Sarah bogi lateiner turns around auto repair shop business


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Bogi lateiner discovers keys to increase auto repair shop profits by consulting with Ron Ipach of CinRon Marketing Group.

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Sarah bogi lateiner turns around auto repair shop business

  1. 1. Sarah "Bogi" Lateiner TurnsAround Auto Repair Shop Business
  2. 2. SuccessSuccess is more likely when you follow a planSarah "Bogi" Lateiner is serious about expanding herbusinessSet a clear sales goal for $1.5million next yearMoving to a new location that is significantly largerPermits her to operate five bays where three aredouble-deepHire more technicians
  3. 3. ChangeChanging approach to grow her business gross sales were only $400,000She would rate her staff as merely acceptableHer mother and her were the customer servicedepartment“I learned about what a business owner needs tofocus on,” explains Bogi. “I didn’t understand at firstwhen I opened the shop and though we were busy,we weren’t really making money.”
  4. 4. Brighter FutureShe wanted a different future for the business Need to try something different“Making the decision to engage Ron Ipach from CinRonMarketing has made a real difference. I learned how tohave a successful business owner’s mindset and strategiesthat will get me to where I want to go.” She said“I can’t imagine where I would be today without learninghow to market effectively. But it has freed me up to bemore creative in how we target our community and howwe improve our customer service.”
  5. 5. HistoryOpened 180 Degree Automotive after becomingdisgruntled working for a dealershipBreaking ground since only 1.8% of auto repair shopsare owned by womenGoal was to educate people especially women about their carsTaken her desire to educate others to the next stepJoined three female mechanics on a television showwhere they repair vehicles and explain how to do it
  6. 6. TrialsImportant barrier Bogi had to address was her ownperception of marketing“I didn’t think highly of marketing at all but learned Iwas confusing it with advertising. Understanding truemarketing was the key to reset the business forsuccess.”
  7. 7. GoalsGain ability to increase hire quality of staffMake yourself distinctive without sacrificingefficiency or profitIncrease productivity through improved businessoperationsGrow income and minimize expenses
  8. 8. StrategyLearning from other auto repair shop owners was thebest approach“When I began to connect with auto repair shopowners, I was able to glean from their experience andapply to my own,” explains Bogi. “That’s when mybusiness really started to grow.”
  9. 9. Conclusion“It was important for me to release the idea that wewere so unique. I was able to concentrate oneffective business practices and find our uniquenesswithin systems and structures. Ron really helped meto gain a different perspective,” Bogi stated.“I would say that to have a growing business youneed effective marketing,” remarks Bogi. “You can letmisconceptions about marketing slow you down orsee that virtually everything you do is marketing andthen take control so that you can focus activities tomaximize business benefit.”
  10. 10. Auto Repair Shop MarketingFor 15 years, Ron Ipach with the CinRon MarketingGroup have helped over 4563 Auto Repair ShopOwners to attract and keep all the high-qualitycustomers they can handleVisit CinRon Marketing Group site: