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Financial services soq

  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS STATEMENT OF QUALIFICATIONSBNY Mellon Capital Management, San Francisco I. Company Overview II. Scope of Services III. Representative Projects BNY Mellon, Newport BeachBNY Mellon Capital Management, San Francisco S W I N E R T O N I N T E R I O R S — TA B L E O F C O N T E N T S
  4. 4. COMPANY OVERVIEW FOUNDED IN CALIFORNIA IN 1888, THE SWINERTON FAMILY OF COMPANIES HAS A LONG, SUCCESSFUL HISTORY OF INNOVATION AND PERFORMANCE AS PREMIER BUILDING PROFESSIONALS. SWINERTON BUILDERS IS A PROUD PART OF THIS LEGACY OF EXCELLENCE, PROVIDING VALUE TO CLIENTS SAN FRANCISCO’S ACROSS THE WESTERN UNITED STATES. LANDMARK MUSEUM OF MODERN ART, Throughout the years, the Company has established a WITH ITS REGAL reputation for high quality construction, operating with 1920’S PARTNER THE integrity in all of its dealings, delivering customer satisfaction, PACIFIC TELEPHONE maintaining financial stability and achieving project team AND TELEGRAPH excellence. BUILDING, REFLECT SWINERTON’S HISTORY Swinerton’s family spirit and values have been the cornerstone OF ACCOMPLISHMENT of the Company’s success for more than 100 years. These FOR NORTHERN values are evident today, deeply embedded in the culture CALIFORNIA CLIENTS. Swinerton is a leaderacross the U.S. building industry, recently ranked by Engineering News-Record as: No. 4 in Green Building No. 18 in general building No. 20 in commercial office No. 12 in multi-unit residential No. 8 in entertainment No. 14 in retail No. 8 in hotels and convention centers No. 20 in education No. 11 in health care San Francisco Museum of Modern Art of the Company, and provide the foundation for successive generations of leadership. As a 100 percent employee-owned company, everyone at Swinerton has a vested interest in the successful delivery of superb services. Swinerton Interiors consists of specialized teams expert in handling the challenges that come with office and tenant build- out and renovation work. We have done it all, from fast-track office remodels and in-use hotel lobbies to retail stores in multi- S W I N E R T O N I N T E R I O R S - C O M PA N Y O V E R V I E W
  5. 5. tenant complexes. Our teams are accustomed to non-business- “FROM THE BEGINNING, hour construction schedules that enable work to be done with SWINERTON DEMONSTRATED the least amount of disruption. THE WILLINGNESS TO TRULY OPERATE AS AN EXTENSION OF A D D I N G VA L U E F R O M T H E S TA R T. . . THE OWNER AND DESIGN TEAM. C R E AT I N G I T T H R O U G H O U T THEIR ABILITY TO WORK WITH EXPEDITED SCHEDULES Swinerton Interiors is an invaluable partner for clients through- WHILE BEING RELENTLESS out the planning and building process. Our structured, ON QUALITY CONTROL MADE detailed process includes comprehensive cost and project THIS ONE OF THE FINEST EXAM- controls in order to bring every job to a successful completion. PLES OF CREATIVE Preconstruction services may include budgeting, scheduling, PROJECT DELIVERY IN MY value management and planning. When we are hired during the 35 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE.” conceptual or schematic design stage, we can help identify the — D AV E C A R T N A L , F A I A most efficient materials, systems and amenities to accomplish C E O A N D P R I N C I PA L BFGC ARCHITECTS the goals of the project. Working with our clients as part of the preconstruction team has been a strength of Swinerton for decades. When the design is nearly complete, we take bids from all necessary subcontractors and combine this with the costs of our work, general conditions, fees, insurance and profit. This straightforward process enables us to develop a guaranteed price or lump sum proposal for the Depth of Experience and Value Swinerton brings a depth of experience andcapabilities to both public and private clients. Whether it’s for high rise or high tech, for businesses or the daily Office High Rise Medical Multi-Unit Residential business of life, we offer Gap Inc. Headquarters Novato Community Hospital, Novato, CA The Essex on Lake Merritt, Oakland, CA clients solutions that are smarter, faster, greener, and more cost effective. Education Hospitality Interiors Evergreen Valley College, San Jose, CA Courtyard by Marriott, San Francisco, CA Winston & Strawn LLP, San Francisco, CA S W I N E R T O N I N T E R I O R S - C O M PA N Y O V E R V I E W
  6. 6. approval of our clients – the basis for a clear construction con- tract and realistic building schedule. D E D I C AT I O N T O O U T S TA N D I N G S A F E T Y Anchored by our slogan — “Make safety a habit….Your family needs you” — we continue to be one of the nation’s safest general contractors. Whether it’s in the office or on the job site, Swinerton is dedicated to creating an accident-free work environment for our employees, subcontractors, clients, and the public whose daily lives are affected by construction. Our exemplary safety record, together with a 10-year partnership with the California Occupational Safety and Health Administration, earned Swinerton the premier position as the first general contractor in the Golden State Program. Swinerton Builders’ current Experience Modification Rate (EMR) is 0.48, well below the national average of 1.0. An added benefit of good safety ratings is lower insurance rates, which allow us to pass significant cost savings on to clients. ENSURING WORK EFFICIENCY A N D E F F E C T I V E C O M M U N I C AT I O N Work efficiency and effective communication are another topSwinerton Lost Time Incident Rate A Record 2.6 of Safety Industry Swinerton Builders has Average repeatedly won the Associated General Contractors Safety Award of Excellence 0.48 — 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000, Swinerton 1999.... Swinerton’s Lost Time Incident Rate is one of the lowest in the U.S. priority. We want our clients to have ready access to the facts and materials they need to make informed decisions. We want our project teams to have the tools and data they need to develop, manage, and control the work efficiently. Finally, we want to foster the flow and immediate exchange of information among all key parties so that everyone is aligned on a project’s progress, from the owners and designers to the project management team and subcontractors. S W I N E R T O N I N T E R I O R S - C O M PA N Y O V E R V I E W
  7. 7. To facilitate and enhance communication, our staff is equipped SWINERTON’S EXPERTS with the latest technology. Each project team member has a HAVE THE TOOLS AND laptop and each of our job sites has high-speed Internet access. EXPERIENCE TO PROVIDE CLIENTS WITH RELIABLE We use e-mail or wireless technology to communicate directly ESTIMATES, AND TO between project management and the project team. These DETERMINE THE MOST communication tools give our teams instant, real-time access EFFICIENT MATERIALS, to electronically review schedules, meeting notes, Request for SYSTEMS, AND APPROACHES Information logs, change estimates, submittals, and computer- EARLY ON. OUR FOCUS aided design (CAD) files. ON VALUE MANAGEMENT Swinerton utilizes Virtual Design & Construction (VD&C) ROUTINELY RESULTS IN technology to plan and manage projects, and as another means COST SAVINGS OF 20 TO 30 PERCENT — EXCEEDING to give clients the most accurate, up-to-date information THE PROJECT FEES. available. This system allows the preconstruction team to build the project virtually, then use that model to estimate costs, detect potential conflicts and more accurately schedule the construction and procurement. Efficiency all the way through to the end of a project is reinforced by our “no punchlist” policy. Our approach is: If we see it, we fix it. However, to ensure thoroughness, we have developed a proprietary punchlist software. This system tracks punchlist items for subcontractors, architects and clients, Seeing is Believing Swinerton’s VD&C tools allow project participants to see the project unfold over the planned course of construction — before ground is broken. The system is also used to determine which critical supplies and equipment should be ordered in advance to eliminate downtime; to identify systems installation particulars; and to detectpotential interferences so they can be resolved before they become problems in the field. Gap Inc. Headquarters Atrium S W I N E R T O N I N T E R I O R S - C O M PA N Y O V E R V I E W
  8. 8. providing a comprehensive look at what needs to be done and REDUCE, REUSE, verification of completion. RECYCLE — WASTE REDUCTION IS KEY L E A D I N G T H E W AY I N G R E E N B U I L D I N G S O L U T I O N S TO MEETING GREEN Swinerton’s Green Building Program is a leader within the BUILDING OBJECTIVES. SWINERTON HAS WON THE construction industry. We currently have 120 professionals WRAP AWARD EVERY YEAR on our in-house Green Building Team, with more than FROM 1999 THROUGH 2007. 350 accredited by the U.S. Green Building Council in the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED™) program. These individuals are working on LEED™-registered projects throughout the Western U.S. In addition, our senior managers participate in a number of green building-associated boards, including the U.S. Green Building Council Board of Directors. Our Green Building Team is continuously researching and implementing new green products and technologies that are both good for the environment and provide economic benefits. The team works hand-in-hand with clients and designers to provide practical, cost-effective solutions that optimize the use of green materials, minimize waste, improve whole life-cycle costing, and promote energy conservation. Recognition of SWINERTON’S ENDURING COMMITMENT TO QUALITY, DESIGN EXCELLENCE, AND ENVIRON- Excellence MENTAL RESPONSIBILITY IS RECOGNIZED BY INDUSTRY AND CLIENTS YEAR-AFTER-YEAR. “Two attributes clearly separate RECENT AWARDS HAVE INCLUDED: Swinerton from the competition. First is your ability to provide true value engineering. Anyone can Constructor Award Best Places to Work in the Bay Area Innovation in Construction Techniques Companies with over 1,000 employees substitute less expensive materi- de Young Museum San Francisco Business Times als for expensive but not everyone AGC of California can help to redesign a foundational system for the structural engineer or reorganize the window package Constructor Award Partners in Preservation for the architect in order to maintain Meeting the Challenge of a Difficult Job Historic Preservation the budget and schedule. The other California Theatre Altenheim Senior Housing AGC of California Oakland Heritage Allianceattribute is the rarest of all — loyalty. At 2300 Harrison we were unable to execute a contract with one of your Safety Award of Excellence Best Sustainable/Green Commericalcompetitors. A week prior to starting Contractors with over 500,000 Worker Hours Project construction swinerton stepped into Safety Franchise Tax Board Officesthe void and maintained our comple- AGC of California Gold Nugget Awards tion date and budget despite having the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the situation” Excellence in Safety Best Green Building —Daniel R. Kingsley Corporate Commitment to Safety Presentation Center Managing Partner Swinerton Builders California Construction Magazine SKS Investments Construction Employers’ Association S W I N E R T O N I N T E R I O R S - C O M PA N Y O V E R V I E W
