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Betsy Tyurin's Marketing Portfolio
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Betsy Tyurin's Marketing Portfolio


Published on

Betsy Elaine Tyurin is a marketing professional with experience in designing interactive trade show presentations, print marketing, and web, email and social media marketing materials.

Betsy Elaine Tyurin is a marketing professional with experience in designing interactive trade show presentations, print marketing, and web, email and social media marketing materials.

Published in: Business, Design
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  • 1. bETSY ELAINE tYURIn Marketing Portfolio 2014
  • 2. Marketing Report Summer 2013
  • 3. Email Marketing May 22, 2013 SMG Children’s Summer Series Presents: Charlotte’s Web Distributed to database of 346,000 Subscribers.
  • 4. Email Marketing May 29, 2013 Cock-a-doodle-doo come see Chicken Run at the Aquafina Children’s Summer Series. Distributed to database of 346,000 Subscribers.
  • 5. Email Marketing June 3, 2013 The Big Red Dog is Back at the Aquafina Children’s Summer Series. Distributed to database of 346,000 Subscribers.
  • 6. Email Marketing June 10, 2013 Gather your minions to see the original Despicable Me before the sequel comes out. Distributed to database of 346,000 Subscribers.
  • 7. Email Marketing June 20, 2013 Follow That SMG Distributed to database of 346,000 Subscribers.
  • 8. Email Marketing July 3, 2013 Aquafina Summer Series and the Muppets Take Manhattan Distributed to database of 346,000 Subscribers.
  • 9. Screenvision Exposure •  12 eaters •  107 Screens •  15,697 Seats •  16 weeks •  Approximately 2M general attendance exposed to slide impressions •  X3 Slides viewed per visit = 6M impressions •  $ Value of same ad run if purchased from Screenvision i/o SMG = $53,600
  • 10. Apple TV Exposure •  12 eaters •  16 Weeks •  Approximately 2M general attendance exposed to slide impressions •  X3 Slides viewed per visit = 6M impressions •  Exposure not available for sale.
  • 11. Posters •  Day Cares •  Schools •  Libraries •  Churches
  • 12. Facebook Campaigns
  • 13. PLANO   COPPERFIELD   ARLINGTON   LEWISVILLE   ROYAL   CITY  CENTRE   HOLCOMB   SCOTTSDALE   WHEATON   SPRING  VALLEY   DULUTH   EPICENTRE   TOTALS   CHARLOTTE'S  WEB   289   275   409   277   396   440   527   366   294   213   277   348   4111   CHICKEN  RUN   154   214   311   137   316   210   528   214       177   249   164   2674   CLIFFORD'S  REALLY  BIG  MOVIE   334   445   686   298   391   478   811   315   243   173   289   175   4638   DESPICABLE  ME   538   707   1089   345   548   808   1109   382   383   305   470   365   7049   HOW  TO  TRAIN  YOUR  DRAGON   349   388   415   223   387   372   550   189   357   224   330   360   4144   MUPPETS  TAKE  MANHATTAN   226   305   387   173   389   413   464   172   231   158   251   322   3491   OPEN  SEASON   234   215   359   177   370   333   412   65   116   114   190   285   2870   FOLLOW  THAT  BIRD   221   198   343   164   421   259   358   118   195   134   133   327   2871   SHREK   200   246   360   182   393   423   367   163   301   107   155   248   3145   THE  LORAX   190   429   390   200   313   380   698   135   255   171   339   335   3835   VEGGIE  TALES   362   276   426   285   505   371   384   135   273   187   88   251   3543   TOTALS   3097   3698   5175   2461   4429   4487   6208   2254   2648   1963   2771   3180   42371   A Refreshing Summer with Aquafina was had by all at Studio Movie Grill… 2013 SMG AQUAFINA CHILDRENS SUMMER SERIES ATTENDANCE
