Overview of Dynamic Benchmarking for Associations


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Stack-up™ is an online benchmarking service that provides real-time peer comparisons of financial and operational metrics. Offered in partnership with professional associations, it helps member businesses gain insight into their operations to identify areas for incremental revenue, cost savings, service improvements and more.

We partner with associations to create and offer a solution specifically designed to meet the needs of your member businesses

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  • Key Points: Solutions vary according to the size and data needs of an association and its members Data collection can be on-going or time bound Results can be displayed immediately or validated and released at a later date
  • Overview of Dynamic Benchmarking for Associations

    1. 1. An Introduction to Stack-up™ by Dynamic Benchmarking™Dynamic Benchmarking is the continuous andproductive study of business performancerelative to peers
    2. 2. What is Stack-up™?Stack-up™ is an online benchmarking service that provides real-time peercomparisons of financial and operational metrics. Offered in partnership withprofessional associations, it helps member businesses gain insight into theiroperations to identify areas for incremental revenue, cost savings, serviceimprovements and more.We partner with associations to create and offer a solution specifically designed tomeet the needs of your member businesses, including ▫ Fully customized metrics, filtering and reporting ▫ Members-only website branded for your association ▫ Annual subscription model that delivers association revenue
    3. 3. How Does it Work? Business 1 Instant Peer Comparisons Business 2 Online Database Year over Year Analysis • Operational and Business 3 financial metrics • Key performance Pre-configured indicators PowerPoint Reports • Annual, quarterly or Business 4 monthly data Aggregated Data Business 5+
    4. 4. The Development Process • We consult with our clients to develop the metrics, filters, reports and KPIs that are specific to your targeted users • We brand the platform for each client industry • We provide data integration services for automatically populating metrics • We work together to determine user pricing and market the Dynamic Benchmarking platform to your members • We provide product launch training and marketing support as needed
    5. 5. The User Experience • Users input their data into the association branded web-based service • After data is entered and/or confirmed, users can instantly compare themselves to their peers already in the community • A filter capability allows a dynamic selection of peers based on specific and customizable criteria (e.g. revenue, type of business, geographic location, etc.) • Pre-configured PowerPoint reports display the user’s information and aggregate data for online viewing, downloading, emailing and printing • Password protected security and firewalls use the same technology as online banking, to ensure anonymity and protect the business data
    6. 6. Stack-up™ is branded for you You supply the product name, logo, g raphics and color scheme for complete branding.
    7. 7. Main Gateway PageThree Main Tabs for simple NavigationMy Company -Enter data or reviewpre-populated dataCompare Companies -Compare yourcompany to other sReports and Charts-DownloadPowerPoint chartsQuestions are grouped into majorcategories. Click on the gray sub-groups to see questions.The Progress Bar and Question Tallieshelp to monitor completion
    8. 8. My Company Page-Input dataMain Menu - Use this menuto navigate anywhere in thesiteSub-group Tabs –Move fromone question group toanother by clicking on thesetabs.Metrics – Enter answers foreach question by choosingfrom a drop down list ortyping in responses. The bluehelp text explains the intentof the metric.
    9. 9. Compare Companies-Line ChartsFor each question, the linecharts show:•Your company’s results (inblue) on the top of the line• 25th and 75th Percentile• Median (in black) belowthe line• Pop-up charts providemore details about the datathat makes up the results.
    10. 10. Compare Companies- FilteringUse filtering to create peergroups on the fly andcompare yourself to a subsetof your peers. Filter settings can be saved for future use by designatingA message will indicate the them a “Favorite”.number of companies thatmatch your selected criteria.If a user “drills down” toofar, there will be a messageindicating that there are notenough companies to displayresults. This protects theanonymity of the otherbusinesses.
    11. 11. Reports and Charts Download pre-configured reports that each contains multiple charts and graphs . Use for presentations, capture historical snapshots and communicate with others.
    12. 12. Sample Reports
    13. 13. Stack-up™ is scalable and versatile Large Association Stack-up is a versatile solution that varies Small scale Large scale according to the needs of solution: solution: the association and the ~ 20 metrics ~ 200 metrics association’s members and can be easily deployed .Small Solution Large Solution Variables include: • Number of metrics & filters Small Large Association: Association: • Complexity of reports • Integration with existing ~5,000 ~ 50,000+ software members members • Revenue generation goals Small Association
    14. 14. Dynamic Benchmarking Clients• ASAE• International Franchise Association• Club Managers of America Association• American Association of Museums• Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation• Association Forum of Chicagoland• CFA Institute• Association of University Programs in Healthcare Administration
    15. 15. Contact Us Dynamic Benchmarking 603-686-7113 info@dynamicbenchmarking.com www.dynamicbenchmarking.com