New Members Round Table


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PowerPoint presentation for LIS students considering joining the Nebraska Library Association.

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New Members Round Table

  1. 1. Nebraska Library Association<br />New Members Round Table<br />
  2. 2. What is the Nebraska Library Association?<br />NLA is “the voice of Nebraska’s libraries.”<br />The Association shall be an educational, non-profit corporation whose purpose shall be to promote all library interests in Nebraska. <br />
  3. 3. What is the purpose of New Members Round Table?<br /><ul><li>To provide orientation to the library profession for new members of NLA
  4. 4. To encourage membership and participation in national, state, and local library organizations.
  5. 5. To promote a greater feeling of responsibility for the development of library service and librarianship.
  6. 6. To actively assist the NLA in its work.
  7. 7. To promote professional growth through the exchange of ideas and information.
  8. 8. To provide an entry point for new members into the decision- and policy-making processes of the NLA.</li></li></ul><li>Cost to Join<br /><ul><li>One-year student membership to NLA is only $17!
  9. 9. Join one section free
  10. 10. Choose from the College & University Section, Paraprofessional Section, Public Library and Trustee Section, School, Children & Young People’s Section, and Special & Institutional Section
  11. 11. NMRT- First year is free to new members
  12. 12. Additional round tables $5 each
  13. 13. Choose from the Information Technology and Access Round Table, Technical Services Round Table, and Young Adult Round Table</li></li></ul><li>Meetings<br />NMRT annual meeting at the NLA Annual Conference held in the fall<br />Spring Meeting in April<br />Officers meet every other month<br />
  14. 14. How to Get Involved<br /><ul><li>Conference Connections- NMRT sponsored events at NLA Annual
  15. 15. Sessions from 2010: Speed Networking! Get Connected, Library Science Student/New Professionals Poster Session, 1 Year Out: 4 Recent Graduates Talk About Life After Library School
  16. 16. Help staff the NMRT booth at NLA Annual and meet other new librarians
  17. 17. Spring meeting- meet other new librarians and learn something new</li></li></ul><li>Reasons to Join NMRT<br />“NLA Annual is a great way to meet people from Nebraska libraries. I wouldn’t have the library job I have today if it wasn’t for a conversation I had during a conference luncheon.” <br />“The NMRT poster session at NLA Annual gave me an opportunity to present for the first time at a conference and the confidence to try presenting again next year.” <br />
  18. 18. Learn more at our website<br /><br />