  • 14. Attendees by State Texas Georgia North Carolina Illinois A1endees  by  Metro   Atlanta,  GA   CharloLe,  NC   Chicago,  IL   Dallas,  TX   Houston,  TX   ScoLsdale,  AZ  
  • 16. Summary of Marketing Exposure •  11 Weeks •  5 Screenings/week = 55 screenings per location •  X 12 locations = 660 screenings total •  42,371 Attendees •  6 emails x distribution to 346,000 subscribers = 2,076,000 emails •  11 Facebook posts •  394,914 impressions •  613 likes •  259 shares •  30 comments •  3 Screenvision slides •  Exposure to 2M regular attendance •  X 3 slides viewed per visit = 6M impressions •  Approximate retail value of ad space: $53,600 •  Apple TV Exposure •  Exposure to 2M regular attendance •  X3 Slides viewed per visit =6M impressions •  Exposure not available for sale. •  4 Poster versions distributed •  Schools •  Churches •  Libraries •  Daycares
  • 17.   April 2013
  • 18. Studio Movie Grill Takes On Pound Puppies: Mission Adoption with Local Rescues   Dallas,  TX  –  April  8,  2013;  Studio  Movie  Grill  continues  with  its  hit   SMG  Toons  Series  with  April  screenings  of  Pound  Puppies:    Mission   Adoption,  weekends  at  11am.    Encouraged  by  last  month’s   enthusiasm  for  Bring  Your  Own  Barbie  Day,  SMG  has  taken  Mission   Adoption  one  step  further  and  has  reached  out  to  local  rescues  to   help  live  puppies  find  homes.     Saturday,  April  20,  select  SMG  locations  have  partnered  with  local   dog  rescues  and  will  be  hosting  an  adoption  day  in  front  of  the   theater  and  collecting  donations  of  puppy  chow  and  other  pet   supplies.    While  supplies  last,  SMG  is  offering  movie  passes  and   copies  of  the  DVD  for  Pound  Puppies:    Mission  Adoption  provided   by  Shout  Factory!  as  incentives  for  patrons  who  adopt  a  pet  or   donate  at  the  event.     Each  participating  location  has  a  selected  animal  rescue  with   volunteers  who  will  come  on  site  in  front  of  the  theaters  to  show   puppies  in  need  of  homes  and  collect  donations  of  pet  food  and   supplies.   Pound  Puppies:    Mission  Adoption  will  be  playing  every  weekend   in  April  at  11am  at  most  SMG  locations.    Tickets  are  $2.     Designated  rescues  at  participating  locations  include:   DALLAS METRO: • SMG  Plano  –  Texas  Little  Cuties   • SMG  Spring  Valley  –  Take  Me  Home  Pet  Rescue   • SMG  Royal  –  Furgotten  Friends   • SMG  Lewisville  –  A  Different  Breed   • SMG  Arlington  –  Shelter2Rescue  Coalition     HOUSTON METRO: • SMG  City  Centre  –  Pup  Squad   • SMG  Copperfield  –  English  Bulldog  Rescue     ATLANTA METRO: • SMG  Holcomb  Bridge  –  FurKids   SCOTTSDALE, AZ: • SMG  Scottsdale  –  Home  Fur  Good,  Saturday,  April  20   • SMG  Scottsdale  –  Forever  Loved  and  Poverty’s  Pets,  Sunday,   April  21   WHEATON, IL: • SMG  Wheaton  –  ARF-­‐Illinois Pound  Puppies:    Mission  Adoption  will  be  playing  every  weekend  in   April  at  11am  at  most  SMG  locations.    Tickets  are  $2.     ### FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT: Betsy  Tyurin    
  • 19. SMG Dallas Locations
  • 20.  “It’s  cool  how  all  the  things  from   our  own  childhood  memories  are   coming  back  for  our  own  children   to  experience  as  well.”   ~Brandi  Arivette   “We  got  two  dogs  adopted  and   two  more  who  people  are  very   interested  in…I  also  bought  a   burger  and  it  was  fantastic!!”   ~  Steven  Foster   President/Founder   DFW’s  Furgotten  Friends   “We  are  very  excited  to  partner   on  promoting  the  benefits  of   adopting  a  ‘pound  puppy!’”   ~  Michele  Borne   Adoption  Event  Coordinator   Take  Me  Home  Pet  Rescue  
  • 21.  
