School District Correspondence


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Want to know what school districts are saying about networking? Hear from a panel of school district recruiters who will help you navigate the sometimes intimidating correspondence between you and your schools of interest. From how to follow up with a principal to how to stand out in a career fair, come participate in this very informative discussion!

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School District Correspondence

  1. 1. Making the Grade in YOUR Job Search:A Teacher’s Guide to Career Success School District Correspondence: How to Make the Most of YOUR Networking Opportunities Presented by: Bethany Bagley College of Education Career Consultant
  2. 2. Types of Correspondence  Cover letters/Letters of Applications
  3. 3. Cover Letter/Letter of Application A cover letter should:  Market your skills, abilities, and experiences  Accompany your resume and provide more detail  Relate to the job to which you are applying When do I use it?  Job posting requirement  Networking/Conveying interest When do I NOT use it?  Career Fairs
  4. 4. Cover Letter/Letter of Application When do I use it?  When applying for a school district Attach your cover letter in PDF format.
  5. 5. How to Format a Cover Letter Heading:  Always address someone specifically; never To whom it may concern:  Address the principal/superintendent/human resources director Paragraph 1: Brief Introduction  Degree/Certification  Summary of Qualifications  Connection to school/district Paragraph 2: Qualifications backed up by experience  3-5 UNIQUE skills/attributes  More than your resume  Connection to school/district Paragraph 3: Bringing it all together  Restate interest  Contact information  Connection to school/district
  6. 6. What NOT to do:October 16, 2012Gwinnett County School DistrictDepartment of Human ResourcesDuluth, GA 30096To whom it may concern:I am applying for the Elementary Teacher position. I have the knowledge and skillsyou are looking for to fill this position. My career has included opportunities toplan, develop and implement various teaching strategies for diverse students. Ihave excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Please call me to schedule afollow up interview.Sincerely,Joe Bulldog
  7. 7. Types of Correspondence  Cover letters/Letters of Applications  Principal Introductory Email
  8. 8. How to Format Principal Correspondence Should be brief, contain your BEST qualities, and include contact information.
  9. 9. Types of Correspondence  Cover letters/Letters of Applications  Principal Introductory Email  Thank You Notes
  10. 10. How to Format Thank You Notes Send within 24-48 hours If handwritten, make sure it is legible. Remind the administrator of the interaction/ conversation.
  11. 11. QUESTIONS?
  12. 12. Meet an ALUM! Tell us about your job search journey.
  13. 13. Come visit me at the Career Center! To make an appointment call 706-542-3375 OR Visit Satellite Hours in Aderhold 124N every Tuesday from 3:00pm- 5:00pmJoe Frank Harris Commons every Thursday from 1:00pm-3:00pm OR Visit Walk-Ins HoursAvailable everyday in Clark Howell Hall from 12:00pm-2:00pm