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Presentation tec integration

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  • Good morning, my name is Rebecca Mcfadyen, I am the Curriculum ICT Coordinator at Derby DHS, I was invited here today to essentially SHOW OFF! I have been teaching at Derby now for 8 years, the last three as a ICT Coordinator. My vision for ICT at Derby is: I was fortunate to be asked to teach the schools upper primary extension programme in semester 2 last year, it was during this time that I developed an online Wikispace on Global Warming and Climate Change. This project proved very successful and so I was asked to take the group again this year.


  • 1. School Vision ICT
    • That the school educates to enable students to become skilled, knowledgeable, independent, and self-directed learners who are comfortable with and proficient in using technology in all its forms as information resources.
    • Through the integration of technology, with its varied aspects and applications, each student at DDHS will be given opportunities and challenges that will allow them to successfully engage in the future.
  • 2. Technology Integration Project
    • Outcomes:
    • Society and Environment: Investigation, Communication and Participation Level 3 - Plans an investigation by devising questions, identifying and using information from more than one source; and makes inferences from the information collected in order to justify personal decisions.
    • Technology and Enterprise: Information Level 3 - Understands that information has meaning when it is developed for a purpose and relates this understanding to the selection and use of various techniques to gather, send, receive, store and transmit information and create information products.
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  • 5. Stage 1- investigate /consolidate
  • 6. Assessment – Power Point
  • 7. Stage 2-Movie making
    • Write script/storyboard
    • Create sets/characters
    • Film
    • Use Movie Maker to construct film- ICT skills
    • Learning Objects- Lights, Camera, Action.
    • Skills- Collaboration; co-operation; critical thinking; problem solving; values- copyright; critical literacy-consider audience, purpose, genre.
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  • 9. Learning Objects Critical multi-literacies These learning objects focus on encouraging students to question, investigate, deconstruct and reconstruct meanings in new digital literacies. Lights, camera, action series (Years 5–9)
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  • 13. Assessment
    • Peer assessment-critical friend
    • Self assessment using rubric-reflection
    • Justification of self assessment by teacher conference.
    • Secret ballot to choose films to be entered into competition.
  • 14. Movie -Rubric