  • 22. SMG Houston Locations
  • 23. “I  love  this  collaboration  and   encourage  everyone  to  take   advantage  of  this  special  price   and  donate  as  well.    You  don’t   have  to  adopt-­‐  Just  donate.”   ~  Lori  Pace   A  Day  In  Motherhood   “So    hard  not  to  take  one  of  those   cute  bulldogs  home!”   ~DJ  Hochstetler   Manager   Studio  Movie  Grill,  Copperfield  
  • 24. SMG Holcomb Bridge
  • 25. SMG Wheaton
  • 26. SMG Scottsdale “We  are  very  happy,  on  behalf  of  our   rescue  pets,  to  have  this  opportunity  to  show   case  how  wonderfull  rescue  pet  are  and  what   great  companions  they  make!”   ~  Virginia  Martinez   Shelter  Director   Home  Fur  Good  Pet  Rescue  
  • 27.   • .11  SMG  Locations  played  Pound  Puppies:    Mission  Adoption   • 12  Dog  Rescues  collaborated  with  10  SMG  Theaters  to  hold  a   Mission  Adoption  event  with  live  puppies  available  to  be  adopted   on  April  20,  2013.   o Dog  Rescues  gave  out  30  Mission  Adoption  DVDs   § A  $300  Value   o SMG  Donated  600  movie  passes  to  patrons  who  adopted  a  dog   or  donated  to  the  rescues     § A  $6000  Value   o 3  puppies  were  confirmed  adopted  that  day.   • SMG  Scottsdale  had  such  demand  for  the  Mission  Adoption  live   puppy  adoption  event  they  added  an  extra  day!   • 233  patrons  watched  Pound  Puppies:    Mission  Adoption  on  the   live  adoption  day.  
  • 29.  
  • 31. Screenvision Promotion • 6 weeks x 101 screens • Estimated attendance = 750k • X 3 impressions per visit = 2.25M • Approximate retail value of ad space = $20,316
  • 32.
  • 33.
  • 34. Subject: We Caillou! Do you? Sent: September 3, 2013 Distribution: 322k subscibers
  • 35. Email Newsletter Summary • 14 newsletters • x322k subscribers • 4,508,000 emails sent
  • 36. Subject: SMG Toons presents a special gift from the creators of Caillou. Sent: September 18, 2013 Distribution: 324,066 Opens: 37,149 Clicks: 840 Open %: 11.5 Click %: 2.3
  • 37.
  • 38. 223,514 fans
  • 39. Marketing Summary • Screenvision: o 6 weeks x 101 screens o Estimated attendance = 750k o X 3 impressions per visit = 2.25M o Approximate retail value of ad space = $20,316 • Email Marketing: o Inclusion in SMG Newsletter x 14 § Distribution = 4.5M o Dedicated emails x 2 § Distribution = 644k § Opens = 37,149 § Clicks = 840 • Facebook: o Potential Audience = 223,514 o Impressions = 108.148 o Likes = 237 § Additional viral likes = 12 o Shares =56 § Additional viral comments = 6 o Comments = 47 § Additional viral shares = 22 o Clicks = 543
  • 41. ad written and designed for the 2012 Houston Apartment Association directory and buyers guide. featured as full page tab ad placed on the “About us” tab. featured as half page island ad in “general contracting” section.
