 137 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 138. This raised the position of automated tweeting tohistorical heights.To promote Alltop, he came out with another incentive.He promoted to offer a free copy of his book RealityCheck to anyone who signed up Alltop Tweeterfeed.After the announcement of this incentive, 280 morepeople signed up and the total for the AlltopTweeterfeed was 150. As of June 2009, 671 peoplesigned up for this service. These 671 people had a totalof 1, 50,000 followers, this means every announcementmade by Kawasaki, would reach to 1, 50,000 followersof 671 people.This issue of 671 people tweeting 1, 50,000 followerscame up with several shortcomings. Kawasaki started toreceive several complaints in a day regarding theduplicate announcements. This happened in the caseswhere people followed some of the same 671 people.Some other unintentional consequences came as well.For instance, Republican members of 671 people did 138 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 139. not appreciate the Obama.alltop announcement. Thiscould happen in various other topics as well. Some 671people even started to lose the followers becausefollowers did not like the tweets or the words used inthe tweets. This was something which Kawasaki neverdesired of.To fix these issues, Kawasaki and team created Alltopnews and announcements email list. Through this list,every new topic was announced and the recipients hadthe privilege to decide on whether they want to tweet it(or email) it to others. Moreover, they can also edit andcreate their own tweet. Tweeterfeed was use to conveythe message to all the 671 people so that they coulddrop the Tweeterfeed mechanism and follow emailnotification instead. After six days of theannouncement, 600 people signed up for this newprocess of email notification.The more surprising news than the success of emailnotification was that, only fifty of the Tweeterfeed 139 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 140. stopped doing it. This statistics was completely beyondwhat Kawasaki had expected. He thought that majorityof people would drop Tweeterfeed and vanishcompletely or switch to email list. Like as synergy 2+2=5,similar Twitter synergy was created where671-50=1000. With the provision of an alternative morepeople signed up that means more publicity of Alltop.In this way, this case exemplified the diverse use ofTwitter. More than a social network for friends, familyor celebrities, it has been the fast, free and far reachingmedium for pushing the special offers. It has gainedpopularity in corporate world and has proven itself oneof the efficient tools for promotion.Dell - Use of TwitterWhy would the world’s largest PC manufacture DELL usesuch a simple and unproven media like Twitter? This is aquestion that every top business people asked. SoonPeople found the answer when the fact that $3 millionsof revenue came from twitter hit the news. Dell leaves a 140 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 141. proven example on how it used Twitter for its marketingstrategy which has been a huge success for it. How?It has been 2 years since Dell started using Twitter. Itwas in the June of 2007 when Dell was first connectedinto this social network as a project initiated by RichardBinhammer from Dell. Dell started more of a Twittercampaign through Dell outlet.The StrategyDell started using the service to inform its followers 141 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 142. about the discounted rate and special offers from theDell’s showroom. Users could then click at theinformation to purchase the product or else pass theinformation to other users.Further, Dell not only broadcasted its information butcommunicated with its followers about details ofshipping and all the related issues with Dell’s prices. Thisadded a value to all the Dell Consumers.By 2008 December, there were already 65 Twittergroups and a total of 2,475 followers of Dell. As ofAug-10-2009, Dell has whopping 997,922 followers inTwitter. The above graph shows the increase in itsfollowers. 142 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 143. As a result of this marketing strategy, Dell produced $2million revenue by the end of 2008. Though the overallrevenue of the company in 2008 was 61.1 billion dollars,$2 million coming alone from social media is again aconsiderable sum."A million dollars isnt a lot of money, but it shows thatpeople want to sign up for feeds," says Bob Pearson,the head of communities and conversation for Dell,who not only uses but also admires Twitter. 143 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 144. How did it start after all? - The ups and downs.Before the revenue making story of the Dell Company,there were many stories of the failovers as well. Variousonline customers were unsatisfied as they were ignored.Again in the year 2006, when Dell first launched its blogtitled One2One, it realized immediately that anothercompany with the same name had also been registered.This forced the company to change the name of the sitefrom One2One to Direct2Dell.The series of failover continued when the companyresponded to a post, from an entrepreneur, which waseven more negatively labeled. After a successivefailovers over a period of time, Dell finally managed toupgrade its tag after tying up with Twitter.Currently, @DellOutlet has over 0.9 million followers towhom Dell offers exclusive discounts. From financialpoint of view, the company has earned revenue of $3million, $2 million in referral sales and $1 million fromnew purchasers at the store.Speculation 144 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 145. But some statements have also been suggested againstwhat Dell has made out of Twitter. MG Siegler, atechnology writer for VentureBeat puts it this way“Twitter may have made Dell a Million; it doesn’t meanit can be (easily) monetized”. “Of course behind thescene is a right team from Dell. At present, here are 33corporate Twitter accounts, three Flickr photo streams,433 YouTube videos, 22 Facebook Groups, 12 Blogs,eight Forums, 18 public wikis and all these have acommunity landing page featured prominently on theDell site and accounts that are moderated by Dellemployees on multiple social media platforms as well”quotes the SocialMediaToday. 145 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 146. The Key Reason for SuccessThe key success factor in the project was the hookTwitter managed to bind with its users. Twitter wassuccessful in building public relationship as well asproviding customer satisfaction when it came toproducts. Besides these, there are 3 major facts on howDell and Twitter tied up together to produce asignificant affect.The first one is through personal connection.Understanding the needs of the different customers,based on various factors, Dell created varied Twitteraccounts so as to be approachable by the customers.Secondly, Dell knew about the real time updates thatTwitter could give to its customers and give them a feelof knowing of the updates first than others.Third and the last one is, Dell Outlet provided customersthe deals that are indisputably good.And of all, through Twitter, most importantly Delllearned to value its valued customers. 146 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 147. Zappos.com – Online ShoppingAbout Zappos.comZappos is derived from the Spanish word zapatos,meaning shoes. As the name implies, Zappos.com is anelectronic commerce company specializing in footwear.The company was founded in 1999, since then it hasgrown to be the biggest online shoe store.Many organizations, today, are jumping into trend ontwittering and using the network to publish RSS feedsand have one way conversation. But there are a fewexceptions; some organizations are using Twitter toengage with customers and stakeholders. Among thesefew, Zappos.com is one name that tops the list.Zappos.com in TwitterOnline show retailer Zappos is doing well both in shoesand in utilizing social media. In Twitter, it has numerousblogs and videos posted. All the employees of Zapposare on Twitter by the help of which the company hasbeen able to engage deeply with customers, raise the 147 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 148. company’s profile and socialize the person behind shoesales.The most remarkable effort done by Zappos in Twitteris, it has set up its own Twitter micro site highlightingthe company’s use of Twitter. The site features“Beginners Guide to Twitter” which explains whatTwitter is exactly. Zappos has dedicated page for Twitteron its site that is linked to every other page on the sitewith the words “What are Zappos employees doing rightnow?”Here we can find all Zappos employees’ mostrecent messages. Employees tweet about what they aredong at work and about interesting resources on and offthe Zappos site.There is also an employee leader board that revealswho is on Twitter and the numbers of followers each ofthem have. Zappos has quite unique relationship withTwitter. Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos who is in Twitter inthe account name @zappos has more than 1 millionfollowers which is quite higher than any other Zapposemployees. Tony Hsieh is the company’s most activeand frequent Twitter user. He uses his account to sharesome details about what he is up to personally andprofessionally, explain the reasons of using Twitter and 148 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 149. most importantly develop ideas on polling customers onTwitter.In addition, there is a page that aggregates all the thingsmentioned by public about Zappos from Twitter. Thisexemplifies the openness and transparency of Zappos.Zappos feels free to display the public postings becauseit has already gained the customers loyalty from itsfamous customer service.Moreover, Zappos has also set up special Twittertracking pages for its few favorite outside fans. Thetracking has been useful to get insight of actualword-of-mouth conversation going out there andknowing about the actual feeling of the customers.The use of Twitter by CEO Tony Hsieh has exemplified anew shift. Prior to this, CEOs were not seen comfortablewith the technology like this. This has also revealed thelevel of intimacy with customers and guts of thecompany to show information behind the scenes.Tony Hsieh uses Twitter because he is fond of it. Hisdeep interest towards the network can be divulged aftergoing through “Beginner’s Quick Start Guide and 149 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 150. Tutorial to Using Twitter”. He writes,”…but I promiseyou if you can talk your friends into joining it and you alluse it for 2 weeks, it will change your life. You willwonder how you ever lived without it."Hsieh took Twitter to another level. At current time 483Zappos employees are tweeting on Twitter. Zappos, as acompany, believes in Twitter and wants to support itsemployees in Twitter.Zappos employees on TwitterZappos’ employees are encouraged to sign up forTwitter account but it has not been made mandatoryand neither it will be. When people talk about stuffhappening in the office be it job specific or not,employees get time to hang out with each other andknow each other on a more personal level. This will helpto generate intimate relationship among each otherZappos even offers Twitter classes which are optional aswell. To lower the complication of first time users, thissystem has been adopted so that they can be guidedthough the steps mentioned.Zappos sold to AmazonOn July 22, 2009, it was officially announced by Tony 150 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 151. Hsieh that Zappos.com has been acquired by Amazonand it will be a wholly owned subsidiary of Amazon.Marketwatch mentions that the deal is worth $807million which will not be a cash deal rather a stock deal.Hsieh also mentioned that there are no plans to removethe employees; the executives will stay on Zappos.In addition, Amazon mentioned that in terms of deal, itwill buy all outstanding shares, warrants and options ofZappos in exchange of around 10 million Amazonshares. Moreover, Amazon will also provide Zapposemployees $40 million in cash and restricted stock units.The sale of Zappos to Amazon itself was not unusual,but the way that Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos chose toannounce the purchase grabbed the attention of mediabecause Bezos left media out and instead made theannouncement through YouTube video. The messagewas directed towards Zappos employees rather thanpress. Bezos declared that he wants to retain the shoecompany’s employees after the acquisition but theyshould follow his way of orientation. By driving out theentire press, Bezos focused on the crucial points like 151 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 152. answering the large number of financial questions fromreporters.Despite the efforts of Bezos of excluding the media, thisnews spread like wildfire and news got posted onTwitter which increased its momentum. This in turnresulted in more media coverage and more hype for theissue.The historical acquisition of Amazon.com reflects itsserious effort to tap into internet sales of apparel, thelargest online-shopping category and one in whichAmazon has not gained the significant success in thepast.The case presents how an online shoe retailer derivedthe best benefits out of Twitter. Both the parties arebenefitted from one another. On one hand, Twittergained more popularity whereas on the other handZappos became able to win the hearts of its customers 152 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 153. who were free to express their feeling in the socialmedia. The relationship of Zappos with their customersbecame more strong and intimate.Jet Blue - AirwaysAbout Jet Blue AirwaysJet Airways is the low cost airline owned by the JetBlueAirways Corporation. The company was founded byDavid Neeleman in February 1999, which receivedofficial U.S. authorization in February 2000.The company stood out among others with its low-costfares and providing better services like in-flightentertainment arrangement. Every seat of Jet Blue hadTV and connection to Satellite radio. Business ModelTraditionally, the basic way to interact with thecustomer is through an interactive web site and a strongsupport center. But with innovation in communicationfield, the options for a company to interact withcustomers are many. 153 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 154. Discovery of Twitter In the spring of 2007, JetBlue noticed that most oftheir customers were using twitter. This was discoveredwhen the company searched for its name in thetwitter.com. They noticed that there were lots ofcomplains being made by the people about the serviceof JetBlue Airways. This needed an immediate call fromthe management to set up twitter account.Learning in TwitterInitially, it was high risk for such a big company beingexposed to thousands of customer at once. Therefore,they made their rise slowly learning at each step.One of the most important steps that JetBlue took waslistening to the customer and asking what theywant(ed). This was a break through approach becausepreviously Twitter was bombarded with only updates inthe routes and so on. Immediately after askingquestions to the people, JetBlue received a hugeresponse.Soon, JetBlue defined a team for tweeting and replyingto responses in its company. A dedicated team was notonly necessary but also vital for the upcoming success. 154 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 155. The next key factor in JetBlue’s success in Twitter wasits 24/7 presence in Twitter. Most of the time, peoplecannot afford to give much time to their Twitteraccount. It’s not like a telephone call which alerts ofcustomer’s query. Hence, JetBlue established a properstaffing to cater to this real-time communication withthe customer possible.The JetBlue’s manager Johnston believes that the keysuccess through Twitter was their understanding that itwas all about tearing the artificial wall between thecustomers and companies.Key reasons for SuccessThe example of JetBlue’s success could be huge learning forany corporate having a similar business model as theirs.Some key steps were: 1. Finding out the space where people are taking about your brands, is it twitter, facebook, or any other online forum. 2. Attending the conversation and listening to people 3. Experimenting with what works and what doesn’t 4. Leveraging the lesson learnt by maximizing the 155 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 156. service and keeping a dedicated resource.The above strategies might help and work in any other areastoo.Naked Pizza – Pizza StoreAbout Naked PizzaNaked Pizza which was originally named World’s HealthiestPizza was founded on 2006 in New Orleans by Jeff Leach andRandy Crochet. It is a small store with stressing its value onhealthy Pizza and how it can help solve the rising obesityproblem.Naked Pizza and TwitterNaked Pizza presents the strongest case on how Twitter canhelp leverage your local market. Twitter accounts for 68.60%of its total sales. The most interesting of all is its successwithin a very short time.The main model of business was to use Twitter to announceits services to the customers and, announce promotions andhandle queries from customers.How Naked Pizza achieved SuccessThe story of Naked Pizza starts from the setting up of a visiblebillboard alone its shop, where instead of putting their name;they have put Big Twitter’s Logo with their Twitter Id. This 156 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 157. strategy worked perfectly because it made clear to the entirepassing customer that Naked Pizza was in Twitter.Furthermore, they encouraged their every customer tocreate a twitter ID and follow NakedPizza by creating a smallbooth where people can create Twitter Account.Both of these strategies worked hugely to increase itsfollowers and awareness of its presence to all the localcommunity.Targeting Local CommunityOne of the important factors was leveraging the local marketand specifically targeting them. When Jeff was asked aboutthe Twitter Billboard, he specifically said that “I didn’t do it toget TechCrunch talking, I did it to reach the 35,000 peoplewho drive by the store every day.”Benefit leveraged by Naked PizzaHuge investments are needed for marketing services like thatof Naked Pizzas. Brouchers and Newsletters are the mainmedium of providing awareness to the people. But by using 157 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 158. social networking sites like Twitter, it can send its message tolarge audience in one goes. This also helps serving customer’squery and engaging people with the brand.Lesson LearntThe above case presents with many key points in usingTwitter in Business. Further, it also shows how a small shopcan increase its sales. Some of the points are as follows: 1. Make your customer aware that your service can be reached via Twitter. 2. Encourage your offline customer to engage with the service via internet and show the easiness of the service. 3. Target the local audience and create better relationship with the customers in your local vicinity.The above strategies work for any startup company or smallshops to make its way into the world of Twitter. This alsoproves how marketing through Twitter also requires someoffline initiatives as well.Pepsi – Soft DrinkAbout PepsiPepsi is a carbonated soft drink product, manufactured by 158 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 159. PepsiCo. It is one of the oldest brands competing in the 21stcentury. Beside CocaCola there has been very few brands hascompete with Pepsi. The drink was first made in the 1890s,since then there has been many variation of product beingproduced. This case study will show who such an old brandhave rebranded itself to suit to new generation by using newtools like Twitter.Rebranding with TwitterMany famous and large organizations with tie fail to keep upwith changing society and culture. Since October of 2008,Pepsi has been trying hard to rebrand itself though manymarketing campaigns. Some of its strategies include changingthe logo and design.Pepsi and TwitterPepsi already has a toll-free line to allow customers to shareand provide feedback. But due to emerging use of socialnetworking site, it was obvious that the new way to reachcustomer was to communicate with them and engage withthem. As a result, in January 2009, Pepsi opened a Twitterportal @Pepsi and @PepsiCo. 159 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 160. ExperimentationPepsi is still at its initial phase as there is a long way to gobefore it strikes the social network. But the progress till nowhas be going great.Some of the things that Pepsi has been doing are as follows: 1. Listening to customers This is the first thing that any company should do when you are in Twitter. So did Pepsi. Pepsi immediately started getting response about its new brand design from the people which helped the company to make new decision. 2. Responding to comments quickly. This is another important thing- to respond to queries as quickly as possible. This brings the good feeling in among the people thus giving good vibes about the brand. 3. Awarness program To make people aware that you can be reached via 160 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 161. Twitter is the first thing that must be considered. Many bigger companies fail to address the situation and losses followers. Pepsi attained this by tagged each of its PepsiRAW with the Twitter id allowing people to clearly make the connection. 4. Dedicated resources and learning center Pepsi is still learning to manage its brand in online network. Pepsi is achieving this by putting a dedicated staff for learning the trend and culture in the twitter.Learning with PepsiThe thing that is most important to understand with Pepsi isthat beside being the largest and strongest brand in themedia, Pepsi has been involved with Twitter. This bring tounderstanding that it doesn’t depend whether you need tobe on Twitter or not, the reality is that there are peopletalking about your brand on Twitter, you either listen to it orlose the opportunity of leveraging your business.Further, though Pepsi have access to other large and mainstream media, it still needs to be on Twitter as the culture ischanging and Pepsi was wise enough to tap into it. It’s notonly Pepsi but also other large brand who are experimentingwith Twitter. 161 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 162. Chapter 7Interesting events in TwitterSome of the interesting events that have taken place intwitter are mentioned below.Armstrong and ContadorAlberto Contador of Spain and Lance Armstrong of theU.S. stand on the podium as first place and third placefinishers in the Tour de FranceLance Armstrong, who is a seven time champion of Tourde France, is found to have regular updates on Twitterthrough picture post, video and most importantly histhoughts. But this time he has tweeted by expressing hisanger to Alberto Contador who finished at first positionin TDF this year. The story goes like this:Alberto Contador and Lance Armstrong are lashing outagain after a very sensitive agreement in the duration ofTour De France. Their dissatisfaction with each other isclearly stated in the words they are using to describethe opponent after the tournament. Contador stated 162 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 163. that he has no relationship with Armstrong and he hadnever admired neither he will admire Armstrong in daysto come. On the other hand, Armstrong expresses thatContador should stop blabbering. On this issue of TDF,Armstrong tweeted in Twitter by conveying themessage: “"Hey pistolero, there is no I in team. Whatdid I say in March? Lots to learn. Restated,"The “pistolero” remark is originated from Contador’shabit of celebrating the victories by shooting animaginary pistol.Lance Armstrong is looking for his stolen bicycle via TwitterLance Armstrong has been urging his followers to searchhis bicycle which was stolen from a northern Californiaracing venue. Armstrong sent a tweet stating “Whoa!They just came to my room and said our truck wasbroken into and someone stole my time trial bike!”Along with the message he also had posted the image ofthe bicycle to make the search mission easy. Thepicture was accompanied by a message “There is onlyone like it in the world therefore hard to pawn it off. 163 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 164. Reward being offered.” Later he received theacknowledgement from his followers who mentionedthat they are with Armstrong in helping him look for hisstolen bike.Fake IdIt can be said that Twitter is getting the popularitybecause it contains the account of popular celebritiesand there are numerous people who are following thesecelebrities. This fame and power is getting quitevulnerable because the existing twitter account of somecelebrities like James Corden is fake i.e., not real. Toprevent this type of activity in the coming days, Twitteris giving much emphasis on User Identification methodsalong with simpler user interface.James CordenThe id of James Corden, an English actor, comedian,writer and producer, is declared fake. The contradictingmessage regarding the health condition of MatthewHorne, proved that the account with around 2500followers on Twitter is not of James Corden. Theaccount portraying the actor sent negative updates on 164 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 165. Horne’s condition stating that Horne was in really badshape. Moreover, the message stated in the accounteven criticized other comedian.The Twitter account of Corden is not the only fake id intwitter. There are several accounts of other popularcelebrities including Bollywood actors like Aamir Khanand Shahid Kapoor.Dalai LamaWorld famous Tibetan spiritual leader and Nobel Peacelaureate the Dalai Lama opened an account in Twitter.The ID claimed to be administered by the "The Office ofHis Holiness the Dalai Lama”. The background of theTwitter page had a picture of the Dalai Lama from hisofficial website dalailama.com. The Twitter ID even hada quotation from the Tibetan spiritual leader.Membership of the Dalai Lama on Twitter created hypeamong the users. The feed attracted nearly 20,000followers just within two days after the launch. But todismay, the account was a fake one and Twittersuspended the account saying that it had been createdby an impersonator. 165 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 166. Ashton Kutcher and TwitterAshton Kutcher is an American actor and former fashionmodel, who is best known for playing Michael Kelso inthe FOX sitcom “That ‘70s Show”. He was creator,executive producer, and host of the MTV celebrity prankshow “Punk’d”. The actor who is married to actressDemi Moore is better known for the roles in movies likeDude, Where’s My Car?, Just Married, The ButterflyEffect, The Guardian and What Happens in Vegas.Moreover, he is also the producer and co-creator of thesupernatural TV show Room 401 and reality TV showBeauty and The Geek.Ashton Kutcher who is known as “aplusk” in Twitter hasmore than 3 million followers. He says with a socialmedia site as Twitter, an individual can have the powerto reach as many people as media conglomerate. Forthe media celebrity like Kutcher, Twitter has been thebest means to get closer with the audience and even hisfans seem to enjoy the attachment through this tool.This network has enhanced the scale which Kutcher 166 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 167. used in marketing himself among his fans and addingvalue to his image.Ashton Kutcher Vs CNNThe battle between Ashton Kutcher and CNN startedwhen CNN (cnnbrk) registered a Twitter account andhad 947,000 followers while there were 917,000followers of Kutcher. With the rising competitionbetween them, Ashton Kutcher declared that he wantedto beat CNN and be the first one to have 1 millionfollowers in Twitter. He even tweeted that he woulddonate 10,000 bed nets to help fight malaria if hebecame first. 167 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 168. The battle between Ashton Kutcher and AndersonCooper, anchor of CNN, was termed even as one of theweirdest events in the media. Both were pleading to thewhole world similar to the candidates begging for thevotes before the election. It was a nail biting race and aprofound moment in the history of media world.The online war between Ashton Kutcher and AndersonCooper, Anchor of CNN, increased the popularity ofTwitter which has seen steady growth in past years.According to comScore Twitter saw 131% growth inMarch alone, with 9.3 million unique U.S visitors thatmonth.In the end, the battle to the victory ended and Kutcherwas declared the winner who defeated CNN by less than2000 followers. 168 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 169. Hacking of IDTwitter is not even free from the problems of members’accounts being hacked from time and again. It has beenseen that peculiar messages are expressed from theaccount of the popular celebrities. This can be bestexemplified in the case of Britney Spears who is one ofthe active members and the account holder with morethan 2 million followers in Twitter.After few days of death of pop king Michael Jackson, amessage from Britney’s account was seen in Twitterwhich stated “Britney has passed today. It is a sad dayfor everyone. More news to come”.This fake story of Britney’s death was posted to herTwitter followers via Twitpic service, whichautomatically forwards messages to the associatedaccount. 169 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 170. Chapter 8Pro Twitter’s thoughtTwitter: What’s In It for My Business?Who would have thought that sharing your thoughts in140 characters would become an Internet darling forusers and businesses alike? Twitter was launched tothe public in August 2006 but only gained popularity in2008 hitting mainstream with everyone from athletes toHollywood’s mainstream. The most attractive feature ofTwitter is its simplicity. Anyone and everyone with anInternet connection can participate in theTwittersphere.With the popularity of social networks such as MySpaceand Facebook, it is easy to see that people are lookingto connect online. From friends and co-workers toindustry colleagues and online celebrities, Twitter 170 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 171. allows you to connect with the world in real-time. It isthis ability to connect via “Internet speed” that isattractive to many businesses that have started tappinginto Twitter as a means of connecting with their staffand their customers. The impact and immediacy thatTwitter can bring to your business is something thatbusinesses have never had the luxury of leveraging inthe past. As Twitter itself states,“…By accepting messages from SMS, web, mobile web,instant message, or from third party API projects,Twitter makes it easy for folks to stay connected…”Businesses can now reach their audiences in a mannernever before available. Twitter has allowed businessesto: Announce timely promotions Address public relations mishaps Inform their audience about company events Learn about their competition Interact with their audience 171 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 172. There is a lot of “noise” on the Internet, but Twitterallows the user to control this “noise” somewhat bypermitting users to tell the world what they are doing.Through the use of shortening URLs, users cancommunicate relevant information to their followerswho have the option of further conveying thisinformation by “re-tweeting” the original post or“tweet” as it is known in the world of Twitter.From a user’s perspective, they are very much in controlof whose updates they receive, when they receivethem, and on what device. There are hundreds if notthousands of Twitter tools that can make using Twittereven more easy than it already is. For businesses, thebest thing about Twitter is that it is free! Yes this verypowerful communication tool is free, well at least as ofmid-2009 it is. Twitter has experienced explosivegrowth and it is only a matter of time before themicro-blogging phenomenon becomes monetized.You can probably expect to start seeing ads in betweentweets as Twitter look to capitalize on its soaring 172 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 173. popularity. Considering the fact that reports suggestthat at one time or another, Google, Facebook andMicrosoft have all attempted to acquire a stake inTwitter, it does not appear that Twitter is going awayanytime soon.Businesses can use Twitter to re-energize their brandand reach their audience in a while new manner as notonly is tweeting hip and popular, but it’s also costeffective and immediate.What does the future for Twitter hold?If you visit the “About Twitter” section of the site, theapparent plan is to build Twitter, Inc into a successful,revenue-generating company that attracts world-classtalent with an inspiring culture and attitude towardsdoing business.Look for more businesses to tap into Twitter to reachtheir consumers and audience. We have all heard ofsome of the more popular Twitter success stories fromZappos to Comcast but there are a number of brandsthat have great success using Twitter in the past. Casein point, here are a few more examples: 173 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 174. JetBlue offers flight information and travel updates aspart of their customer serviceStarbucks presents new offers and participates in thediscussion about these new offers via TwitterGoogle uses Twitter to communicate updates and newreleases.While there are examples of a number of large brandsthat are currently leveraging Twitter, there is anotherlist of big brands that are not yet tapping into themicro-blogging service. Look for this to change, asthese brands cannot afford to be ignoring Twitter.Twitter is viral and is real-time. This is a very powerfulcombination when it comes to communicating withyour consumers. Businesses have never experiencedInternet speed until recently. Internet speed is fast,unlike anything marketers have ever seen before.Twitter is the first online tool that allows bothbusinesses and their consumers to drive with thisInternet speed, making Twitter the place to be untilsomething else comes along that is faster and easier to 174 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 175. use. Frankly I do not see anything on the immediatehorizon.Author: Jody NimetzJody on Twitter at: http://twitter.com/Marketing_JiveChapter 9Build your own Twitter Application- Binit Thapa,CSA, InRev SystemsOne of the most important aspects of the Twitter is itsopenness to third party developers. This is also one ofthe reasons which distinguishes it from Facebook orother social platforms.This openness includes exposing API (ApplicationPortocol Interface) to the developer. API is a way inwhich you can access Twitter’s functions and database. 175 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 176. This gives a developer a complete freedom on howhe/she is going to interpret the data available. Due tothis reason many third party application has becomesuccessful in the market.Twitter has a very simple interface which makes it highlysusceptible to customization. Initially, it was verydifficult to track down tweets and respond to them. Thisneed was solved by building desktop applications likeTweetdeck, Twirl and Sessmic. These third party toolsprovided a different way of reading and grouping thetweets. Similarly, soon people needed to follow peoplein bulk and search for interesting people in Twitter,applications like Buzzom and PeopleSearch made itpossible and are the widely used applications in themarket.The third party applications also include visualizing alarge amount of data which are being created everysecond. Applications like TwitStats and Twitscoop arewidely used to visualize the growth and trends inTwitter.Among many twitter applications Twitter Search wasthe first application which was hit in the market and was 176 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 177. soon bought by Twitter. This provided easy way tosearch for interesting tweets and track your brand.There is an unlimited opportunity for developinginteresting and useful application in twitter. If you findthat you could leverage the data present in the Twitterand add value to the Twitter community than here isyour chance to understand the basic of Twitter API.Remember, it’s quite easy to build an application butsuccess depend on the efficiency and value additionthat it brings to the Twitter community.Twitter API UsageThe popularity of Twitter is based on three things. Neatinterface, nice concept and simple API. While