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Ppt web20


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Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. Exploiting DigitalExploiting Digital TechnologyTechnology FLORIBETH PANAY – CUISON, MCS, DIT© Assistant Professor IV DMMMMSU - SLUC
  • 2. Can I tell you a secret?
  • 3. Once upon a time...Once upon a time...
  • 4. There wasThere was a studenta student in the the 90s.
  • 6. She found a job ...She found a job ...
  • 8. But the problem was...But the problem was...
  • 9. She didn´t knowShe didn´t know anything aboutanything about computers.computers. Gosh!!
  • 10. Back in the 90´sBack in the 90´s
  • 11. She just usedShe just used her grandmother´sher grandmother´s Typing machineTyping machine
  • 12. She didn´t knowShe didn´t know how to usehow to use aa mousemouse or howor how toto savesave andand printprint a document!!a document!!
  • 13. YES, sure she wouldYES, sure she would learn.learn.
  • 14. But she was too attachedBut she was too attached to pen, paper and inkto pen, paper and ink
  • 15. She was aShe was a digitaldigital immigrantimmigrant..
  • 16. And a language teacherAnd a language teacher
  • 17. She had to combineShe had to combine both things.both things.
  • 18. But how??
  • 19. AndAnd then shethen she googledgoogled
  • 20. OnlineOnline __(1)_____(1)___ exercisesexercises (1)(1) Vocabulary,grammar,Vocabulary,grammar, writing,exam...writing,exam...
  • 21. And came upAnd came up with something!with something!
  • 22. She finally wentShe finally went to the ICT roomto the ICT room
  • 23. with the studentswith the students
  • 24. But THEN...But THEN...
  • 25. She felt she wasShe felt she was LOSTLOST in a mazein a maze
  • 26. Teacher,, teacher teacher !!
  • 27. WhereWhere do I have to click?do I have to click? I haveI have finishedfinished, what can I do now?, what can I do now? WeWe havenhaven’’t donet done these words in class!these words in class! ItIt’’s toos too difficultdifficult!!
  • 29. Teacher, teacher teacher !!
  • 30. No, do not use google!No, do not use google! No, you canNo, you can’’t write private messages!t write private messages! No, you canNo, you can’’t play or watch movies!t play or watch movies!
  • 31. I will NEVER come to the ICT room AGAIN!
  • 32. Back to pen paper andBack to pen paper and ink?ink?
  • 33. NO!NO!
  • 34. And sheAnd she understoodunderstood..
  • 35. She was confrontedShe was confronted withwith digital nativesdigital natives!!
  • 36. NewNew Millennium LearnersMillennium Learners
  • 37. But she wouldnBut she wouldn‘‘tt give up so easily!give up so easily! ..
  • 38. She learnedShe learned about theabout the web 2.0web 2.0 ..
  • 39. So...So...
  • 40. She finallyShe finally understoodunderstood what shewhat she had tohad to do!do!
  • 41. Power PointPower Point Presentations...Presentations...
  • 42. A student creating aA student creating a poem usingpoem using powerpoint.powerpoint.
  • 43. SShall I tell you a story?hall I tell you a story? Lady Hope.Lady Hope. A terrible One?A terrible One? Your Story?Your Story?
  • 44. Lady Hope.Lady Hope.
  • 45. But I have to warn you.But I have to warn you. The Story isnThe Story isn’’t fair.t fair. ItIt’’s about a girl with red hair.s about a girl with red hair.
  • 46. In the original poemIn the original poem she combined musicshe combined music and words.and words.
  • 47. The teacher usingThe teacher using grammar games.grammar games.
  • 48. And itAnd it workedworked
  • 49. She could even useShe could even use nice 3-D charts.nice 3-D charts.
  • 50. Gizmo chartsGizmo charts or Richchart Liveor Richchart Live
  • 51. And she couldAnd she could websnaprwebsnapr her favoriteher favorite websites…websites…
  • 52. With Websnapr 2.0With Websnapr 2.0
  • 53. Or get 280Or get 280 more slidesmore slides for powerpointfor powerpoint presentationspresentations
  • 54. AndAnd shareshare allall thesethese powerpointpowerpoint presentationspresentations
  • 55. HereHere
  • 56. And itAnd it worked!worked!
  • 57. The students were happyThe students were happy
  • 58. Then she joinedThen she joined the largestthe largest whiteboardwhiteboard interactiveinteractive communitycommunity
  • 59. Promethean PlanetPromethean Planet
  • 60. Flipcharts, resource packs and weblinks!Flipcharts, resource packs and weblinks! Great ideas andGreat ideas and best practices!best practices!
  • 61. She found she could useShe found she could use google streetviewgoogle streetview to practiceto practice givinggiving directions to differentdirections to different placesplaces on the mapon the map
  • 62. Or make use of theOr make use of the subtitles insubtitles in
  • 63. To prepare interviewsTo prepare interviews or songs in class!or songs in class!
  • 64. Or even better…Or even better…
  • 65. She also learnedShe also learned 3 was the magic3 was the magic numbernumber
  • 66. For a website, blogFor a website, blog or online exerciseor online exercise to beto be understandableunderstandable
  • 67. It had to be simpleIt had to be simple
  • 68. And easyAnd easy
  • 69. 3 clicks3 clicks with the mousewith the mouse
  • 70. And she createdAnd she created a simple bloga simple blog
  • 71. Edublog Wordpress Blogger
  • 72. Journaling Blog Creative Blog Class Blog BLOG
  • 73. Then she decidedThen she decided she would build-she would build- upup her own gamesher own games
  • 74. And embed themAnd embed them into her bloginto her blog
  • 75. Arcade GameArcade Game GeneratorGenerator
  • 76. Dustbin GameDustbin Game
  • 77. RandomRandom Name PickerName Picker
  • 78. MoreMore animated games?animated games?
  • 79. And why not useAnd why not use for language projects?for language projects?
  • 80. But thereBut there werewere moremore free websitefree website toolstools
  • 81. Small world,Small world, a virtuala virtual worldworld wherewhere you canyou can create your owncreate your own spacespace
  • 82. The studentsThe students were chattingwere chatting
  • 83. In her blogIn her blog
  • 84. Outside her blogOutside her blog
  • 85. They couldThey could video-chatvideo-chat too!too!
  • 86. With other pupils aroundWith other pupils around the worldthe world
  • 87. And what about online tests and quizzes?
  • 88. ThenThen she usedshe used a stream live TV studioa stream live TV studio for her blog.for her blog.
  • 89. She couldShe could broadcastbroadcast her lessonsher lessons
  • 90. And they evenAnd they even edited theiredited their videos for free!videos for free!
  • 91. FunFun, isn´t it?, isn´t it?
  • 92. Made animations!Made animations!
  • 93. Comics!Comics!
  • 94. Puricute postersPuricute posters withwith vocabularyvocabulary learned in class!learned in class!
  • 95. They broadcastedThey broadcasted theirtheir ownown LIVELIVE internetinternet talk radio station!talk radio station!
  • 96. They were happyThey were happy
  • 97. And were readyAnd were ready toto prepareprepare theirtheir firstfirst podcastpodcast..
  • 98. ANDAND
  • 99. Could listenCould listen to their own textsto their own texts in their MP3s!in their MP3s!
  • 100. Then she started thinkingThen she started thinking about creating her own socialabout creating her own social networknetwork
  • 101. OROR
  • 102. And what aboutAnd what about CONCEPT MAPS?CONCEPT MAPS?
  • 103. Group, orderGroup, order and brainstorm variousand brainstorm various concepts amongst otherconcepts amongst other things.things.
  • 105. Then students asked herThen students asked her
  • 106. Why don´t we writeWhy don´t we write an online book?an online book?
  • 107. Why don´t we makeWhy don´t we make websites?websites?
  • 108. High quality Flash Websites?High quality Flash Websites?
  • 109. Why not?Why not?
  • 110. So where did she learn how to use these programmes?
  • 111. But of course she could always use what other teachers were doing.
  • 112. Create Comment Share…