  • 42. The Art of Curb Appeal BY BETSY ELAINE TYURIN Business Development Coordinator World Builders Inc. Creativity and personality are two important marketing features of any apartment community that can make or break the sale or retention of your tenant clientele. I know that my mother always told me that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but the truth is, when it comes to where we want to call home, we all do. As human beings, when we sign a contract to designate an apartment community to be our home, we want that home to reflect something about us - our personality, our sense of aesthetics, our perception of comfort and safety. As the world conforms to changes in technology and the way that information is delivered to us, our attention span is increasingly diminished. A first impression may be the only chance you have to make a prospective tenant interested in what you have to offer, so if your complex does not look good on the outside, it no longer matters if you have brand new energy efficient appliances because if there’s dog poo in the grass out in front of your property, your prospective tenant will never take the time look that far. So how do you get the attention of your future audience? The art is in the details. Based on your property’s location and current resident demographic, different aesthetic tastes will be apparent, but there are some basic design principles that you can use as a guide no matter what audience you are trying to reach. The properties shown here each cater to a very different target market. Santorini Apartments in Ft. Myers, Florida. CityScape Apartments in Dallas, Texas. Point at Deerfield Apartments in Plano, Texas. Keep it Clean. The visual appearance of straight lines sends the message to the eye that a structure is stable and well kept. Making repairs to rooflines and foundation to ensure that your buildings and structures are predominantly showing a 90 degree angle where they intersect with the ground can tap into the subconscious perception of stability and ca- pability of withstanding the impact of future damage that may be caused by weather, earthquakes, erosion and other variables beyond your control. Make Sense. People derive comfort from routines and patterns in their lives that they may not even be aware of. If your color scheme does not flow to an easily recognizeable pattern such as: all doors are this color; all trim is that col- or; all windows are this size, etc.; then it can come across as chaotic, even if the individual paint colors are flawlessly applied and look great on each individual surface. When repainting, staining, and landscaping your property, every color and detail should be chosen with a reason that compliments the big picture of the property as a whole. Because determining a reason certain aesthetic details go together is not always easy, many properties stick with basic safe color palates that are neutral. I’ve even witnessed some instances that tenants have com- plained when seeing new colors painted on their properties that were unexpected. A good color choice is one that evokes emotion, but is not jarring to the culture you’ve already created. Maintaining landscaping is also critical. Choose plants that thrive through all seasons, or be prepared to have a landscaper swap them out seasonally. Overgrown or apparently dead hedges, trees and flowers can make your property look run down, so maintaining these nice- ties is a must! Amen to Amenities! In an economic slump, maintaining amenities can be a property manager’s worst nightmare. The cozy hammocks that gave your complex the feel of an urban retreat can look inviting to homeless drifters. The TVs attached to your expensive fitness center machines can become attractive play toys for your residents’ children who’ve lost their cable TV luxury. Your residents might experience other residents sneaking laundry into the top loading machines they just paid for - yes, it has happend to me. This kind of abuse can cause these once nice ammenities to become unsafe, frustrating, and even scary. Keeping these areas well lit, maintained, secured and regu- larly monitored can help keep them an asset rather than a liability.☐ Disclaimer: Not all properties shown here were renovated by World Builders Inc. They are only aesthetic examples. uploaded to 11/15/2011
  • 43. “Without individuals feeling safe and having an environment of safety, they then have reluctance of taking part in the city, of being active. They wind up wanting to leave the city.” How to Develop the Infrastructure of a Safe Apartment Community BY BETSY ELAINE TYURIN Business Development Coordinator World Builders Inc. As an Angelino for 5 years, struggling to make my way through school at USC as one of the only students in attendance that was not supported by a voluptuous pile of “mommy and daddy money,” I found myself living in apartments in some of the worst neighborhoods of Los Angeles. Living alone as the first white woman on the block in South Central in a one bedroom directly across from a liquor store, and often being responsible for tens of thousands of dollars worth of cinema school equipment meant my apartment was a prime target for attempted break ins and vigilance was an abso- lute necessity. Later, in the Koreatown neighborhood, where I lived for the latter two years of my stint in the City of Angels, shootings and race related crimes were a regular occurrence. Riding the bus from the corner of Olympic and Alvarado to work at the Century City mall often meant walking exposed through the hood after dark past hookers and bums, and, on one embarrassing occasion, getting mistaken for one. Moving to Dallas has made me realize the huge differ- ence between a community that was built to withstand a high crime location and one that was in a once nice neighborhood that has digressed with the economy. Properties that were developed in bad neighborhoods from the beginning often offer better safety features than com- plexes originally built in nice neighborhoods. Some of these features, such as gated parking under the building with remote control access, cannot easily be replicated on existing structures, and others that can be, such as installing bars on the windows, can be a poor fit for the culture of the tenants you already have. Revamping the safety factor of your multifamily prop- erty can be a daunting and expensive prospect when crime has moved into your neighborhood, but with the recent economic decline, communities everywhere are seeing increases in break- ins, muggings, robberies and trespassing. - Dick Powell There are things you can do to make your property safer for residents, and doing them is increas- ingly critical for marketing and retention purposes. Good Lighting Is Critical. When a crime is easy to commit without the perpetrator getting seen or caught, it is more likely to occur. Make sure that you have good lighting installed in your parking lot, common areas, and walkways. Not only will this make your property more appealing in appearance to your current and future tenants, but it will make potential criminal acts more visible to anyone who happens to pass by these areas. Remove Visual Obstructions. Muggers and rapists tend to try to lure or catch their victims in secluded areas where they can easily be trapped and prevented from escaping or calling for help. Narrow walkways and overgrown hedges or small confined areas like laundry rooms or pubic bathrooms make unsuspecting tenants easy targets. These opportunities can be mitigated by ensur- ing that overgrown shrubbery is cut back to a height of three feet or less, or removed. For small enclosed rooms, make sure there are two exits so that someone in the room cannot as easily be trapped by someone blocking the door. Consider installing windows in these areas so there is a sightline to an open area. Get Social in Person and Online. Sure, you may keep a copy of a drivers license or a photo of your residents on file, but how often do you look at it? Positive interaction with your tenants builds good will and better communication and the knowledge of who belongs on your property and who doesn’t. Creating a closed Facebook group for your community can allow you to add your residents and re- strict the access of those who don’t belong, because you can use privacy settings that only allow people to find or join the group if they are invited by someone who is already a member. This is a great way to get your residents to know one another socially, and share infor- mation about things they see going on in your property that they might not otherwise be calling or emailing to report. You can also use a group to post documents Restrict Access to Nonresidents. Guests of residents should always be accom- panied by the resident. Unsupervised visitors to your property are often the perpetrators of crime, and their presence can devalue the ammenity experience your residents pay for when your fitness center or pool are overcrowded. Nonresident visitors not accompanied by a resident are more likely to damage the property, leave litter in common areas, and create nuisances like run- ning your public bathrooms out of toilet paper without notifying your management to replace it. In some instances, I’ve even witnessed homeless people sleep- ing and bathing in fitness centers and common areas like swimming pools or dog parks. This can become a resident perception nightmare. According to the Dallas Police Department, the best thing a tenant or member of management can do when an unaccompanied nonresident is identified is to call 911. The police can ask the nonresident for ID and issue a trespassing warning. If the nonresident leaves the property before the police arrive, there is nothing they can do, so officers recommend not directly engag- ing with the trespasser. First time violations will get a warning, and second offenses can be arrested. It is up to both residents and management to ensure that the property is not overly inviting to unwanted guests. ☐ email marketing content 9/15/2011
  • 44. Calling the Police: PR Nightmare or Liability Protection? BY BETSY ELAINE TYURIN Business Development Coordinator World Builders Inc. A police car pulls up outside your property with sirens blaring. Invariably a crowd of residents gather and begin speculating about what may be going on. Many property management companies provide tenants with information about these incidents via email or flyer to help control the conversation and reassure tenants of their safety or need to be vigilant, while others remain silent. The Questions to Consider: • How will gossip and speculation affect the resident experience if nothing is explained? • Will providing information about an incident that might have gone unnoticed create unnecessary panic? • Are my tenants or my staff at risk? • What safety measures can I provide if I don’t call the police? According to an article published in Multifam- ily Executive on October 19, 2009, studies have shown that sexual assault, and assault and battery are the two crimes most likely to result in premises liability lawsuits against multifamily property owners and managers. The best way to prevent these lawsuits from happening is to know how to utilize your property’s safety features and create a set protocol for your management for when and how to react when an unsafe situation comes to their attention. Security Cameras You may already have them installed, but how often is your staff actually checking them? New blue tooth technology allows residents and management the capability to see what the camera sees in real time via their computers or mobile phones. Is it time for an upgrade? Being able to personally see security footage can make your tenants feel safer and be more deterred from committing crimes against the property or other residents because they are aware that their own actions might be seen by others. Controlled Access Making your entries and exits to gates, am- menities and other common areas restricted to electronic key card access can allow you to know exactly who was in these parts of your property at any time. The microchip in the key card logs the name of the card holder and the exact date and time he or she used the card at each point of access. Noise Complaints Noise complaints are very common in apart- ment communities where tenants live in close proximity. They can be about inconsequential things like the jock who plays his stereo too loud, the girl who gets drunk and noisy at odd hours, but sometimes the noise can be related to serious concerns like rape or domestic violence. Often tenants will voice these complaints to management because if they address the situation directly, it could create an angry or retaliatory situation with someone that they are contractually obligated to live next to for the remainder of their leases. It is important to have your management team document all noise complaints with specific detail, such as if the noise was music versus someone yelling or fight- ing. Many incidents of rape and domestic violence go unreported because the victim is fearful of retaliation, and having the police investigate incidents in which noise com- plaints involved fighting can save the lives of victims who haven’t found their own voices. Having the police visit your property can be a red flag that something unsafe has happened, but if your man- agement provides appropriate communication with your residents, it can show your commitment to ensure a safe environment and mitigate some premises liability issues. The key is to control the way the information is presented, which means not staying silent, which allows for gossip. Alarms and Monitoring Services Installing alarms with monitoring for burglary/ fire/medical emergency services in each unit of your prop- erty can raise your property value, decrease your insurance rates, and make your residents feel safer. Multi-building property on an open site? Con- sider installing an emergency call box in the parking lot and other dangerous areas so that residents and staff can call for help even if they are caught without their cell phones. ☐ The statistics above were published by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation as a statistical representation of reported crimes over a period of time. More information is available at email marketing content 9/30/2011
  • 45. How to Get the Best Price and Value Out of Your Multifamily Renovation Bid BY BETSY ELAINE TYURIN Business Development Coordinator World Builders Inc. Expressions like “caveat emptor” and “you get what you pay for,” have only become more poignant with the fluctuations in economic stability our country has been facing since the latter part of 2009. As companies downsize, mechanize and restructure, it becomes harder and harder to tell the difference between the professional organization that is running slimmer and smarter versus the so-called “general contractor” that is merely a little guy with no overhead running his company out of the back of his truck. However, one thing that has not changed in the last decade, is the fact that choosing the wrong general contractor to work with can be disasterous. Sometimes the guy who gives you the lowest bid in order to get the job only does so because he plans to cut corners or blind side you with change orders once the job is already in progress and he can hold your property hostage in order to exact payment. And the last thing anyone wants are surprises. Here are some tips to help you sort through the chaos and find the right person or business, as well as get the best price for your renovation project: Develop a Solid Scope of Work for Your Contractor to Bid. Different people have different visions for the best way to handle a project, and therefore, different contractors will have different ideas about the approach they would take to working on your property. Therefore, if you don’t give the contractors bidding your contract a clear baseline standard of information you want them to provide, you cannot be sure that you are comparing apples to apples. By setting certain fixed variables such as paint technique or gutter size, you can get a better view into how the bids you are viewing compare. Don’t Be Afraid to Share. A lot of business people feel that showing your cards up front can be a poor negotiation tactic because if you say what you are willing to pay for, you will get just that and nothing more. However, one point to consider, is that if you don’t give your contractor a ballpark figure to aim for, you could be disqualifying a higher bid from someone that might have tried to meet your budget requirements had they known what to shoot for. You may also be able to negotiate a better deal by letting your contractor know different work items and trades you