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  • 1. Institutions and audiences: The Film Industry
  • 2. The film... The film I have chosen to focus on is ‘Happy Feet 2’ which was released on the 2 December 2011.
  • 3. Production... Being the sequel for the smash hit childrens movie ‘Happy Feet’ the idea for this film just snowballed from the original, as viewers were enticed into the storyline and left wanting more after the first encounter. It is a childrens film telling the story of Mumble the penguins problems due to the fact his son Erik hates to dance. Resulting in Erik running away and landing himself in the company of The Mighty Sven – a penguin who can fly! Unable to compete with this, Mumble brings the forces together to restore natural order. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gKWNUyTGqss
  • 4.  Budget: £130,000,000 Other companies who financed the film include:
  • 5.  As Happy Feet is an animated film, there are no actors involved as such, however the characters have voice • The producer overs, which are produced by a few also produced well known celebrities. E.g.: the first Happy  The pop/rock singer ‘Pink’ does the Feet film along voice of Gloria  Brad Pitt covers the voice of Will the with other Krill smash hit  Matt Damon – Bill The Krill animations such  Ava Acres – Erik as Babe.  Elijah Wood – Mumble Along with many more.
  • 6.  The film was produced using a 3D format which gives it an added extra, making it more enticing for the audience. This is also an improvement on the first Happy Feet, showing the technological advances throughout the times.
  • 7. Distribution Warner Brothers were the distributors of the film, which consequently means that the film has a large chance of being widely noticed, as Warner Brothers are one of the largest distribution companies in the world, with a lot of followers etc.
  • 8.  The film was released on the 2nd December 2011, this resulted in key merchandise from the film being identified for Christmas presents for children who became fans of the film, which is a great marketing technique and great to advertise the film.
  • 9.  The trailer for the film was shown in a number of places in the lead up to the release of the film, primarily on T.V and in cinemas before other newly released films, but also on the internet on sites such as YouTube in advertisements before certain videos and so on.
  • 10. Cross Media Convergence The film was soon made into a video game for the giant consoles such as Xbox, Nintendo wii and Play Station. The soundtrack for the film was also released on CD by Watertower music on November 21st 2011, just before Christmas, which is a very clever marketing strategy as it is a potential present for fans of the film. It was also released on DVD and Blu-Ray on March 13th 2012. The film has therefore benefitted from being owned by a horizontally integrated media conglomerate as the hype of the film has been prolonged through the use of the video game and other such synergy meaning that more profit is made for the film.
  • 11.  Web 2.0 technologies were used by the film being advertised on Youtube as a trailer before certain videos. Facebook/Twitter users who had been to see the film, and posted something about it may have encouraged other Facebook/Twitter users to go and see the film. Actors who had taken part in the film may have posted something on their Twitter/Facebook account about the film may have also enticed people to go and see it, especially if they were followers/fans of the celebrity.
  • 12. Exhibition The film made $21,237,068 in the US box office on its opening weekend alone. The audience are also able to watch the film via the DVD that has been released, which is also on Blu-ray. They can also purchase/download the film off Lovefilm.com which is an up and coming film site showing how the media industry is improving rapidly.