Better Life Beads Bracelet and Bead Detail


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Better Life Beads Bracelet and Bead Detail

  1. 1. The Beads The following pages will give you a detailed look at each bead, their icon and the daily goal it represents. The photos are actual hand-paintings we use as a guide in Haiti. (Each bead is individually painted, so they vary a bit in style and color. While hand-painting is much more time consuming and expensive than mechanical processes, we love the fact it makes each bracelet one of a kind.) With the photo, we included a description of the goal itself and a few ideas. Consider these simple “Thought-Starters”. The way you accomplish your goals may be much different. We hope you’ll share these with us in the “My Experiences” section here on facebook. The listing of the beads is in the same order as they are strung on each bracelet. This helps you use these pages as a guide as you start the program. The longer you work with the program, the more ideas you will create. These beads are painted in Haiti with the coordination of XXXXX XXXXX Ministry. The majority of each dollar created through bracelets sales goes directly to the artisans doing this wonderful work. By purchasing a bracelet, you’ve already changed a life for the better. This income can literally be the difference between the women being able to feed their family or going hungry. We appreciate the help provided and hope wonderful things come to your life as well.
  2. 2. Gratitude We encounter things every day to be grateful for. It’s easy to take them for granted and consider “expected” rather than gifts. Two incredibly powerful words are “Thank You”. Often, “Thanks” is said as a reflex rather than a sentiment. When it’s not an expression of emotion, you can feel the difference. Others can as well. Keep your eyes open for what makes your life a little richer. If it’s a person, look them in the eye and really thank them. If it’s something else, pass along a silent “Thank You” for having it in your life.       Teach A natural reaction watching a person stumble through a process we understand is impatience, especially if it inconveniences us. Think about it for a moment. Chances are someone walked through this same task with you. When you see a person struggling, recognize it as a wonderful opportunity to teach and makes another life better.
  3. 3. Think “Green” It’s obvious our planet isn’t feeling well. People also wonder what will be left for their children and grandchildren. If we do a few small things, it makes a huge difference. Recycle something today or pick up a wrapper and toss it in the garbage. Think how much better things would be if we carried a few things once in a while rather than always getting a plastic bag. If we improve “our corner”, a lot of corners will get healthier. Pinch a Penny A penny saved isn’t a penny earned…it’s a penny earned twice. Whether it’s passing up an item you don’t really need or taking a longer look at your bills than usual, do anything to make your dollars go a bit further.
  4. 4.   Show Someone You Love…Love Is there anything that makes you feel better than being loved? It’s as essential to our happiness as air, food and water are for our health. Feeling loved is great but showing love is equally important. There is a world of difference between yelling, “Love Ya” as you run out the door and taking that person by the hand to explain how much you really, really love them. There are many ways to show it. Take an interest in something important to them. Spend a few moments to really hear what’s going on in their life. Appreciate the challenges and fears they face. And tell them you are doing this because you love them so very much. Learn At what point in life do we know everything? Many people become “un-teachable” at one point in their lives and it’s sad to see. A day shouldn’t pass when we don’t pick up something new. It doesn’t have to be quantum physics. Learn a card trick, a bit about a hobby that looks interesting or explore a popular website you wouldn’t normally. There are many things we’ve been curious about but haven’t investigated. Any road you haven’t traveled is a great place to start.
  5. 5. Keep Anger in Check Anger destroys everything it touches. Getting mad doesn’t make traffic move faster, a stubborn person reasonable or a long line shorter. Anger only brings more misery to a tough situation. Take a breath, paste on a smile and watch the show other angry people provide instead.     Practice Kindness Random acts of kindness are talked about more often than practiced. Keep your eyes open for a person in need. Perhaps a couple of bucks or help with a door. At times, just a smile and kind word mean the world. Think of how you look and feel when it seems nothing can go your way and what a difference a little kindness could mean at those moments.
  6. 6. Honesty Tricky, Tricky, Tricky. First and foremost, be honest with yourself when selecting an acceptable goal. Whether it’s a whopper or a “little white lie”, we all do it. We know when we’re dishonest, many times before it leaves our mouths! Work on it and make progress. Don’t expect perfection in this area, just effort and steps in the right direction. Don’t move on until you can honestly say you are happy with your results. Meditate There are many forms of meditation. Spend time to explore the variety most attractive to you. Then find your place, your time and the manner of meditation you feel has promise. Choose your own path. Whether it’s 5 minutes or an hour - by yourself or in a crowd - in a quiet place or a noisy one. Give your mind and body a break. Being lost in something is far different than being lost.
  7. 7. Something Healthy Don’t panic! This isn’t about an extreme diet or insane fitness routine. Just find one, small thing you can do for the benefit of your health. Skip a donut, drink a little more water, take the stairs or get the amount of sleep you really need. It shouldn’t be drastic. Remember, small habits can yield big results.   Remember the Animals “The Greatness of a Nation and its Moral Progress can be Judged by the Way Animals are Treated.” (Attributed to Mohandas Gandhi) Imagine how empty the world would be without the beauty and joy animals provide. Toss a ball for a few minutes or throw out some stale bread. Perhaps you know a local shelter that could use a few old blankets. Make an effort to return the happiness and love animals give us all so freely.
  8. 8. *$%@#* “Language” *$%@#* Everyone has a personal definition of what “bad” language is and their own set of “bad” words. Using them shows a lack of respect for yourself and those around you. At times, we say them before we even think. Stopping a reflexive behavior isn’t easy. Choose one word or phrase you’d like to avoid and do your best to remove it from your vocabulary. If you slip, there’s always tomorrow.   Bad Habits We all have bad habits. Some are irritating and others actually threaten our lives. You know what yours are and probably avoid dealing with them. They just seem so overwhelming. No need for ridiculous promises. Do one thing that helps the cause. Don’t allow these behaviors to own you. Take any step to move them into your past rather than cementing them into your present. All habits aren’t bad. This program is about picking up good ones and slowly squeezing out the others.
  9. 9. Negativity Being part of the solution rather than the problem is easier said than done. Negativity erodes good ideas and relationships. Your outlook on the world determines what the world gives back. Pour your half-filled glass into a smaller one and fill it. Discover the hidden winners, just needing attention. If you see someone having a tough time, give them the support they need and provide encouragement. Consider why something could work rather than why it couldn’t. This attitude will bring amazing benefits. New Languages We live in the most diverse culture on the planet. No one expects fluency in 6 languages but wouldn’t it be great to know a few words and phrases? It’s fun while showing welcome and acceptance of those around us who may be from a different place. Surprise someone with a “Hello”, “Thank You” or “How Are You today?” in their tongue. You’ll be delighted with the response!
  10. 10.   Reach Out We all enjoy getting a card, call or email from a long lost friend or relative. It’s wonderful to know you are remembered and another person is thinking about you. Find a person from your past you’d enjoy connecting with again. Let them know you are thinking of them and they are indeed missed.   Neighbors We all live around people we don’t know well or rarely speak to. The practice of being “Neighborly” has become a lost art. Tell a neighbor about a car window left down, walk the newspaper to their door or ask if you can help with a chore. Being better acquainted with those around you leads to a more pleasurable life at home, less stress and enhanced security.
  11. 11. Forgiveness We often avoid the important act of reaching out to let someone know we sincerely regret something we’ve said or done. We hope for a positive response but the therapeutic benefit is being rid of bad feelings and resentments. We all have people we owe an apology to. Some circumstances are simple and others more complex. Start slowly with less volatile situations and clear the air. You will be amazed how great it feels. Get these nagging things off of your back…and mind.   Rest – Reflect – Repeat Congratulations! You’ve made an enormous effort to change many areas of your life for the better. This brings more happiness to you and those you care about. You may have picked up a few great habits already. It shouldn’t have been tough and that’s the secret of Better Life Beads. Consider the additional ways you can make life even more enjoyable. Then, do it all again! I hope this is a path you never want to stop walking and continue to make life better and better and better.
  12. 12. Tell Someone About Your Beads You may have noticed many people who are curious about your beads. They are very unique after all. Don’t be shy! Working to become a better person is a thing to be proud of and shared with others. Find someone who may want to take the same steps you have and tell them about your experience. The only thing better than making our lives better is helping someone else to achieve that once elusive goal as well!
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