want to address over time as budget allows, and your contractor can help you plan the mose effective way to meet your overall objectives. The best contractors can even help you meet with your banker to explain why and how the investment will pay off. The price may very de- pending on whether you intend to contract one item at a time, or can make a commitment to a full scale project. Help Get it Right the First Time. A lot of the unpleasant surprises that happen in any construction project come from inaccurate measurements or oversight of the full amount of materials and labor a certain work item requires. If you can provide your contractor with site plans or blue prints that include such information as square footage and number of units, your estimator can compare these against his own measurements to decrease the margin of error. Think Outside the Project. Chances are, if you are a property manager or developer collecting bids for a single project, it might not be the only project or bid your company is working on. By looking at the bigger picture there are lots of ways you can save. Perhaps you want to bid a job for exterior paint, and your company’s maintenance team has a great pur- chasing relationship with a major paint supplier like Sher- win Williams because they routinely purchase paint for interior make-readys across fifteen properties. Consider using this supplier relationship to determine if you may get a better price on your exterior paint job by having your company order the exterior paint through this channel and asking your contractor to simply price out the labor for applying the materials you provide. Harness the Power of Relationships. In any business arrangement, people are motivated in large part by their perception of the ability of the business relationship to grow and be profitable to both parties. Even if you can’t confidently tell your contractor about the next up and coming project you have to work on, you can network your contractor into your circle of colleagues in the business. Helping each other build relationships in the industry leads to better production because your contrac- tor aspires to live up to your recommendation, and better prices because they know that your relationship is solid and they have reason to be loyal because future work will come down the road. Keep the Communication Flowing. One of the biggest things that separates the men from the boys in the construction industry is customer service. A good contractor will be able to respond and adapt to your changing needs in a timely manner. This doesn’t mean that they can read minds. If you perceive something in a project isn’t meeting your ex- pectations, contact the construction manager immediately. Often, the impulse is to just deal with the on-site superintendent on a project, but this person doesn’t always have the means or incentive to pass the information higher up, so calling the main office can help ensure your prob- lems are heard by someone who has their eyes on the big picture and can better solve your problems.☐
  • 46. World Builders Inc. 2011 3rd Quarter Email Campaign Report 1 Created by Betsy Elaine Tyurin 10/7/2011 Campaign Name Date/Time Sent Emails Sent Per Campaign Emails Delivered Per Campaign % Deliverable Unique Emails Opened % Opened Unique Clicks % Unique Click- Through Campaign Style Calling the Police - PR Nightmare or Liability Protection? 9/30/2011 16:44 673 94.8 107 16.8 8 1.3 news article with link to download How to Develop the Infrastructure of a Safe Apartment Community 9/15/2011 13:49 731 92.3 94 13.9 17 2.5 news article with link to download We're Back and Ready for Action! 9/7/2011 12:29 730 96.2 97 13.8 6 0.9 personal email Engagement Campaign 8/22/2011 14:27 58 87.9 9 17.6 1 2.0 teaser for cold contacts Engagement Campaign 8/2/2011 13:07 56 96.4 11 20.4 1 1.9 teaser for cold contacts Great Gazebo Giveaway 7/8/2011 13:03 549 98.9 59 10.9 4 0.7 incentive offer World Builders Gives You the Scoop on Managing Pet Friendly Multifamily Properties 6/30/2011 10:03 551 99.8 71 12.9 6 1.1 tips and tricks newsletter And the iPad 2 Goes to. . . 6/15/2011 8:29 467 99.4 67 14.4 1 0.2 incentive offer Paul's Intro. 6/8/2011 11:01 482 97.1 106 22.6 6 1.3 personal email Debbies introduction 5/26/2011 15:39 120 95.8 30 26.1 2 1.7 personal email Welcome to World Builders Email 2 5/24/2011 6:01 271 72.3 47 24.0 5 2.6 teaser for cold contacts World Builders Inc. Thanks You for Joining Us at the 2011 HAA Expo 5/23/2011 11:35 135 80.7 28 25.7 5 4.6 relationship email Q3 TOTALS FOR 2011 4823 94.7 726 15.9 62 1.4 Campaign Style 0.00% 10.00% 20.00% 30.00% 40.00% 50.00% 2011 Q3 Email Campaign Effectiveness incentive offer news article with link to download personal email relationship email teaser for cold contacts tips and tricks newsletter
  • 47. logos designed for use at 2011 houston apartment association education expo 2011 Houston Apartment Association Education Expo Booth - Thursday, May 19, 2011.
  • 48. this booth Betsy designed for the 2011 houston apartment association education expo featured a hand-made yellow brick road and witch legs with toto in basket and an interactive game that allowed booth visitors to use a magic wand to “drop the apartment on the witch” to reveal their world builders apartment upgrade. players were entered to win an iPad 2 when they signed up to receive email marketing. 135 property management and real estate development professionals sub- scribed at this one day exhibition run by betsy elaine tyurin and debra pierce. 2011 Houston Apartment Association Education Expo Booth - Thursday, May 19, 2011.
