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Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 2. Bell Ringing
  • 3. Wiping Feet
  • 4. Shot of Emma’s Face
    “Emma is that you?”. Emma removes sunglasses. “Hello Miranda”
  • 5. Title:
  • 6. Miranda and Emma walk through Bridal Shop...
    Miranda “This should be the perfect fit”
  • 7. Title:
    The dress
  • 8. The Dress
  • 9. Title:
    The bridesmaids
  • 10. Shot of Bridesmaids looking in the mirror.
  • 11. Title:
    The Invitations
  • 12. Over the shoulder shot of opening the invites.
  • 13. Title:
    The ring
  • 14. Shot of the Ring
    “who’s the lucky man”
  • 15. Title
    But there was one slight problem
  • 16. Extreme close up of Emma’s Face
  • 17. Shot of Emma Talking on the Phone in the car
    Although this is out of the car, I would like to try to zoom in from out the car. But this could be very difficult. If I cannot do this I will just start from Emma talking on the phonte inside the car.
    “ Don’t worry hunny we will find you a man” (friend on the phone)
  • 18. Shot of her friend in the kitchen
    “But I have one month!”
  • 19. Return to Emma in car
    “It’s okay Emma, I have a great idea... Meet me tonight, at 8” (Friend on the phone”
  • 20. Over the Shoulder shot of them sitting at a computer
  • 21. Shot of them sitting discussing the dating website.
    General Chat, “young, funny and got her wedding planned”
  • 22. Shot of computer screen “1 request”
  • 23. The girls jump up screaming, shot of them dancing around.
    This will be a mid shot, so you can see the two girls celebrating
  • 24. Over the shoulder shot of them accepting the request,
  • 25. The next 3 shots will be fast pace, and you will just see them for a spilt second,
  • 26. Pose 1: Emma and friend sit tapping their feet waiting for him to say hi
  • 27. Pose 2: Emma and friend stride around the room, doing different exercises waiting for him to reply
  • 28. PING: he replies and the girls run to the computer.
  • 29. Shot of computer “hey sexy, how you doing?”
  • 30. Emma Replies “hello, I’m okay thanks, are you?” 
  • 31. We then see the mans hands type“All the better for seeing your beautiful face” 
  • 32. Emma: Thank you… your not too bad looking yourself. (on the mans computer screen) 
  • 33. Laughter.We the see who the “man” is, 4 teenage boys sat at home. 
  • 34. Shot of Emma in the car on the phone.“okay plan two… open the paper to the personal adds”
  • 35. Emma opens newspaper to the personal adds section.“Beautiful business woman wanting hot summer nights, call me ;)” 
  • 36. Emma screams… RACHEL I SOUND LIKE A HOOKER
  • 37. Title: The perfect Bride, out in cinemas 20th December.
  • 38. Emma talking to an older woman.Older woman: Emma darling its such a shame you don't have a boyfriend,
    Emma: Oh no, with no boyfriend I can enjoy having expensive wine,
    hot sex, and I don’t have to share my hot water in the morning”
  • 39. THE END