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Darren McGrath at The Digital Connection
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Darren McGrath at The Digital Connection


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A discussion on how brands are moving from marketing communications to brand engagement strategies; through live experiential and digital models that can seamlessly link both worlds; allowing for increased participation, consumer collaboration, and a far deeper results-driven brand engagement ..... built on insights, culture, creativity, trends, & technology.

The XM Sessions are a series of quarterly panel presentations from leaders in their field, followed by Q&A to inspire further debate, open communication, and future discussion.

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. The Digital Connection“Brand Engagement in the Physical & Digital World.”PresentationDarren McGrath MD Brando / darren@brando.ie15.09.11
  • 2. At the minute, we’re still just talking aboutadvertising, digital & ”social media” in silos.What about the bigger picture?
  • 3. Advertising is going through a time of change butsocial media is driving an evolution in consumer behaviour.”Social media” the term itself is indicative of the state of affairs.”Media” limits our view of what is amovement, and brings with it the baggageof decades of advertising.
  • 4. Marketers are only too happy toto view Marketers are only too happy viewthe social web as a new channel to of channels to the social web as a new arraymarket their goodssome shape or market their goods in in some shape or
  • 5. There’s no doubt that “social media” has becomeeffective as a communication channel.It’s also worth noting that no amount of ”media” social orotherwise will turn a brand around or reinvent an organisation.
  • 6. So we find ourselves at a crossroads.Many views and opinions,many experts but the one thing that we do know is:
  • 7. nds need to change the way they look to solve communicationlenges. Brands need to change the way they communicate. Everyone knows that communication is evolving yet everyday we seeryone knows that communication is evolving yet everyday we brands wrestling with this. brands wrestling with how to make this relevant to them. Where do we start looking for the answers?ere do we start looking Ehh.....the answers?
  • 8. t if brands worked the way individuals now do? What if brands worked the way people do?if we applied this to a brand transforming how it how it What if we applied this to a brand transforming unicates,communicates, collaborates and the organization collaborates and even how even how the organization on a day-to-day basis? works on a day-to-day basis? Here’s an idea. What do you think? Sounds good... Great! What else can we do? What about if we...
  • 9. Human evolution is determined bycommunication, curiosity, finding stuff, doing things differently.This is what has taken us from...
  • 10. Everything starts with an idea.Curiosity leads to ideas.
  • 11. Good advertising starts with an idea.David Ogilvy: The Man in the Hathaway Shirt
  • 12. Curiosity brought us to space andshaped the world we live in today.
  • 13. What can agencies learn from this?
  • 14. “I believe, really, all cool things come from the hood... ifyou’re able to... see the trends before they happen, thenyou got an advantage.” Coltrane Curtis, CEO at Team Epiphany.
  • 15. Tweet Sweets | You Tweet, We Eat.Brando Dublin
  • 16. Where does this lead us towith advertising?It’s about campaigns and not silos.
  • 17. This leads us toTransmedia Storytellingwith technology at the core.
  • 18. Bing | Decode Jay-Z Case StudyDroga5 NY
  • 19. What’s the challenge?Agencies have the ideas. Marketers have the money.Marketers adopt a leadership position, step-up, reshape,redefine and lead.
  • 20. Where could the future go?
  • 21. Advertising doesn’t have a horizon.It’s all happening now.Art. Technology. Innovation.
  • 22. The Digital Connection“Brand Engagement in the Physical & Digital World.”Thank you.Darren McGrath MD Brando / darren@brando.ie15.09.11