  • 49. 2011 HAA Education Expo Tradeshow Flyer 2011 Houston Apartment Association Education Expo Booth - Thursday, May 19, 2011.
  • 50. 2011 HAA Education Expo Tradeshow Flyer
  • 51. 2011 HAA Education Expo Tradeshow Flyer
  • 52. Project managed the purchase and production of movie post- ers for the April, 2010 theatrical release in theaters across the United States for Golden Leaf Pictures. Coordinated party to celebrate actor Benjamin Bratt’s receipt of the Maverick Spirit Award at Cinequest Film Festival in San Jose, CA. Project managed submission of documentary film to 16+ film festivals internationally, coordinated publicity sched- ule for film director and associated nonprofit organization, edited and posted director blogs and social media. Film released in theaters across America in September, 2010. film releases distributed in theaters during 2010.
  • 53. copy written for 3-d interactive casino display promotions created by AGame Marketing, designed to drive players club membership subscriptions for casinos nationwide. graphic designs by Joni Breese and Emily Clark.
  • 54. Before they were movies... They were comic books. The motion pictures featured in the movie posters shown above all belong to feature films produced between the summer of 2005 to the present, based on popular comic books and graphic novels featured in the Platinum Studios library of comic books.. As a development intern, Betsy assisted with the packaging and sale of these and other comic book titles to major motion picture studios by reviewing and organizing materials from Platinum’s massive library into catalogues for use in the production of log lines and one-sheets that were presented in pitch meetings with potential producers, writers and directors. Betsy was responsible for reading and digesting individual installments or entire comic book series into single sentence con- cepts that would become captivating to the creative minds that would later bring the feature length vision to life. This experience of keeping the concept minimal in order to maximize the creative possibilities for the buyer to be inspired to take the sale and run with it continues to be a valuable asset in any genre or industry that requires marketing and sales today. Betsy also assisted Platinum Studios with the development of original characters and plot details for a comic book project called “Blood Letters” that never went to print.
  • 55. SEASON 3 - Episode 1: Design a new Burger King Burger and outsell the competition. Episode 2: Renovate a motel and get the best review on Yahoo! Local. Episode 3: Ad Campaign for NesCafe Tasters’ Choice. Episode 4: TV Ad for Dove Cool Moisture Body Wash. Episode 5: Create a mobile business in an Airstream Trailer. Episode 6: Graffiti ad for Gran Turismo 4 on PS2. Episode 7: Produce a Live Music Auction for FUSE TV to sup- port Elizabeth Glazer Pediatric AIDS Foundation. Episode 8: Build a mini golf course and run it for a day. Episode 9: Engage Home Depot customers in a Do-It-Yourself Demonstration. Episode 10: Create a pizza with an original topping for Domino’s Pizza and sell it from a mobile kitchen. Episode 11: Design a “Wearable Technology” outfit for Ameri- can Eagle Outfitters. Episode 12: Create a brochure for the Pontiac Solstice. Episode 13: Design a “clutter eliminating” product to be manu- factured by Staples.. Episode 14: Design an original Hanes t-shirt and sell the most units at Scoop. Episode 15: Interviews. Finale: 2012 NYC Athlete Challenge and Best Buy Video Game Championship. Reality TV may not be scripted, but assembling some of the world’s biggest corporate brands into a single season doesn’t happen by accident. As a preproduction intern on Season 3, Betsy researched potential challenges for the show’s contestants to determine if the tasks could realistically be produced with cameras rolling , and sought information to assess viable brands to engage as sponsors. Tasks had to accomodate for a wide range of possible outcomes, showcase the brand sponsor, and include visually compelling stages of completion to set the pace for the episode re- gardless of how the contestant interactions might play out.
  • 56. thanks for your time and consideration. Additional work samples and performance measurements available upon request. For more information or work availability please contact me: betsy elaine tyurin (650) 868-4243