Great employees drive successful auto repair shops


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Excellent employees are critical for profitable auto repair shops. Dicsover how to hire the right person for your auto repair shop.

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Great employees drive successful auto repair shops

  1. 1. Great Employees DriveSuccessful Auto Repair Shops
  2. 2. Don’t Take People for Granted Nobody likes to be taken advantage of  Especially customers Customer experience is what sets competitors apart, in such a competitive market
  3. 3. Effective Employees Auto repair shop owners should focus on hiring effective employees that are great at nurturing good relationships with customers Important, always remember that the auto repair shop business is a relationship building business Superior employees have the abilities to understand and really value customers
  4. 4. The Right Employee Contributes to the growth of your auto repair shop View employees as more than simply a business cost Gerry Frank and Keith McCrone, co-owners of Automotive Profit Pro note  “The selection of the right employee cannot be overestimated – the right service advisor can dramatically increase business revenues.”
  5. 5. Hiring Process Follow a hiring process to ensure you hire the right person Design a job ad that both details what you are seeking and that stands out from competing ads Use telephone or an email chat to pre-qualify candidates and save time by focusing on stronger candidates Select candidates that are the strongest and make in-person meetings.
  6. 6. Interviews To better your results make a list of questions you intend to ask your candidate Ask open-ended questions and listen carefully  You will quickly determine the right person for your shop Interviews are two-way streets  You need to “sell” your business in a way that makes them want to join your team
  7. 7. Telephone Calls Every telephone call to your shop is critical to your business You need your best team members engaging customers to understand their needs and sell your services persuasively Deploying a clear hiring strategy is the best method to getting the team that helps your auto repair shop succeed
  8. 8. How to maximize Auto Repairprofits Learn the Secrets to Maximize profit for your auto repair shop Industry veterans with practical knowledge Automotive Profit Pro Visit: