15 ways of turning CSR strategy into business


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Since implementation is one of the most actual topics in the sustainability arena, Between-us has composed an infograph containing 15 tips on how to make it really work.

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15 ways of turning CSR strategy into business

  1. 1. WAYS OF TURNING CSR STRATEGY INTO BUSINESS Give the hammer and the nail to the same person 73% 57% of respondents indicate that claim it makes sustainability is a significant item part of their strategic on the CEO agenda but only planning process. Wrestle for the resources 62% 28% are committing R&D resources to sustainable products but only do the same. of the sustainability leaders of the non-sustainability leaders Create opportunities from challenges through change scenarios RENEWABLE ENERGY BY 2050 $230 BILLION Modernizing wasteful technology could save According to WWF Global cost of lighting per year is 60% Local engagement Checking on the neighbors The world is still 27% 99% 99% of all families in the Netherlands would like to have more contact with neighbors and local residents. Issue management Be brutally honest (again) about your materiality matrix local for of the people Plastic Soup is threatening $21 billion of economic value from marine ecosystems. Match your company issues with the relevant stakeholders interests Through meetings with stakeholders, GAP learned that brand demands for supplier flexibility such as changes in color or design elements, could have major repercussions for workplace practices. Getting the Board on board High sustainability companies outperform their low sustainability peers by 4,8% on the stock market Reinforce the business case for sustainability 37,9% Use rankings as a driver for senior management believe that the biggest threshold for implementing sustainability is the current financial situation. Be good and tell it: why do some countries outperform others in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index? Number of companies in the Dow Jones Sustainability Europe Index relative to their GDP (Top 5 only) 22,94 1 Switzerland 22,25 2 UK 16,74 3 Finland 16,13 4 Denmark 15,33 5 Netherlands Green Guerrilla Tap in to other sources of communication funds € 23,33 billion The total cash flow in the European sponsor industry is €23,33 billion. Less than 5% of that is aimed at social causes. Take your CSR messaging beyond annual reporting Annual report and CSR report are extremely favored as channels for communicating CSR. € 1,16 billion ANNUAL CSR 76,1% 47,8% In 2012 only Activate the social message through social media of the world’s most sustainable corporations have a dedicated social media channel for CSR. Commitment of employees through gamification Almost half of the German employees play games during working hours, with an average percentage at even 61% for CEOs and CFOs. 50% 61% of the German employees of the German CEOs & CFOs Leverage the War on Talent 18% Engage managers with business speak 17% In the Netherlands, 18% of males and 17% of females do not want to work for companies without a firm CSR policy. At GE 91% of the senior business executives feel that innovation can create a greener economy Sources: Between-us research, Club of Rome, GE, Harvard Business School, Intelligence Group, McKinsey Quarterly, MIT Sloan Management Review, SAM, SMI, The European Sponsorship Agency, Treemagotchi, Trendwatching.com, WWF. This infograph was produced by Between-us for its 15 year anniversary and designed by Studio Keukentafel. For more information on how to create shared value, please visit our website www.between-us.com