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Social studies 2.0 (final)
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Social studies 2.0 (final)


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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. What do you know about Web 2.0?
    Text 197550 and your answer to 37607
    Submit 197550 and your answer to
  • 2. Social Studies 2.0
    Presented by Betsey Kennedy
    4th Grade Teacher, Big Shanty Intermediate School
  • 3. Materials and Links
    All materials and links available at:
  • 4. What is Web 2.0?
  • 5. What is Web 2.0?
    • Web 1.0 = Read Only Web
    • 6. Web 2.0 = Read/Write Web
    • 7. People are both consumers and producers
  • Why Use Web 2.0 With Kids?
    stimulates new modes of inquiry
    creates new opportunities for collaborative learning
    allows students to engage with new literacies and express themselves in different media
    encourages a proficiency in the publication of content, which creates a sense of ownership, audience engagement, peer assessment, and informal learning
    (Crook, Fisher, Graber, Harrison, & Lewin, 2009)
  • 8. Challenges with Web 2.0
    Classroom Management
    Privacy Issues
    Digital Divide
  • 9. Getting Started with Web 2.0
    Create multiple email accounts
    Generic Usernames
    Common Password
    Register for students
    good job for a volunteer
    Try it out for yourself
  • 10. Managing Classroom 2.0
    Start small
    Develop groups of “experts”
    Ask for help
    Limit options
    Be ready before you move to the computer lab
  • 11. Time for the Tools
    1. Prezi
    2. Blabberize
    3. Glogster
    4. Podomatic
    5. ToonDoo
    6. TypePad
    7. VoiceThread
    8. Wikispaces
    9. Xtimeline
    10. ZeeMaps
  • 12.
    Free upgraded accounts for teachers
    Presentation tool for teachers
    Highly engaging to students
    Easily embedded on TypePad blogs
    Allows for student comments
  • 13. What can you do with a Prezi?
    Document Analysis
    Interactive Textbook Reading Lesson
  • 14.
    Create talking images using photographs or drawings
    Quick and easy
    Post comments
  • 15. What can you do with Blabberize?
    Conversations between historical characters
    “Oh the Things I’ve Seen”: Talking Objects Witness to History
    Elizabeth Cady Stanton Biography
  • 16.
    Create multimedia, interactive posters that include everything from movies to Wordles to weblinks
  • 17. Glogster Basics
    Can register students without email addresses
    Students can comment on each others glogs
    Glogs can be linked to TypePad blogs easily
  • 18. What can you do with a Glog?
    Present Information
    Biography Reports
    Event Review
  • 19.
    Allows teachers or students to make podcasts very simply
    Easy to embed, link, or email
    Allows for commenting
  • 20. What can you do with podcasts?
    Current Events
    What We Have Learned
    Radio Plays/ Newscasts
    Monthly “Newsletters”
  • 21.
    Students can create comic strips
    Images provided or uploaded
    Allows for comments
    Easy to embed
  • 22. What can you do with a ToonDoo?
    Primary Source Analysis
    What’s Wrong with this Cartoon
    Event Review war&searchFrom=book
    Biography Reports tubman&searchFrom=book
  • 23.
    Embedding is easy
    Open comments
    Take advantage of the features
    Create another blog when necessary
  • 24. What can you do with your blog?
    Embed Web 2.0 projects
    Turn to when you need more
    Class Recordings
  • 25.
    Collaborative, multimedia slide shows
    Holds images, documents, and videos
    Allows people to navigate slides and leave comments:
    using voice (with a microphone or telephone)
    audio file
    video (via a webcam)
  • 26. VoiceThread Student Sample
  • 27. VoiceThread Tips and Tricks
    Provide a selection of pictures in student drives for students to use
    Have students complete a storyboard before ever touching the computer
    Provide thumbnails of the pictures for the storyboard
    Have two students work together
  • 28.
    Free for teachers (no ads, private or public)
    Private memberships for students
    Students can edit a common page adding their own thoughts, pictures, etc.
  • 29. What can you do with a wiki?
    • ABC “Book”
    • 30. History Yearbook/Encyclopedia
    • 31. Project Organizing Space
    • 32. Book Clubs (
    • 33. Spot to collaborate with other classes
    Simple Timeline Builder
    Can be embedded or linked to blog
    Allows you to add:
  • 34. What can you do with xTimeline?
    Biographical Timelines
    Event Timelines
    Year-Long Building Timeline
  • 35.
    Create interactive maps
    Web Links
    Audio Files
    Movie Files
  • 36. What can you do with ZeeMaps?
    Trace Important Events in History
    Map the Life of a Person
    Map the Settings of a Book
  • 37. Time for the Tools
    1. Prezi
    2. Blabberize
    3. Glogster
    4. Podomatic
    5. ToonDoo
    6. TypePad
    7. VoiceThread
    8. Wikispaces
    9. Xtimeline
    10. ZeeMaps
  • 38. Materials and Links
    All materials and links available at:
    Add to this wiki!