NASA's 2014 International Space Apps Challenge: Collaboration Process


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This presentation outlines the collaboration process. NASA's International Space Apps Challenge is an innovative incubator program. In 2014, over 8000 participants from around the world convened around NASA data in five mission challenge areas [asteroid, earth watch, human spaceflight, robotics, and space tech] to create 671 solutions. This presentation to the US federal government challenge community answers the question about how teams in a challenge environment.

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NASA's 2014 International Space Apps Challenge: Collaboration Process

  1. 1. 2014 International Space Apps Challenge Beth Beck, NASA Open Innovation Program Manager
  2. 2. 2014 International Space Apps Challenge BethBeck,NASA
  3. 3.  46 countries participated  735 virtual participants  69 virtual team projects Space Apps 2014 kicked off Thursday night in Doha, Qatar at midnight and ended in Seattle, Washington at 6 p.m. Pacific time —76 hours of around-the-world hacking on NASA data challenges. Volunteer Engagement Around the Planet 2014 Space Apps Challenge Overview BethBeck,NASA
  4. 4. Earth Watch: Where on Earth (44 projects) Cool It (21) Robotics: Exomars Rover is My Robot (42) Asteroids: Asteroid Prospector (38) Space Tech: Space Wearables (25) Alert-Alert (24) Space Flight: Growing Food for A Martian Table (22) SpaceT (20) Most Popular Challenges 2014 Space Apps Challenge Overview BethBeck,NASA
  5. 5. Global Winners 2014 Space Apps Challenge Overview BethBeck,NASA
  6. 6. 2014 Space Apps Challenge Overview Global Winners BethBeck,NASA
  7. 7. Collaboration = Complex + MESSY! Open-ended solutions, No rules of engagement, No one is in charge, Individuals bring baggage. BethBeck,NASA
  8. 8. Key Ingredients: Motivation Contribution Disruption Collaborative Secret Sauce BethBeck,NASA
  9. 9. What Brings Us Together? Shared Purpose/Passion Collaboration: Motivation BethBeck,NASA
  10. 10. Self-fulfillment within community context: Create social good Solve problems Demonstrate skills Try something new Collaboration: Motivation BethBeck,NASA
  11. 11. What do we bring to the community? Intellectual + Social + Physical Capital Collaboration: Contribution BethBeck,NASA
  12. 12. Collaboration: Contribution Teams, like solutions, come in all shapes and sizes BethBeck,NASA
  13. 13. Solvers Come in Unexpected Packages Collaboration: Contribution Space Family Robinson: Toronto’s People’s Choice Winner BethBeck,NASA
  14. 14. Diversity of Thinking: Coders + Designers + Artists + Makers Divergents + Convergents Deductives + Inductives + Abductives Right Brains + Left Brains Extroverts + Introverts Collaboration: Contribution Vive la différence! BethBeck,NASA
  15. 15. Challenge deadlines MAGNIFY tensions. Goals & expectations, Methods, Personality quirks, Idea ownership, and Unequal recognition. Individuals differ over: Collaboration: Disruption Uncertainty and change = discomfort, tension, conflict BethBeck,NASA
  16. 16. Collaboration: Disruption Disruptive thinking reveals new possibilities! BethBeck,NASA
  17. 17. BethBeck,NASA Wanted: Disruptive Thinking NOT Disruptive Behavior! Share ideas, resources, time. Treat each other with respect. Listen. Seek ideas of others. Offer expertise, as needed. Collaborate, don’t dominate. Create Code of Conduct: Collaboration: Disruption
  18. 18. Collaborative Match-Making Process Tables organized by challenge for self-selection. Provide Virtual + Physical Connection Points Nametags designate team interests or skills. BethBeck,NASA
  19. 19. Collaborative Match-Making Process Not all teams work. Be prepared to referee…if necessary…. BethBeck,NASA
  20. 20. Collaboration = Complex + Messy, but WELL worth it! BethBeck,NASA
  21. 21. Space Apps: Brought to you by NASA’s Open Gov Team BethBeck,NASA