Deconstructable New Construction: A Smart Alternative


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This presentation was recently approved by the U.S. Green Building Council & GBCI for one CEU credit. For those companies who need space fast, the Boomerang Building can be installed in as little as 21 days. Can't commit to a large capital investment or new construction not in the budget? Boomerang's short-term lease frees up cash flow and provides tax benefits. It is also a smart alternative to the waste of resources constructing permanent buildings for needs of only 2-5 years. Designed for deconstruction, the Boomerang has a high content of recycled materials, is 100% repurposed after each project and can contribute to LEED points.

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Deconstructable New Construction: A Smart Alternative

  1. 1. Mahaffey Fabric Structures  Boomerang Buildings 4161 Delp Street, Memphis, TN 38118 
  2. 2. Tents were sustainable long before there was a green movement. Since 1924, Mahaffey has taken numerous steps to adapt to these needs and decrease our ecological footprint
  3. 3. All elements of these temporary structures are carefully deconstructed after each use, cleaned in our waterconserving washing machine and then refurbished or repurposed for another project. The LEED credit Building Reuse may be a target, as it can be shown that the structure has been erected before. It represents 1 LEED point potential in MRc3.
  4. 4. Once the structure has reached the end of its lifespan, it is recycled after selective deconstruction by contacting the local recycling centers and shipping directly to the nearest mill or smelter. The frame is then melted down and reused. This can contribute to the LEED credit Construction Waste Management. It represents a 1-2 LEED point potential in MRc2.
  5. 5. The Boomerang Building was designed with these goals in mind.
  6. 6. Industrial professionals lease a Boomerang Building when: • There’s need for immediate, fully functional space. • New construction is not in the budget, but the demand needs to be satisfied tomorrow. • Frustrated that materials are being lost to theft and weather damage. • Project needs change and building(s) must be relocated quickly. • A conventional “tent” structure is not an option due to high winds or other environmental conditions, such as the need for thermal insulation. • Seeking a competitive advantage by supporting sustainable green initiatives.
  7. 7. Should the need arise for a temporary building and there is a limited installation time frame, Boomerang provides the ideal solution in just 21 days.
  8. 8. Can’t commit to a large capital investment or new construction not in the budget? Boomerang’s short-term lease frees up cash flow.
  9. 9. Benefits: • Low startup costs & quickly operational • Portable, temporary structure = property tax savings • Lease expense is fully tax deductible vs. depreciation of permanent real estate. Considered a business expense vs. capital expenditure – a strategic financial choice for many organizations • 1 LEED point potential in IDc1.1 by showing the cost and CO2 savings.
  10. 10. Money is always tight. If owners were presented with an option to bridge temporary needs with sturdy, temporary buildings in lieu of tents, they may choose this alternative.
  11. 11. Finally, the Boomerang is a smart alternative to the waste of resources used constructing permanent buildings for needs of only 2-5 years. It has a high content of recycled materials, is reused each time it is deployed and is itself recyclable at the end of its useful life. This can also contribute to the LEED credit Construction Waste Management. It may represent a 1-2 LEED point potential in MRc2.
  12. 12. :: Boomerang Building Mission :: To transform design teams’ thought process of new construction by incorporating a lease option for temporary, sustainable buildings that can be rapidly adapted to society’s changing needs, while causing the least amount of negative impact on our environment.
  13. 13. Boomerang Buildings are fast and cost-effective. Want one more reason? They’re green.
  14. 14. Green buildings: • Reduce construction costs • Reduce CO2 emissions • Reduce environmental impacts of new construction • Reduce liability, and by this, lower insurance costs • Achieve more predictable results in the design, construction and operation of built environments • Save money through tax benefits (lease cost vs. depreciation deduction) • Once the need no longer exists, the temporary building’s site can easily be restored to its landscaped origin
  15. 15. The cumulative impact of the design, construction and operation of built environments has profound implications on the environment and the economy.
  16. 16. Consider the lifecycle of these buildings: • Where did the building materials come from? Recycled content • Where will they go after use? Repurposed
  17. 17. LEED-related Components
  18. 18. Steel frame→ Nucor Yamato Steel in Blytheville, AR & Keeler Iron Works in Memphis, TN • Total Post Consumer Recycled Content (Steel): 82.3% • Total Pre-Consumer/Post-Industrial Recycled Content: 16.9% • 70 miles from Mahaffey headquarters: 5929 Arkansas 18 Blytheville, AR 72315
  19. 19. Boomerang Building Installation
  20. 20. Guardian Steel™ Walls & Roll-Up Door → Haas Door • Metal siding is made from steel that contains up to 80% recycled material. • CFC-free polyurethane insulation, resulting in energy efficiency, reducing the need for heating or cooling. • Insulated structures help reduce CO2 emissions by the lower energy need of building climate control systems. • High quality, long lasting, factory-applied finishes extend the lifespan of the siding, roof and roll-up door elements and make them reusable over and over again.
  21. 21. Storage Building for Auto Manufacturer – Smyrna, TN
  22. 22. Temporary Manufacturing Facility
  23. 23. Metal Roof → MBCI in Hernando, MS Composed of 35% recycled content. 100% reusable after each application. Insulation value can be adjusted to owner’s need. Strength of structure can be adjusted simply by the placement of the footplates. • 25 miles from Mahaffey headquarters: 300 Old Highway 51 S Hernando, MS 38632 • • • •
  24. 24. Fabric → Sometimes used for Roof and/or Walls • 7-year Warranty; 100% reusable after each application • U.V. resistant/opaque fabric or translucent fabric for natural day lighting • 100% recyclable textile through Texyloop process
  25. 25. Lighting System: Energy-Efficient Fluorescent or LED Lighting • Technology + Effective Design = Performance & Energy Savings • This system is designed using T5 (5/8" in diameter) lamps, or LED lighting for improved energy efficiency. LED luminaries are durable and reusable with a life span of min. 5 years. It offers improved efficiency, higher intensity and potentially longer life due to reduced degradation in light output over time. • ENERGY STAR certified products
  26. 26. Industrial Warehouse Building – Smyrna, TN
  27. 27. Elementary School Gymnasium – Joplin, MO
  28. 28. Gymnasium > Two Years Later
  29. 29. Materials & Resources • We pay special attention to the selection of sustainable materials and their procurement (lifecycle impacts) o Practice sustainable purchasing o Select highly recycled content materials o Salvage all elements of the temporary building o Reuse all elements with minor refurbishment • Waste management o Manage construction waste both during installation and at the end of the components’ useful life. o Salvage and reuse all materials used in the construction process.
  30. 30. Temporary Air Ambulance Hangar – Valentine, NE
  31. 31. Site and Indoor Environmental Quality • Integrated pest management: We have created a plan to prevent pests from entering and damaging the building and its contents. • Select appropriate materials: Use low VOC emitting materials (steel panels vs. fabric, no VOC emitting insulation) to limit offgassing. • Use lighting controls: Lighting system to include timer to turn off interior lighting and motion sensor as possible for energy saving of exterior lighting. • Control thermal comfort: HVAC systems controlled by a Building Automation System to control indoor temperature as a function of the exterior temperature and humidity. • Provide day lighting and views: Utilize natural light with window walls or skylight systems if requested.
  32. 32. Auto Parts Storage – Smyrna, TN
  33. 33. Temporary Fireboat Cover – Port of Los Angeles
  34. 34. As your needs change, so can your building, thanks to its modular design and inherent flexibility. Boomerang Buildings can be reconfigured, expanded and relocated with ease.
  35. 35. This concept takes green building to the next level. It encourages project teams to create environments that may be completely restored or regenerated once the need for the temporary building no longer exists. Through this effort, we are ultimately able to provide positive environmental, social and economic impacts.
  36. 36. We’re not just creating a better building, but a smarter one.
  37. 37. By using these structures doing the right thing becomes the logical, economical and environmentally correct choice. Make a difference by leasing a temporary, sustainable Boomerang Building. 800.918.5795