CIARIS beta testing - phase 1

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First step in beta testing CIARIS community.

First step in beta testing CIARIS community.

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  • 1.
    • Beta-testing
    • Thank you for your feedback.
    Please give us your feedback in [email_address] ... Or to [email_address]
  • 2. Choice of technology
    • The new CIARIS site has as its foundation the content developed in the old CIARIS site. At the same time it incorporates the social networking philosophy of current technology developments.
    • Our online space aims to use the potential of new technologies to bring together people from different parts of the world who share in the endeavour to combat social exclusion, as well as helping them to stay in touch with the themes and information about social exclusion, and in different languages.
    • Originally we were going to adapt an existing technology to create the new CIARIS site. However, as we did not find one that addressed our specific multilingual needs, that combined both new social software principles with the need to promote content, and that had an easy-to-use, instinctive user interface, we have created the system from scratch. For people interested in web development we are using Ruby on Rails:
  • 3. The aim of this point show is to help you get and overview of the CIARIS community site before you explore it. However, there is no substitute for “clicking about” and experimenting. Please experiment and give us your feedback. This is the beta version, which means that it is under development and changes are happening everyday on the site.
  • 4. This is main CIARIS page i.e. We continued with the idea of the old CIARIS site to have different colours for different parts of the site. So every page in the library will be the brown theme. In community the theme is green. This entire beta site is in English. When this site is finalised, it will be mirrored in Portuguese. On every page you will be able to select/switch to the language you want.
  • 5. This is the navigation of the current beta site. The site is divided in two. One is Community and the other is Library . The Library is still under construction. Community consists of three elements: workspaces , people , personal blogs . These are directories of the three elements of community. There will be “n” numbers of workspaces. Each workspace will have a group blog, a place for uploading workspace files, and links/fotos of the people participating In the workspace. There will also be a button for uploading documents created in the workspace to the Library.
  • 6.
    • You are not testing the library of the CIARIS site (yet).
    • However, for your information, in the library there will be three
    • Sections in the library:
    • CIARIS produced resources: Guide for action, Concepts
    • and Strategies, Social Assistance, L.E.D.
    • Resources that are produced/authorised by the ILO.
    • Resources shared or produced by CIARIS members
    • (possibly from their workspace).
  • 7. This is a widgit that stays with you across the site. It helps you navigate through your personal spaces, the entire site and the particular page you are on. This is the Community Dashboard , with an overview of Workspaces , People and Blogs . You can see the last people who were on the site; the latest blog posts and the latest updated workspaces.
  • 8. All the workspaces in CIARIS, with a one description of each one. You will be able to list them alphabetically or in date order. In the right column will be the latest workspace and a seductive button which says: “ Create a workspace”. Navigation through your own and all workspaces.
  • 9. You will be able to order these names alphabetically,or according to country Click on a tag and it takes you to someone whose profile is tagged with this label. In the right column will be “latest members” And a button “Become a member”.
  • 10. From someone’s Personal Profile I can choose to add them to “My Friends” by clicking here. At any time I can easily take someone off “My Friends”. My Friends list is like a private directory of the people I know in the CIARIS network.
  • 11. All the blogs, which you will be able to order alphabetically or in order of date created. There will also be a tag cloud widgit. Click on a tag and it will take you to the blogs that have this tag.
  • 12. This is how your blog appears. It has a simple interface and it is easy to write a new post from this page. Click here to write a new post
  • 13. When you comment on someone’s blog, your photo appears next to the comment. I tagged Magda’s comment with “life”. I will always be able to find this post - and others that I have tagged with “life” - when I click on “life” in my tag cloud.
  • 14. Composing a blog post - WYSIWYG
  • 15.
    • In the people directory you can see
    • the people in the CIARIS network.
    • Click on their name to read their profile.
    • Click on the country to findother CIARIS
    • members from that country.
    Click on a tag and you will find all the people who used this key word to describe their experience or expertise, It helps you to locate someone with the expertise you are looking for. Search for people by country.
  • 16. This is your Personal Dashboard that you got to from your widgit. It is a summary of all your participation across the site. Only you can Access your dashboard.
  • 17. This is how your profile looks to someone else, depending on how much of their information they have made public. At the minimum you have to show your name and country.
  • 18. This is where you arrive when you click on “ Edit Profile ”. You will be able to choose which of this information appears on your public profile. The keywords you put here in your profile will appear in a “tag cloud” on the People Directory. This will make it easier for people to locate People with specific interests and expertise in the CIARIS network.
  • 19. Phase 1 beta-site questions
    • How fast or slow do you find the page download?
    • Do you like the colours? Do they invite you to stay or make you want to leave? Perhaps you feel neutral about them?
    • Is the functionality of the site intuitive? Or is it difficult? What suggestions do you have?
    • What type of learning conversations or training could help you to use the site better?