Children and Digital Media
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Children and Digital Media






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Children and Digital Media Children and Digital Media Presentation Transcript

  • h"p://  
  • h"p://    
  • h"p://  
  • hnology and digital media is spreading at a very young age,90 percent of parents said that their children younger than 2consumed some form of electronic media.“h"p://
  • h"p://  h"p://  
  • But the dangers of child development lies aheadh"p://  
  • Once  theyre  on,  theyre  addicted  h"p://  
  • too much consumptionof social media can takeaway their childhoodinnocenceh"p://  
  • h"p://  
  • “During the past 20 years there has been adramatic increase in obesity in the United StatesMore than one-third of U.S. adults (35.7%)are obese”“7- to 11-year-olds television and computer use is linkedto a significantly increased risk to being overweight or obese”h"p://  
  • h"p://  
  • Losing connection wth family members when theyre all caught up indigital media“If people spend too muchtime with one technology,and less time interactingwith people like parentsat the dinner table,that could thedevelopment of certaindevelopment of certaincommunications skills.”h"p://­‐silent-­‐side/2620572503/sizes/z/in/photostream/  
  • soon, their knowledge of communication skillswill be like “unutilized body parts going to waste due to lackof use, much like unused machine parts that become rusty.”h"p://  
  • can  risk  the  chance  of  meeting  a  new  friendh"p://  
  • Technology has become a part of their lives,consuming their attention, eating their brains away..h"p://  
  • kids are becoming zomified due to the hours theyspend on digital media.h"p://  
  • h"p://  
  • h"p://  
  • They only know whats on their screen, but do they know what kind of information that they’re presenting to the world“these days, the diary has been replaced by a public message board that cant necessarily be erased.”h"p://  
  • “If you don’t teach your children to be alone, they’ll only know how to belonely.”h"p://  
  • There are no more coloring pages, they have all havebeen replaced with tablets and electronic games toentertain kidsh"p://    
  • if you still think digital technology is great for your kids , think again...h"p://  
  • technology is consuming childrens’ livesand ruining a crucial stage for devloping social skills,learning how to be active, and for consuming knowledgeh"p://  
  • sources  •  h"p://­‐what-­‐does-­‐a-­‐tablet-­‐do-­‐to-­‐the-­‐childs-­‐mind/  •  h"p://­‐content/uploads/2012/07/jgcc_ebooks_quickreport.pdf  •     •  h"p://­‐computer-­‐factor-­‐growing-­‐obesity-­‐6780430.html?cat=5  •     •  h"p://­‐fitness/t/spending-­‐technology-­‐equals-­‐more-­‐obesity-­‐study-­‐shows/#.UZehSSs6VF8  •     •  h"p://­‐obesity-­‐children-­‐technology/    •  h"p://    •  h"p://­‐facebook-­‐members-­‐75-­‐million-­‐users-­‐age-­‐13/story?id=13565619  •  h"p://­‐touch-­‐screen-­‐generaMon/309250/  
  • Image  sources      •  h"p://­‐silent-­‐side/2620572503/sizes/z/in/photostream/  •     •  h"p://  •     •  ,  h"p://    •     •  h"p://  •       •  h"p://  •     •  h"p://  •     •  h"p://  •     •  h"p://  •  ,  h"p://  •  h"p://  •     •   ,  h"p://  
  • •     •  ,  h"p://  •     •  ,  h"p://  •     •  ,  h"p://  •     •  ,  h"p://  •     •  ,  h"p://  •     •   h"p://  •  ,  h"p://  •     •  h"p://    •     •  h"p://  •     •  h"p://  •     •  ,  h"p://    •     •   h"p://  •