Getting your cause going.


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Some tips on getting your cause moving. If you are a voluntary organisation looking to promote a cause you need to follow some simple steps. Check out this presentation.

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Getting your cause going.

  1. 1. LISTENYou need to know what your target communityare discussing, what they are talking about andwhat they want to know. Set up a listeningpost, engage with the conversations and thenbegin to ask for support. People need to knowyou. Would you give to a complete stranger whodemanded money off you in the street. Thinkabout it.
  2. 2. Get your theme clear Make sure your cause is strong and can be defined within a simple sentence. Compare it to others. Simple and strong are the rules for your theme.
  3. 3. Call to action Again keep it clear and simple. Motivate people with clear steps on what they need to do. Inspire them, motivate them and help them by keeping it simple.
  4. 4. Add Love and support Turbo-charge your campaign by enlisting your supporters, your local community and stakeholders to share and spread the love. Use Social Media plug ins, link to other sites and websites, and virally spread the message.
  5. 5. Enlist your closestsupporters Using your listening post, get the key influencers to support your cause. Establish a conversation with them and engage with them. Create rapport. Check the lists that are focused on your cause through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.
  6. 6. Make it immediate Use Headlines. Use current events to push your cause. Use conversations that people are engaged in and use deadlines. Set a date and stick to it, this prompts people to act and within a time scale.
  7. 7. Set clear goals Define what it is you want to achieve and how you will measure your achievements. You need to know how the campaign is doing so evaluate as you go along. Remember define goals, targets and milestones.
  8. 8. Tell a story Making an emotional connection is vital. Use video, photos, story telling to achieve the maximum impact. We want to feel and then we will give and support. Your cause has to connect to us at an emotional level.
  9. 9. Create a conversation Know where you will find your supporters. Engage with your current and potential supporters. You need to understand where they are listening. You will need a blog, website, social networking and others to ensure a wide response.
  10. 10. Mobile component We all have limited resources so use every platform open to you. Text people, get your social platforms mobile. Think of Text to Give and other fundraising campaigns on mobile phones.
  11. 11. Mini Actions Create smaller targets within your main campaign. People like to see progress. A contest, live chats, webinar, a way to keep in contact with people who are given or who may give. Follow up with these people. Once you have them do not lose them.
  12. 12. Create offline events Although you use online resources, do not forget to get your supporters to real time events. Get them into your organisation and make real relationships with them. Your ideal target is a deep connection and relationship with all your supporters.