SAMPLE: Award Winner Showcase


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Part of my electronic portfolio, this presentation is an example of how to showcase award-winning organizations.

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SAMPLE: Award Winner Showcase

  1. 1. Innovation. Awards. Applause.Meet our …2013 Blackboard CollaborateHall of Fame Winners
  2. 2. 2Now part of the Blackboard Catalyst Awards, theBlackboard Collaborate Hall of Fame continues tohonor those who push the boundaries of theireducational programs and technology to deliverinnovative and effective learning experiences.Here are 5 schools and institutions from aroundthe world that use the Blackboard Collaborateplatform to make a difference …
  3. 3. 3• Tavaana: E-Learning Institute for Iranian CivilSociety• The College of Saint Rose• IEU Universidad/Instituto de EstudioUniversitarios• Institute on Disability and Public Policy (IDPP)• Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School
  4. 4. For offeringunprecedented livelearning program with free,open-access education forthose denied equality andopportunity, includingwomen, religiousminorities, and under-privileged groupsHow Blackboard Helps• Essential tool for developing Iran’spioneer eLearning institute• Safe space for civic-minded citizens tofreely think, question, and explore• Session recordings broadcast viasatellite television to over 10 millionIranians each weekQuote“Travaana has securely andsuccessfully trained over 1,450 Iraniancivil society activists in 19 live e-courses and 20 webinars usingBlackboard Collaborate.”- Mariam Memarsadeghi, Co-directorBy the Numbers• 70% learned as much as in traditionalcourse• 77% improved way they use Internet• 99% would recommend courses
  5. 5. For delivering speechclinic telepractice toserve clients in ruralareas who don’t haveaccess to a speechtherapistMore Creative Uses•Hybrid/online classes•Office hours•Writing reviews•Community outreach•Outside speakers•Student teaching field observations•Faculty/graduate studentinterviewsQuote“With Blackboard Collaborate, thecollege can fill a serious need in thestate and eventually beyond. This isconsistent withy our mission to servethe public good and improve the livesof those within our community”- Christine Page, Manager of TechnologyIntegration and Resource Center
  6. 6. For significantlyreducingcosts, increasingenrollment of foreignstudents, andmaintaining studentsatisfactionMajor Achievements•Increased executive meetingfrequency by 100%•Maintained standardized andcentralized communication across18 campuses for 500 employees•Reduced travel expenses by morethan 90%•Increased foreign studentenrollment by 25% annually overlast 3 years•Increased student satisfaction byenabling synchronous interactionQuote“This data proves that the investmentin the Blackboard Collaborate platformcan be quickly recovered, with paybackin less than one year”- Mauricio Garcia Acevedo, Maestro
  7. 7. For delivering thefirst-of-its-kindMasters degreeprogram in disabilitypolicy to studentsworldwideMajor Achievements•Offers courses that incorporateuniversal design principles andInternational Disability Policy (IDP)•Enables access to students withvision, hearing, or mobilitydisabilities•Reaches students and facultyaround globe in Africa, Europe,North America, and Southeast Asia•Ensures same learning opportunitiesonline as in personQuote“Blackboard Collaborate’s propensity tocreate software that is accessible topeople with disabilities aligns with theIDPP’s dedication to inclusivity and ourdesire for all people to have the samelearning opportunities, regardless ofgeography, abilities, or disabilities.”- Dr. Derrick Cogburn, Executive Director
  8. 8. For piloting a flippedclassroom model thatblends best ofsynchronous andasynchronouscontent for entirelyonline educationMajor Achievements•Offers core content from 2nd through12th grade plus fine arts, languages,multiple electives•Closes gap in functionality anddesign for online instruction•Meets needs of students who scoreat basic or below on stateassessments•Enables teachers to focus oninstruction rather than sessioncreationQuote“We have demonstrated that studentsenrolled in our synchronous courseswith Blackboard Collaborate make moreacademic gains than those takingasynchronous courses.- Nicole Gianvito, DirectorThe Virtual High School
  9. 9. Stay connected.Share your innovations.Learn from others.