  9. 9. GENUINE COMMITMENT TO DIVERSIT Y It is our policy to seek out small local and disadvantaged firms — including those owned by minorities and women — as part of our commitment to utilizing the resources of the communities in which we build. Our strong, long-standing commitment to the inclusion of disadvantaged business SWINERTON’S enterprises (DBEs) in our projects is substantiated by the HEADQUARTERS fact that approximately 19 percent of Swinerton Builders’ BUILDING IN contracting volume goes to DBEs. SAN FRANCISCO WAS ONE OF THE We have thorough processes and systems to reach out to the FIRST PROJECTS IN DBE community. Our in-house DBE database incorporates THE U.S. TO BE up-to-date information from cities, redevelopment agencies, and CERTIFIED BY THE other sources. We also maintain ongoing relations with union U.S. GREEN BUILDING halls that assist in finding minority and female craft workers, COUNCIL IN THE and we actively seek qualifying second- and third-tier vendors LEED™ EXISTING and suppliers. BUILDING PROGRAM. $17.6M $45M $10M $30M $15M $35M $33M $6.5MMeaningful DBE 45.59% 23% 49% 26% 46.7% 23% 20.1% 84.4% Participation DBE Participation In 2007, 19 percent of Swinerton’s Other subcontracting volume went to DBE firms — over $231 million. CSU SFMOMA U.S. LAX The Sports Yerba Buena GAP 250 Point Loma Fullerton, CA Ice Center Enhancement Club, SF Gardens Embarcadero Branch Library Children’s Core & Shell Center We have worked or are currently working under DBE programs established by the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency, City and County of San Francisco, City of Oakland, Bank of America, and Kaiser Permanente, to name a few. Our outreach programs include training for subcontractors in relevant areas of expertise, such as accounting and project controls. S W I N E R T O N I N T E R I O R S - C O M PA N Y O V E R V I E W
  11. 11. SCOPE OF SERV I C E S Following is a sampling of the services we can provide during the pre-construction, construction and post construction phases of our projects. PRECONSTRUCTION • Goal Setting/Process Planning • Project/Programming Meetings SWINERTON’S SAN • Conceptual/Schematic Budget FRANCISCO • Existing Field Condition Surveys HEADQUARTERS WAS • Value Engineering Alternatives BUILT WITH RECYCLED • Constructability Input/Reviews CONTENT MATERIALS, DIRECT DIGITAL CON- • Design Development Budget Update TROLS, FSC CERTIFIED • 50% Construction Document Budget Update WOOD, AND ENERGY • Expanded Program Schedule for Entire Project Team EFFICIENCY IN EXCESS OF • Early Procurement Schedule TITLE 24. • Pre-Application Meeting with City • Subcontractor/Vendor List Development for Approval • Prepare Bid Instructions Thoroughplanning upfront saves costs. Swinerton adds value from thestart with sound preconstruction services. Charles Schwab, 45 Fremont Street, San Francisco • Development of Bid Alternates • Project/Site Rules & Regulations Compilation • Manage Pre-bid Job Walks • Prepare Bid Results • Subcontractor Bid Qualification/Interview Process • Submit Building Permits • Prepare Bid Summary for Approval • Award Subcontracts SWINERTON INTERIORS - SCOPE OF SERVICES
  12. 12. CONSTRUCTION • Project Management • Start information assemblage for LEED Certification (if applicable) • Project Supervision • Minimize Construction Impact to Occupied Areas • Confirm Layout • Subcontract Administration • Cost Control • Photo Documentation • Provide Permit Expediting and Obtain Permits • Update and Progress Project Schedule • Prepare Anticipated Submittal List • Prepare Expediting/Material Procurement Schedule • Submittal Process Administration • Regular Project Meeting Administration • Regular Subcontractors Meeting Administration • Special Project Coordination Meeting Administration • Quality/Control Program Administration – Swinerton Builders’ No Punchlist Program • Advisory Completion Lists Preparation • Sequence and Coordinate all Trade Activity • Sequence and Coordinate with Owner’s Consultants (Telecom, Furniture, Moving) • Safety Program Administration (w/ Swinerton Builders’ Toolbox Safety Meetings) • Schedule and Obtain all City, Special & A/E Inspections CHARLES SCHWAB • Maintain Record DocumentsELECTRONIC BROKERAGE • Maintain Permit Tracking Log • Pre-draw Application Meetings • Prepare Progress Billings / Lien Releases • Interim Client Satisfaction Surveys • Administer System Commissioning/Testing Program POST CONSTRUCTION • Prepare Close-Out Documentation • Complete assemblage of LEED Certification documents (if applicable) • Obtain Final City Approvals • Operation, Maintenance & Warranty Manuals • Final Retention Billing / Unconditional Release • Final Client Satisfaction Surveys • 11-month Warranty Inspections SWINERTON INTERIORS - SCOPE OF SERVICES
  13. 13. PRECONSTRUCTION SERVICES Decisions made during preconstruction will have a significant impact on the project’s overall success. Project planning based on early estimates, schedules, field surveys and constructability reviews helps to control costs and deliver the project within the program budget and schedule. As your builder, Swinerton Builders will take a proactive role in providing the information necessary to make the best business decisions for your project. It is during the important preconstruction process that Swinerton Builders’ participation in schedule, cost and value management can provide you the greatest value for our services. Our Team participation during the preconstruction phase can result in cost savings exceeding our construction fees. Not only does our participation save on the project’s hard costs, but an organized preconstruction effort can also reduce design fees associated with unnecessary changes later in the project. Following are some of the activities that will be included in the preconstruction phase. G OA L S E T T I N G / P R O C E S S P L A N N I N G As part of your team, Swinerton Builders is committed to ensuring that your project is well thought out and executed. Our objective is to work closely with you in fine-tuning the approach to best meet your project needs and deliver our services expeditiously. The first step in working with the client and the design team is to understand and confirm the goals of the project. With the involvement of all key team members, this effort begins immediately and forms the basis for a partnering relationship. Goal definition, as determined by the results expected by the client, is crucial. OncePIPER JAFFRAY goals are established and agreed upon mutually by the team, a process will be developed for achieving these goals. Swinerton Builders will collaborate with team members to define roles and responsibilities necessary to meet the identified objectives of accurate budgets, schedules and phasing studies. This initial survey of the site allows us the opportunity to identify potential areas of concern relating to the proposed design schemes and demolition plans. C O N S T R U C TA B I L I T Y R E V I E W Along with the phasing plan, Swinerton Builders will begin to work with the design team in design review. This allows us the opportunity to suggest alternate materials and construction details to make your project easier and less costly to build. Early considerations of constructability can reduce re-design costs and, more importantly, minimize disruptions that can occur when redesign is required after a project is under construction. During design we will carefully review the entire building and infrastructure system including structural, HVAC, mechanical/electrical, tele/data wiring, sewer, power, etc. This exercise will be performed cooperatively with the team and based on the program requirements. SWINERTON INTERIORS - SCOPE OF SERVICES
  14. 14. E S T I M AT E S A N D B U D G E T S Preconstruction estimates are established at the earliest phases of conceptual/schematic design. We begin by preparing a complete materials and systems quantity take-off. Based on extensive budgeting experience, our team makes initial assumptions as to project requirements. After reviewing these assumptions and discussing our quantity take-offs and schedule with the Project Team, we price the quantities based on current market costs for labor, materials and market conditions. Additionally, we estimate the required General Conditions and “soft costs” to support the project during construction. The computerized estimating program we use for presenting the project is designed to show all of the detailed quantities and unit costs that make up the complete estimate. The flexibility of the system allows us to categorize the estimate by line item detail, project phase or by building system. We can also separate the estimate, as required, into individual areas or buildings. This detail is brought forward to a summary level that shows the major system categories, General Conditions, applicable insurance, taxes, bonds, contingencies and fees. For informational purposes, these costs can also be shown as a percent of the total project cost and as a square foot cost of the entire project. Combining today’s latest computerized estimating technology with the hands-on team approach of knowledgeable and experienced estimators, we are able to provide an accurate budget. Results of the Goal Setting/Process Planning phase will include: • Understanding the operating, budgetary and schedule requirements of the clientUSF SCHOOL OF BUSINESS • Establishing measurable project results • Defining team members’ roles and responsibilities towards the success of the project • Establishing specific goals and milestones • Developing plans to mitigate anticipated obstacles. FIELD SURVEYS The preparation of an up-to-date field survey is one of the first critical elements of project planning, especially for the client project. Knowledge of existing site conditions, building systems, accessibility, etc., is imperative in the development of the program. The preconstruction estimating process is a dynamic process. The baseline estimate will be updated through continuous Team input and “what-if” analysis through the Team value management process. VA L U E M A N AG E M E NT S E S S I O N S Value Management sessions are conducted during the preconstruction phase to identify when adjustments can be made to reduce costs, speed construction, or enhance a project’s value. Never is the exercise done to eliminate program requirements - true Value Management is making the best decisions weighing both the costs and quality goals of the project. With the team we will review the design to ensure it is the most cost SWINERTON INTERIORS - SCOPE OF SERVICES
  15. 15. effective and consistent with project goals. In all cases, we will seek to find possibilities to improve quality, expedite schedules and optimize costs. Our purpose in the Value Management process is to be a constructive partner in developing and pricing the VE and costs savings proposals. We will present detailed alternatives for the entire team to review and prioritize. CONTINUUM OF COST CONTROL The continuum of the project cost control begins with the establishment of the initial baseline project estimate. Each subsequent phase (i.e. schematics, design development and check at 50% C.D.’s) estimate has an established revision number and estimate date. These revised estimates are summarized and compared “side by side” on estimating system to each previous estimate. In this format, it is easy to visualize and understand the significance of a system or material design change and its direct cost impact to the project estimate. This cost control process continues throughout preconstruction. With the conclusion of preconstruction and the start of construction, the final project estimate is directly transferred to our JD Edwards Contract Management System on a line by line basis. PRECONSTRUCTION SCHEDULING Scheduling is the most important element in the project planning process. We use the Primavera Critical Path Method (CPM) or Suretrak to prepare and maintain the schedule over the course of each project phase. We will prepare an on-going initial construction schedule and will update the schedule for presentation at the project meetings.LANDELS, RIPLEY & DIAMOND A schedule that reflects all components of a project, from programming to move-in, is a vital tool for both managing and reporting on the project progress. We view our role as “Team leader” in preparation of the schedule. The construction portion of the schedule includes all activities that are necessary to plan and execute the construction. These activities include processing all designer deliverables, approvals, subcontractor selection, submittals, material procurement, fabrication and delivery events. All delivery activities are linked to the installation of the material, providing an accurate picture of the submittal and approval timeline. This allows the entire Team to efficiently plan and review its process. PROCUREMENT SCHEDULING Inherent in the project master schedule is the identification of lead times for materials of construction. Through our experience and research of items specifically required for this project, we develop a procurement schedule that is both integrated in the overall project schedule and printed separately. As items of procurement affect the sequence of the work, the logic diagram will reflect the inter-relationship between materials of construction delivery, installation contacts and other trades affected by the sequence of work. M AT E R I A L S M A N A G E M E N T In preparing the procurement schedule, Swinerton Builders will work with the Project SWINERTON INTERIORS - SCOPE OF SERVICES
  16. 16. Team to identify long-lead items and materials that may require pre-purchase in order to meet the project timeline. SUBCONTRACTOR BIDDING Over the years, Swinerton Builders has earned a well-respected reputation within the subcontractor community. Our positive relationships gain us, and our clients, the benefit of preferred pricing from many of the trade contractors. During the preconstruction phase, Swinerton Builders will collaborate with the project team to develop a subcontractor bidders list for your project. A key element in controlling cost during construction is providing subcontractors with the most comprehensive bidding documents. In preparation for compiling trade packages we focus on: • a good set of construction documents that accurately describe the work to be bid. • a detailed bid package to supplement the documents prepared by the designers • a preapproved list of qualified bidders Regarding the quality of the construction documents, our input during the entire design process will enable the design team to efficiently spend their time in the detailing required and on identifying and resolving constructability issues. Clarification in these areas will help subcontractors and material suppliers thoroughly understand the scope of their work. Good construction documents may not answer all of a bidder’s questions. Subsequently, we have developed a system of “bid packages” that supplement the designers documentsSF STATE UNIVERSITY AT with specific instructions regarding: WESTFIELD SF CENTRE • Items to be included specific to that bid package (e.g. rough carpentry vs. millwork) • Site work rules and hours • Job specific schedule requirements • Site ingress, egress and traffic control • Material handling equipment and rules • Temporary facilities for sanitary, power, water, security and hoisting • Insurance requirements • Form of agreement • Bid form with alternates and unit pricing • Detailed schedule requirements • Unit price schedule Giving specific instructions to subcontractors along with the construction documents results in more accurate and complete sub-bids. “Gray areas” and change orders/claims are minimized. The “Bid Package” is distributed to prequalified firms with an “Invitation to Bid.” Firms are prequalified based on their relevant experience, financial stability, shop and field labor resources, performance record and, of course, the agreement of the Project Team. Approved bidders are SWINERTON INTERIORS - SCOPE OF SERVICES
  17. 17. supplied with the contract documents via the “Bid Package” and required to attend a prebid briefing. We also request that the Project Team attends to directly answer questions raised. M/WBE PROGRAM Our corporate philosophy upholds our strong commitment to the inclusion of minorities and women on our projects. We are experienced in achieving high participation goals for our clients and have been recognized on numerous occasions by the community for our efforts in this area. We have worked, or are currently working under, M/WBE programs established by the following agencies: • San Francisco Human Rights Commission • San Francisco Redevelopment Agency • Port of Oakland • Los Angeles Community Redevelopment Agency • State Department of Corrections We continue to work with many of our private clients to meet their participation goals. Over the years we have developed many in-house resources to help in this endeavor. These resources include a full-time Director of Affirmative Action, an elaborate community “outreach” program, an extensive database of first and second tier MWBE firms and a program that assists qualified firms in attaining bid documents and meeting financial and insurance requirements. On a company-wide basis we average a 17% M/WBE spend and we have achieved as high as a 30% spend in this regard on major accounts.FOUNDRY SQUARE SUBCONTRACTOR AWARDS Bids are received, opened and analyzed in the presence of the owner and designers. Routinely, the two or three most favorable bidders will be interviewed to affirm their understanding of the work and conformance to the design documents and Bid Package instructions. With Project Team approval, subcontracts are awarded. Conformance is monitored and coordinated by the Project Manager. The combination of Swinerton Builder’s bid packages, volume purchasing power, proven track record of planning jobs on schedule, and quick payment to vendors, results in the most cost efficient pricing available to our clients. ASSEMBLING THE GMP The GMP is assembled as a result of two phases of pricing: 1) the estimating/budget process during design development; and 2) the collection and analysis of subcontractor bids. The GMP is compiled of the fixed sums of subcontractor/vendor bids, general conditions and stated mark ups, as well as required allowances and contingencies required and mutually agreed upon by the Project Team. Allowances or contingencies monies that are not used in the project are credited to the owner by final change order. SWINERTON INTERIORS - SCOPE OF SERVICES
  18. 18. PRECONSTRUCTION OVERVIEW Swinerton Builders is known throughout the industry for providing reliable and accurate preconstruction services. With most of our work performed on a negotiated basis (approximately 80%) we are routinely involved in the early studies and planning of projects of all sizes and scopes. We are confident that our preconstruction efforts help clients to minimize job costs, eliminate or reduce future claims by subcontractors, accelerate completion, promote quality, and result in a more efficient and healthier working environment - all while focusing on solutions that meet your project objectives. CONSTRUCTION SERVICES PROJECT MANAGEMENT Once the construction begins Swinerton Builders will maintain the responsibility of keeping the project on track and apprising the Project Team of cost and scheduling status regularly. The Project Manager will conduct and document weekly project meetings. These meetings are action-oriented with every open issue reviewed and assigned a resolution action with a member of the Team and a committee completion date. During these meetings various project reports are distributed by the Swinerton Builders management team for review. These include our “real time” budget cost reporting, detailed project logs for submittals, requests for information, document controls and change order logs. These reports are maintained in our in-house JD Edwards Contract Management System.TEKNION SHOWROOM G M P A D M I N I S T R AT I O N Cost and schedule are agenda items at all preconstruction and construction meetings. Swinerton Builders holds itself accountable to ensure that we maintain both budgeted cost and schedule from the project’s preconstruction through completion. When Swinerton Builders becomes aware of a required scope change, we will promptly provide the owner with a description of same, as well as a rough order of magnitude (ROM) stating approximate impact to schedule and total cost (inclusive of other areas of project which are incidentally impacted). Upon customer approval, we will price work, quoting a formal change order based upon actual bids from subcontractors/suppliers. Upon execution of change order authorization by customer, the appropriate work will be scheduled and executed. Costs, schedule, and scope description of all change orders are continuously tracked by our reference log and by our JD Edwards Contract Management System. S U B C O N T R A C T O R C O O R D I N AT I O N M E E T I N G S Meetings are scheduled each week, where Field Superintendents from each subcontractor meet with the Project Superintendent to discuss coordination and scheduling issues. This includes reviewing both activities and the schedule for the upcoming 3 weeks. These meetings provide a place for subcontractor interface and a common ground for each subcontractor to bring up concerns and problems they may have regarding the job. SWINERTON INTERIORS - SCOPE OF SERVICES
  19. 19. During the 3 week “look-ahead” schedule review, each subcontractor is made aware of key milestone dates in the near term. S U B C O N T R A C T O R S T R AT E G Y The subcontractor scope packages prepared during the buy-out phase of a project are set up into biddable sections that allow for maximum bid coverage. This early effort of clearly defining scope of work by trade, helps us achieve the best schedule and cost results during construction and results fewer change orders by the subs after construction start. Our superintendents use these scope packages regularly to keep subs on track as to the scope included in their contract. SCHEDULING Scheduling is the most critical element in the project control process. Each of our projects utilizes a Primavera Critical Path Method (CPM) or Suretrak program in preparation and maintenance of project schedules. Once the schedule has been defined, adjusted, modified and approved by the entire Project Team, it becomes the responsibility of our site staff to make sure it happens. Because the Superintendent is the individual coordinating the subs and supervising the site, he, or she, is the best choice for accurately monitoring the work, and anticipating issues that might impact schedule. The basic elements of maintaining a schedule are as follows: • Monthly Status - In order to maintain proper control of the schedule it is necessary to status the project to an as-built condition at least once a month and moreISTAR FINANCIAL SERVICES frequently if the situation warrants. • Problem recognition and logic enhancements - The schedule must be reviewed for impacts to the timeline and end date. The Team must be able to recognize what is happening, track the logic back to the source of the problem and to make the proper logic and duration adjustments. The advantage of this being done in the field is substantial. Adjustments may require accelerating, trade overlap (stacking) analysis, and addition of more detail to work around the problem or issue. Subcontractors need to be included in this process. • Synchronize the master schedule with the daily sub-schedule - The Superintendent generates daily and 3-week “look ahead” schedules as a subcontractor management tools. The coordination between the daily detail and the contract schedule needs to be consistent. The rolling 3-week schedule reflects the short term plan. It is more detailed than the overall schedule and will address daily activities for each trade. ABOUT OUR SAFETY PROGRAM A safe jobsite is our highest priority on every project. Swinerton Builders’ corporate safety program is supported and directed by Gary Rafferty, Chairman of Swinerton Builders. Supported by a dedicated Safety Team, Superintendents are ultimately responsible for maintaining a safe working environment. Our ongoing training program for our Superintendents and job-site personnel includes: SWINERTON INTERIORS - SCOPE OF SERVICES
  20. 20. • New Employee Orientation • Weekly Tool-box Safety Meetings • Monthly Superintendent Safety Meetings • Annual Corporate Safety Training Sessions Swinerton Builders will monitor the safety practices of all on-site personnel and the subcontractors. Each member of the contracting team is required to have a company safety program which is implemented in the field and Job Specific information. Swinerton Builders was recognized by the Association of General Contractor’s with First Place Awards of Excellence for Safety Practices in the years 1996, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009. RECYCLING As part of our culture of minimizing the impact that our projects have on the environment, we have established an in-house and project-site reduction, reuse and recycling program. We work with agencies to coordinate the recycling of carpet, wood, metal, paint, fiberglass, steel, cardboard and drywall and even set up special receptacles on the jobsite for aluminum, glass, paper and plastic. This program not only helps the environment; it can also reduce the project cost. T O TA L Q U A L I T Y M A N A G E M E N T We focus on problem prevention; we support and encourage the continuous quality improvement process; and we build quality and value into our project. Total quality management is the single most important component in achieving our goal of exceedingOLD NAVY HEADQUARTERS client satisfaction on every project. COMPLETION ADVISORY PROGRAM In keeping with our total quality management philosophy, we have developed a “Completion Advisory Program” that virtually eliminates any remedial work during occupancy. This program is incorporated into our subcontracts and each subcontractor and supplier agrees to comply with the direction, spirit and intent, which is to prevent punchlists before they occur. PROJECT TURNOVER As part of our project turnover process, we will conduct extensive systems training for the your facilities staff. This training can be videotaped and a copy provided to the owner for future training of new staff members. WARRANTY WALK-THROUGH At the eleven (11) month mark after the project completion, we will schedule a project walk-through with the owner. Our goal is to identify any corrective items that might have appeared and to address any issues that require attention prior to the end of the 12-month warranty period. SWINERTON INTERIORS - SCOPE OF SERVICES
  22. 22. SIMILARPROJECTSB A N K O F N E W Y O R K ( B N Y ) M E L L O N P R I V AT E W E A LT H M A N A G E M E N T,5 5 5 M I S S I O N S T R E E T, 1 9 T H F L O O R S A N F R A N C I S C O , C ACurrently under construction by Swinerton Interiors, the 6,500 square foot, first generationinterior improvement project will house the San Francisco Private Wealth Management group.The project entails a reception area, large and medium sized meeting rooms, executive andopen offices, and back office areas such as break room, copy area, file storage and equipmentrooms. The project will be seeking LEED Certification. Contact: Bob Bennett, BNY Mellon Cost: $850,000M E L L O N C A P I TA L M A N A G E M E N T, 5 0 F R E M O N T S T R E E T, S A N F R A N C I S C O , C AThe 95,000 square foot five-floor, phased interior improvement project for Mellon CapitalManagement consisted of a reception area, large trading floors, executive, open andclosed offices, large and medium meeting rooms, interconnecting stairway and redundanttelecommunication systems. Contact: Bob Bennett, BNY Mellon Cost: $10,890,000M E L LO N W E A LT H M A N A G E M E N T, 1 6 0 0 N E W P O R T C E N T E R D R I V E , N E W P O R T B E A C H , C AThe 20,000 square foot, first generation interior improvement project currently houses theNewport Beach Private Wealth Management group. The project entails a reception area, largeand medium sized meeting rooms, executive and open offices, and back office areas such asbreak room, copy area, file storage and equipment rooms. The project will be seeking LEEDCertification. The project achieved LEED Silver Certification. Contact: Bob Bennett, BNY Mellon Cost: $1,584,000F I R S T R E P U B L I C B A N K , 111 P I N E S T R E E T, S A N F R A N C I S C O , C ANumerous interior improvement projects for First Republic Bank’s corporate headquartersover the past fifteen years totaling over 150,000 square feet. Range of projects include openand closed offices, meeting rooms, base building MEP systems upgrades, interconnecting fea-ture staircase, data center expansion, flagship ground floor retail banking center, cafeteria andserver, restroom and ADA upgrades and other maintenance projects. Contact: Corinna Wan, First Republic Bank Cost: VariesP R I C E W AT E R H O U S E C O O P E R S , S A N F R A N C I S C O , C AThis project consisted of seven floors of tenant improvement build-out in a new,Class A, 27-story, high-rise tower. This 135,000 square feet build-out served asPriceWaterhouseCoopers’ west coast flagship office and regional headquarters. Work includedthe installation of ceiling high aluminum and glass partitions, millwork, maple doors, operablewalls and a conference center with audio visual facilities. Contact: MaryBeth Berry, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, LLP Cost: Confidential S W I N E R T O N I N T E R I O R S — R E P R E S E N TAT I V E P R O J E C T S
  23. 23. SIMILARPROJECTSI S TA R F I N A N C I A L , S A N F R A N C I S C O , C AThis high-end, 13,680-square-foot interior improvement project was delivered for iStarFinancial Inc., a publicly-traded finance company focused on the commercial real estate indus-try. The project consisted of open and closed offices, meeting and conference rooms and backoffice areas such as break room and server room. In the early stages of the project, Swinertonsuggested the possibility of LEED certification, an opportunity embraced by the client andachieved. Contact: Cassandra Permenter, iStar Financial Cost: $1,980,000U B S F I N A N C I A L S E R V I C E S , 5 5 5 C A L I F O R N I A S T R E E T, S A N F R A N C I S C O , C ASwinerton’s work for Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) at 555 California Street includesinterior improvement projects on the 32nd, 34th and currently on the 36th floors. The 32ndfloor consists of a 28,000-square-foot tenant improvement, and the 34th floor project consistsof 21,000 square feet of office and operation space, and is constructed in the typical high-endfashion that has become the trademark for UBS. Contact: Vito Bacarelli, UBS Cost: VariesU N I O N B A N K , 3 5 0 A N D 4 0 0 C A L I F O R N I A S T R E E T, S A N F R A N C I S C O , C ANumerous interior improvement projects for Union Bank’s corporate headquarters overthe past ten years totaling over 200,000 square feet. Range of projects include major lobbyrenovation, historical museum, open and closed offices, meeting rooms, base building MEPsystems upgrade, data center, flagship ground floor retail banking center, restroom and ADAupgrades and other maintenance projects. Contact: Robert Michaloski, Jones Lang LaSalle Cost: variesP I P E R J A F F R AY, 3 4 5 C A L I F O R N I A S T R E E T, S A N F R A N C I S C O , C AThis tenant improvement project consists of the consolidation of 61,000 square feet of highend office space on four floors for the financial services firm. It includes construction of thetrading floor, an interconnecting stairwell, executive and open offices, large and small meetingrooms and server room. A unique challenge of the project included phase construction tomaintain ongoing business operations. Contact: Debbra Schoneman Cost: $4,100,000W E L L S F A R G O B A N K , 3 3 3 M A R K E T S T R E E T, S A N F R A N C I S C O , C AThe 30,000 square feet tenant improvement, phased project consisted of a phased multiplefloor build out including executive offices, open and closed office configuration, restroomupgrades, back office facilities and a server room expansion. Contact: Gary Smith, Wells Fargo Bank Cost: $5,700,000 S W I N E R T O N I N T E R I O R S — R E P R E S E N TAT I V E P R O J E C T S