theformer two are clearly visible once you start usingTwitter, the third is not. Thanks to the simple API, theapplications - both web and desktop based, built usingTwitter APIs are numerous. It is surprising how the webcommunity (includes developers and users) hasexploited this to build interesting and usefulapplications, more on this in the next section. Thissection focuses on the concepts required to effectively 177 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 178. use the twitter APIs.HTTP Basic AuthenticationTwitter has classified its APIs into two groups. APIs thatrequire authentication and APIs that don’t. For thosewhich require, you need to provide a valid Twitterusername and password. Basic authentication is themost simplistic method of authentication that the HTTPprotocol provides. On a side note, even in the basicauthentication, your password is not compromised evenwith a phishing/packet-capture attack. This is becauseinstead of clear-text password, the protocol sends a"digest" of your password. To know the originalpassword from the digest is very difficult.One pitfall is that there are certain APIs that provideboth the mechanisms (either authenticate or not), butthe behavior is different. An invalid set of credentialsprovided is equivalent to not providing them at all.Problem appears in correctly using the authenticatedversion of these APIs. It may happen that even if youprovided the correct credentials, the API is behaving asif they are not provided. This is because the HTTP basic 178 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 179. authentication implementations may not be designed tosend credentials in the first request. The solution is thatyou need to "manually" add the authentication headeror turn on the option to send credentials in the firstrequest itself. For example, the following function canbe used in C#.NET to overcome this. /// <summary> /// .NET doesnt send auth header by default. Forceit! /// </summary> /// <param name="req"></param> /// <param name="userName"></param> /// <param name="userPassword"></param> private static voidSetBasicAuthHeader(HttpWebRequest req, String userName,String userPassword) { string authInfo = userName + ":" +userPassword; 179 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 180. authInfo =System.Convert.ToBase64String(Encoding.Default.GetBytes(authInfo)); req.Headers["Authorization"] = "Basic " +authInfo; }Open Authentication (OAuth)If you are building a web application over Twitter, youcan skip the Basic Authentication and use OAuthinstead. While this is more complex than the former, ithas got its own advantages, the most important beingusers dont have to give passwords to your application.Another advantage is that when you post a tweet, yourapplications signature comes in "via" field. Initiallytwitter allowed even the basic authentication requeststo have this via field, but it’s no longer supported. Newapplications must use OAuth to use this field. 180 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 181. Rate Limits and White-listingTo avoid the denial of service (DOS), Twitter hasimplemented rate limits on every API. For anyauthenticated requests, the limit is specific to theauthenticating user and for any unauthenticatedrequests; it applies to the IP the request is coming from.As of this writing, the limit is 150 per hour. This meansthat no user may call more than 150 APIs hourly. Anysuch attempts will result in a "Rate limit exceeded"failure from Twitter.Twitter provides a mechanism to raise this limit forapplications which have the need. You need to write amail to the twitter support and they might add your IPto their whitelist. Whitelisted IPs has a rate limit of20000.Data CompressionIf your application has to fetch big amounts of data, it isalways fast to use the compressed request/responseusing gzip or other compression schemes. This isespecially helpful in calling the timeline APIs and gettingfriends and followers list of a popular twitter user. Bydefault, the compression is turned off so you may needto turn it on. In C# it is done like this. 181 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 182. /// <summary> /// Turn on the compression /// </summary> /// <param name="req"></param> private static voidSetCompressionAuthHeader(HttpWebRequest req) {req.Headers.Add(HttpRequestHeader.AcceptEncoding,"gzip"); }User Agent HeaderUser Agent header in a request allows Twitter to knowthe requesting client. It is better you include this headerbecause Twitter has tighter rate limits for the requeststhat have this field absent. 182 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 183. Interesting Applications on TwitterWe browsed through the list of existing applications onTwitter and the total count stands at 438as of thiswriting. At another listing, applications using Twittermashups stands out to be 245.Note that this is not a list of popular or necessarilyuseful applications. Instead, these are the ones with themost original and innovative ideas that help you build orsharpen your own. And needless to say, this list is notcomprehensive; it’s just a list of twenty great toolsprepared by our exhaustive search.LazyTweet (http://www.lazytweet.com/)LazyTweet helps you find answers to your questions. Touse their service, just post a tweet with your question,but append #lazytweet or @lazytweet. If you didn’t getanswer from any of your followers, you might fromlazytweet because the tweet that you posted is kept intheir site for more exposure. Someone might eventuallyanswer your question, which will be forwarded to you.This gives an added chance of getting an answer by 183 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 184. exposing questions beyond your followers.Twitter Trend Visualizer (http://r8ar.com/)This tool uses APIs of Twitter and Flickr. To use itappend ?t=[twitter-tag]&f=[flickr-tag] tohttp://r8ar.com. This has a lovely visualization.Sad Statements (http://sadstatements.com/)This is another visualization tool utilizing Twitter andFlickr. It grabs the sad statements made in Twitter andillustrated via pictures from Flickr. To use it, click anyword in the tag cloud of the main site.Second Thought(http://api-exploration.net/mashups/secondthought/)This is yet another visualization tool using Flickr, Twitterand Summize APIs. 184 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 185. BuyLater (http://www.buylatr.com/)BuyLater works like your Amazon assistant. This Firefoxextension tracks for your items in Amazon keeping youupdated about their availability in stocks and any pricedrops. You’ll definitely like it if you are an Amazon user.All of these notifications are sent to you by Twitter.BuzzInUSA(http://www.buzzinusa.com/)BuzzInUSA tracks the currently popular topics circulatingin the social and news media. The results displayed arepretty relevant though the interface is not appealing.Legistalker (http://legistalker.org/)This nicely designed web application displays the latestonline activity of US Congress Members includingmentions in the news and activity in the legislator’sTwitter feed and YouTube channel. 185 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 186. List Of Tweets (http://listoftweets.com/)This is a great tool for the HTML developers. You canselect a few recent tweets from search results, reorderthem by dragging around and get back HTML or textresults suitable for cut-and-paste.SpyTickr (http://spy.appspot.com/)SpyTickr crawls on Twitter, Flickr, Photobucket,del.icio.us, LinkedIn, Jaiku and YouTube in realtime. Youspy for a keyword, and it presents you with a list ofresults, giving you a fair idea about what people aretalking about it.The Longest Poem in the World(http://www.longestpoemintheworld.com/)“The Longest Poem in the World” is composed byaggregating real-time public Twitter updates andselecting those that rhyme. This is a very funny andaddictive web application. 186 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 187. TweetyPants (http://tweetypants.com/)This is a tool made for fun. In the site you can at oncefind out you (or your friends’) Style, Sizzle and Smartsstatistics. Quite Addictive. It uses the QueryPath PHPlibrary.Twitree (http://twitree.com/)This tool allows you to visually see your twitterfollowers in a tree.TwiTV (http://genstart.dk/twitv/)TwiTV uses YouTube and Twitter APIs to show you whatTwitter users say they are currently viewing.TwitterTopTwenty.com(http://twittertoptwenty.com/)It shows you a top 20 list of stats, users and trends 187 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 188. floating in Twitter.TweetBuzzer (http://tweetbuzzer.com/) TweetBuzzer lets you track the brand buzz on Twitter.You can see the top tweeted brands in a 24 hour, 7-day,or 30-day period. You can also track your favorite brand,see the percentage change over time in tweets andimpressions, and submit a brand to be tracked.Filetwt (http://www.filetwt.com/)Filetwt brings the much needed file sharing to twitter.You can publicly tweet your files in Twitter stream orprivately as direct messages.twitRobot (http://twitrobot.com/)This funny tool allows you to send tweets using upsidedown messages like this “ƃsɯ pǝddılɟ”.TXTbin (http://txtb.in/)Using TXTbin you can tweet more than 140 characters.It uses an automatic uri shortener and sends the short 188 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 189. uri as tweet. Clicking on this link will show the fullmessage.NutshellMail (https://nutshellmail.com/)NutshellMail integrates you Email inbox with twitter.Using your email, you can do anything as if you areusing twitter. You can Store Twitter Search Keywords,Track New Followers and Quitters, and Send Tweets,Direct Messages, Retweets, @Reply all through youremail. Great!TwitterContd (http://www.twittercontd.com/)TwitterContd is another great idea which allows you totype more than 140 characters and display the entirestatus on your twitter page. No, it doesn’t use any urlshortener like TXTbin. What it does is, it sends a flood oftweets by breaking your original message in chunks of140 (twitter limit).References:http://kottke.org/07/05/growth-of-twitter-vs-bloggerhttp://waxy.org/2007/03/tracking_twitte/http://www.twistimage.com/blog/archives/the-rapid-growth-of-twitter-wi 189 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
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  • 191. Website: http://www.webanalyticsworld.nethttp://www.jasrainc.com/Twitter Handle: http://twitter.com/waworldBhupendra Khanal, Chief Executive Officer, InRev SystemsBhupendra is a thought leader and a passionate analyst. Heviews Business Analytics as a major functional department inall companies in the line of HR, Marketing or IT.He has significant experience in Analytic Consulting fromdifferent sectors like Marketing and Branding, RiskManagement, Collections, Human Resources etc.Website: http://www.bhups.net/http://globalthoughtz.com/Twitter Handle: http://twitter.com/leplanDeep Sherchan, Chief Marketing Officer, InRev SystemsDeep is an enthusiastic and visionary entrepreneur.Currently, he is involved in development of the social mediamanagement platform – Buzzom.com and regularly blogs onsocial and technological news at globalthoughtz.com.Website: http://globalthoughtz.com/Twitter Handle: http://twitter.com/bexdeep 191 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com
  • 192. Binit Thapa, Chief Software Architect, InRev SystemsBinit has industry experience in scripting tools, Linux andUnix development environment, SOAP/XML and data storagetechnologies. He likes exploring tools that crawl through theweb and build up large data cache. InRev has long term plansto build products in these lines.Twitter Handle: http://twitter.com/bthapaSweta Sharma, Chief Operating Officer, InRev SystemsSweta is a business enthusiast and a visionary entrepreneur.She has rich experience in the field of analytics consulting dbusiness development. She believes in combining statisticalconcepts to business requirements and this, according to her,would bring a revolution in theInformation industry.Website: http://globalthoughtz.com/Twitter Handle: http://twitter.com/sweta6 192 | P a g e© InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd 2010 | www.in-rev.com | Email: Contact@in-rev.com