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Start small stay small



27 giugno - Worksh

27 giugno - Worksh



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Start small stay small Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Startups for the Rest of Us Based on Rob Wallings Book “Start Small, Stay Small” David N. Welton
  • 2. Its full of good advice
  • 3. Business Book Fluff Do... less!
  • 4. Friendly, Easy Kindle PublishingKindle Formatting/Conversion Service
  • 5. Who? You are a developer You dont want to/cant live in Silicon Valley You dont have investors lined up out your door You dont want to work 80 hour weeks
  • 6. Market FirstIs there a group of people willing to pay for it?
  • 7. Niche Markets Profitable for small businesses Uninteresting for Microsoft/Google/Valley startups Less risky, less exciting (no TechCrunch!) Stay far away from “the tech world”  “I could build that in a weekend!” Niche marketing is more cost effective
  • 8. The narrower you can make your product whilestill maintaining a large enough market, the more profit you will generate.
  • 9. Finding a Niche Make something your friends or relatives would pay to use Use search data to look for niches Is there a magazine dedicated to it? Is it easy to sell to everyone in the niche? Try a landing page and Adsense to gauge interest There is no magic formula
  • 10. As a self-funded startup you want a market that isalready looking for your product, even if it doesn’t exist.
  • 11. Price Competitors Time value for customers 3 tiers Higher!
  • 12. Some Numbers Hobby consumer products: $29 fixed-price or $14/month Consumer products - make or save money: $49 or $19/month Small businesses: $400 or $99/month Larger businesses: $1,000 or $199/month
  • 13. Marketing Search engines  Your niche should be an easy mark, if possible Mailing list Blog Adsense  Use with discretion Social networks are probably not as important
  • 14. Virtual Assistants Work on your business, not in your business Outsource what you can Philippines Odesk / eLance
  • 15. Every hour spent writing code is wasted time ifthat code could be replaced by a human being doing the same task until your product proves itself
  • 16. Built To Sell The market values profit and automation System should run itself – you should not be an integral part of it “Documenting repeatable processes for anything you will do more than once is essential to your sanity.”
  • 17. Resources