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2011  itr-workshop
2011  itr-workshop
2011  itr-workshop
2011  itr-workshop
2011  itr-workshop
2011  itr-workshop
2011  itr-workshop
2011  itr-workshop
2011  itr-workshop
2011  itr-workshop
2011  itr-workshop
2011  itr-workshop
2011  itr-workshop
2011  itr-workshop
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2011 itr-workshop


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  • Prepare YOURSELF: Get acquainted with region-specific health/safety concernsMalaria… water… cell phone coverage… crimes… civil unrest…Prepare students pre-departureConsult health care providerRegister with State Department & International SOS
  • Transcript

      “Traveling is a brutality. It forces you to trust strangers and to lose sight of all that familiar comfort of home and friends. You are constantly off balance. Nothing is yours except the essential things – air, sleep, dreams, the sea, the sky – all things tending towards the eternal or what we imagine of it.” – Cesare Pavese
    • 2. Pre-Departure Forms
      For Students participating in:
      International internships
      International practicum’s
      International research
      International service learning
      International volunteer work
      Follow this process:
    • 3. Forms in MY SAO
    • 4. Pre-Departure Forms
      For Students participating in:
      International travel with registered or sponsored student organizations
      International travel to meetings and conferences that are academically related
      Follow this process:
    • 5. STOP!
      If you will be traveling to a country on UT’s Restricted Regions List you MUST seek approval from UT’s International Oversight Committee (IOC) prior to travel.
    • 6. Health & Safety Abroad
      Let’s Focus on:
      Good Resources
      Preparing for an Emergency
      Responding to an Emergency
      Tips for Safe Travels
    • 7. Resources
      International SOS ID: 11BSGC000037)
      UT’s emergency assistance provider
      US State Department
      Find country-specific information
      US Center for Disease Control (CDC)
      Advice on vaccines, medications, etc.
      US Embassies & Consulates
      Connect with local Embassy
    • 8. International SOS
      UT System provides all students and faculty with access to International SOS, an international emergency assistance service. This is not insurance. Rather, it is a global 24-hour help line that will help you:
      locate hospitals or pharmacies
      identify English speaking health professionals
      request emergency medical assistance, including evacuation
      coordinate payment of medical services (if insurance provider cannot assist)
      Their website allows you to upload your travel itineraries and any pertinent health information so that doctors may access it internationally in the event of an emergency.
    • 9. Emergency Preparation
      Be knowledgeable –do all your research pre-departure
      Get acquainted with region-specific health/safety concerns
      Diseases or parasites
      Access to clean water
      Cell phone coverage
      Crime rates and trends –kidnapping, ATM scams, assaults, etc.
      Civil unrest…
      Distribute your emergency info to people at home
      ALWAYS carry info that will help YOU in the event of a crisis
      Rehearse what to do in an actual emergency situation –have an EMERGENCY ACTION PLAN
    • 10. Emergency Preparation, cont’d
      Suggested documents to bring with you:
      Copy of Passport and Visa
      Emergency Contact Info
      Copy of Insurance Card
      International SOS Card (available on SOS website)
      Copy of Home (and/or International) Drivers License
      Items to have with you at all times:
      Communication Device (mobile phone, PDA, calling card…)
      Funds (Local, USD, credit/debit card)
      First Aid Kit
    • 11. A Few Safety Tips
      Make Copies(Passport, license, credit cards numbers, etc)
      Keep a Low “American Profile”
      Tourists are often preyed upon –adapt to the culture
      Have Street Smarts
      Use the same logic you would at home
      Trust your instincts
      Move away from uncomfortable situations
      When in doubt, play it safe
      Never carry large amounts of cash on you. ATM cards are great for accessing cash abroad
      Learn the Laws of the Land
      You are subject to the laws and regulations of that country’s legal system
      If you are arrested, there is very little that UT or the US Embassy can do for you
    • 12. Emergency Action Plan
      STEP 1: Remain Calm - Remember, UT has resources to help you
      STEP 2: Assess the Situation - Is this a true emergency?
      STEP 3: Take Action - Assess the situation and decide whom tocontact for immediate assistance
      STEP 4: Get in Touch
      Update your local contacts
      International SOS & Health Insurance
      Can help coordinate medical response
      SOS will make contact with the UT
      STEP 5: Monitor Situation
    • 13. #1 Health/Safety Tip
      Focus on what you can control & prepare for what you can’t…
    • 14. ….and safe travels!
      Email us: