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Do we need one more Kanban tool for building Software ?

Do we need one more Kanban tool for building Software ?



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Ib slidedeck Ib slidedeck Presentation Transcript

  • I have been practicing couple of simpleprinciples in the way I develop software.• Do not bite more than what you can chew. (IOW: Keep your Sprints small)• The Value of what you are developing should be measurable and must be measured. (IOW: Business Value is most important UoM for any software)• Work under development should be visible; and that should be the only version of truth. (IOW: A simple Kanban Board can make wonders)What follows is based on my tinkering so far.
  • This is the way software should be built.
  • iteratively & effectivelyThis is the way software should be built^.
  • Every software is built for Market Needs.Market needs which are validated and onwhich the Product Owner is betting thesuccess of Product.
  • Typically a Market Need would expand tomultiple User Stories.
  • It is well accepted practice for developers tothink User Story as an actionable task.
  • But it is fundamentally wrong to schedule aUser Story in a Sprint.For that matter in any Sprint.
  • In fact measuring the scope of a User Story itself isfundamentally wrong. It does not matter whetherwe measure in Days, Hours or Story Points.All methods are equally wrong.
  • Gauging the scope of a User Story isroot cause of many blunders in workscheduling & shipping.
  • A User Story is invariably an expandingphenomenon. Number of Acceptance Criteriafor a User Story keeps on growing over time.And all are not equal in Business Value points.
  • It is not a must that all Acceptance Criteria of aUser Story should be done in one Sprint.In fact it is far smarter way to tackle aUser Story thru multiple Sprints.
  • That is what MMF principle is all about.Functionality that is absolutely basic requirement of a User Story.Something which adds more power & punch to the User Story.Something which makes the User Story very simple & elegant to use.
  • And these Acceptance Criteria keep growingon & on & on.
  • islanBRIDGE works on the premise that a set ofAcceptance Criteria form a Sprint.User Stories do not form a Sprint.
  • Which Acceptance Criteria (from the backlog)should form your next Sprint ?Sometimes this is a business priority decision;Sometimes a decision driven by dependency.
  • islandBRIDGE encourages you to adoptplan by RoI.Each Acceptance Criteria has ‘effort required’ and the‘Business Value’ it will generate; & hence the RoI.
  • Business Value is quite accurate anddispassionate way of measuring the progressof a software.Required v/s Developed v/s Shipped
  • Dashboard can highlight the broken ValueFlow.Like in this case lot of Business Value is builtbut not yet shipped.
  • Kanban board is a dead simple way to bring invisibility and ensure single version of truth.The place where a Sticky Note can be just dragged tonext stage when work of that stage is done.
  • Each Work Item is denoted by a Sticky Note.islandBRIDGE believes that any Work Item on this planet is• either an Acceptance Criteria• or a Bug Fix
  • LEAN philosophy strongly encourages you tolimit the “Work in Progress”.Limiting the WIP is of paramount importanceto avoid chaotic mass of half baked code.
  • Kanban board provides indicators formonitoring the amount of Work in Progress ina specific stage.
  • It monitors whether the Work in a stage is• Too less• Too much• at Healthy level
  • Kanban Board in islandBRIDGE offers 3 levelsof abstraction.This is Kanban Board for work-items.It is as simple as a physical board, but works fine for teams distributedacross the continents as well.
  • Kanban Board in islandBRIDGE offers 3 levelsof abstraction.This is Kanban Board for Sprints.
  • Kanban Board in islandBRIDGE offers 3 levelsof abstraction.This is Kanban Board for Sprints. Single click can providegist of the Sprint thru Burndown Chart & Test Cases executed.
  • Kanban Board in islandBRIDGE offers 3 levelsof abstraction.This is Kanban Board for Releases.
  • In Software Engineering it is very commonpractice to assign a work-item to a resource.So much so that it has become the de facto practice;Even considered as sacrosanct practice.
  • This work-item has no Resource Assigned Yet This work-item has a Resource AssignedislandBRIDGE believes that a work-item• Can be assigned to a resource (ideal when co-ordination is critical).• Can be picked by a resource (ideal when self initiative is welcome).What really matters is, it should be clear to all, whethersomeone has become responsible for a specific work-item.
  • Assigning a work-item to a resource is straight.(Typically done by Dev Lead)Pulling a work-item in ToDo list of self is alsoequally simple.
  • Building a Software for complex business needis like knitting wool to create floral designs.The inter-dependency among components is very critical.Lack of understanding can create crashing results.
  • islandBRIDGE encourages & allows easy wayto create Impact Analysis maps amongcomponents & modules.
  • Set of Impact Analysis maps is visual ReadyReckoner of a software system and it addsimmense clarity for developers.An Impact Analysis map can be linked to any work-item.
  • islandBRIDGE is built for Collaboration.A team member can add a comment for a context.If a team member requests your inputs on a comment,islandBRIDGE gives you intimation here.
  • LEAN methodology encourages you to firm up your hypotheses early,get them validated, and always keep them on radar to revisit them.islandBRIDGE facilitates you to do this in a structured manner.Here is the Elevator Pitch of islandBRIDGE.BTW islandBRIDGE is iteratively built using islandBRIDGE itself.
  • Want to try out islandBRIDGE ? Get in touch … bitbybetterbit@gmail.com