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Top Ten Internet Uses in Teaching and Learning - ADE6606 10/T1 Yang - by Betsy Good

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Ten best betsy good

  1. 1. Top Ten Internet Usesin Teaching and Learning<br />ADE6606 – 10/T1 Yang - Betsy Good<br />
  2. 2. Top Ten Internet Uses in Teaching and Learning<br />The internet and World Wide Web is a vast and powerful information resource. Its uses in teaching and learning are many. Just about any topic imaginable can be taught and learned in a web-based environment.<br />In this presentation, you will be introduced to ten of the most popular educational uses.<br />
  3. 3. Post Lesson Plans and Homework Assignments<br />There are many web sites that provide prepared templates for teachers to post homework assignments, lesson plans, and links to helpful resources for completing assignments.<br />Individual teachers, schools, and even entire school districts can use these services for free. Some more structured sites charge a nominal subscriber’s fee.<br />Teachers, Parents, and Students on the Same Page - http://new.schoolnotes.com/<br />
  4. 4. Create a “WebQuest” for Students to Use<br />An information search, typically called a “WebQuest”, can be a great way to steer students toward information a teacher wants them to review.<br />WebQuests can be easily created, maintained, and published on numerous web sites. WebQuests created by others that have already been published are also available to anyone who wishes to use them.<br />Inquiry Oriented Web-Based Lesson Formats - http://webquest.org/index.php<br />
  5. 5. Streaming Video Enhances Learning<br />Lessons that include video can give students a deeper understanding of a topic. Streaming Video-on-Demand content can be viewed on computers, a SMART Board, and any other multi-media platform connected to the internet.<br />Imagine how much more interesting a history lesson would be if you could actually see footage of an event!<br />Companion Web Site to the Video Series - http://www.learner.org/biographyofamerica/index.html<br />
  6. 6. Testing and Test Preparation<br />Teachers can prepare and present online quizzes and exams in various formats. Online tests are graded instantly to give students immediate feedback. Time limits can be set and questions can be randomized. <br />Questions can be presented in many different formats: multiple choice, true/false, fill in the blank, and short answer.<br />The Easy Way to Make All Your Tests! - http://www.easytestmaker.com/<br />
  7. 7. Research for a Report & Homework Help<br />Search engines such as Google and Bing can make finding information on a particular topic simple for students. Although, these “generic” search engines can sometimes yield unverified results.<br />Therefore, teachers often opt to direct students to specific educational web sites in which to conduct their searches. National Geographic, NOVA, and Discovery Education are three such sites.<br />Discovery Education Curricular Resources - http://www.discoveryeducation.com/products/<br />
  8. 8. School Announcements & Newsletters<br />Many schools create and maintain their own web site with important announcements right on the main page. Links to newsletters, faculty email, teacher’s web pages, the school calendar, and lunch menus make it easy for parents and students to quickly find the information they need.<br />Student links provide information on homework assignments, study skills, and numerous subject-specific resources.<br />St. Gregory the Great School Web Site - http://www.stgregory.pvt.k12.va.us/<br />
  9. 9. Podcasting<br />Many schools host a podcasting site. Audio and video content created by teachers, classes, and individual students can be posted there.<br />Podcasts can be viewed or downloaded onto a computer or an iPod. People may even subscribe to podcasts so that they are notified as soon as new content is posted.<br />Podcasting for Students and Teachers - http://www.mabryonline.org/podcasts/<br />
  10. 10. Creating Lesson Plans<br />Many resources exist for teachers to use to create new lesson plans. Templates with hints and suggestions for how to structure a lesson are provided.<br />Published lesson plans that other teachers have previously written are also available. Often, a teacher can find a lesson plan perfectly suited for the subject or topic they intend to teach.<br />Time-Saving Lesson Plan Templates - http://www.lessonplans4teachers.com/templates.php<br />
  11. 11. Finding Templates for School Forms<br />Templates for administrative paperwork and forms can be found at many educator resource web sites. Forms like grading sheets, seating charts, and permission slips can be tailored to specific school events.<br />These resources can be real time savers for teachers and administrators!<br />Education World Tools & Templates - http://www.educationworld.com/tools_templates/index.shtml<br />
  12. 12. Learn Software<br />Utilizing “How-To” resources on the internet can be helpful when trying to teach or master a new software program.<br />For example, an accounting teacher may have students participate in an interactive online tutorial about spreadsheet programs before commencing class work in the medium.<br />Basic Microsoft Excel Training Videos - http://www.free-training-tutorial.com/<br />
  13. 13. Top Ten Internet Uses in Teaching and Learning<br />In this presentation, you have been introduced to ten great ways to use the power of the internet for teaching and learning:<br />Post Homework <br />WebQuests<br />Streaming Video<br />Online Testing<br />Research<br />Announcements<br />Pod Casting<br />Create Lesson Plans<br />Administrative Forms<br />Learning Software<br />While these are certainly not the only resources available for teaching and learning with the internet, the links provided can be a good springboard for educators as they seek to integrate technology in their class curriculum.<br />Teach - Learn - Have Fun! You can do it ALL online!<br />