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professional organisations for fun and profit


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Presentation on value of professional associations to MMU Library & Information students Nov 2012

Presentation on value of professional associations to MMU Library & Information students Nov 2012

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  • 1. Professionalorganisations for funand profitBethan Ruddock, Content Development Officer, Library & Archival Services,MimasMMU 21/11/12
  • 2. Who am I?Bethan Ruddock, MCLIP@bethanar2006-7 Graduate Trainee,University of Manchester Library2007-8 MA Library and InformationStudies, MMU2008-current Library & ArchivalServices, MimasMember of CILIP Future Skills Panel& SLA Europe Board
  • 3. What are professional organisations? Membership bodies Affiliated to a profession May have a Charter May qualify or register practitioners May be a charity used under a CC licence from
  • 4. What can they do for you?A professional organisation will do most or all of the following:• Run events/conferences/training courses • And provide awards/bursaries to attend them• Provide opportunities for networking• Provide opportunities for structured professional development• Provide chances for a mentoring or peer support program• Publish journals/magazines/newsletters/blogs• Have committees, staffed by members• Provide careers advice & employment support – throughout your career• Provide access to resources such as journals, databases, web- based training
  • 5. What can they do for you? All of these offer you chances to: • Get involved • Develop skills • Get experience } that you can’t get at work • Make contacts • Contribute to developments • Help develop others • Broaden your perspective • Build your profile used under a CC licence from
  • 6. What can they do for theprofession?Professional organisations will:• Set standards• Develop guidelines• Advocate for the profession• Lobby decision makers• Provide ethical guidelines• Develop the profession• Provide support and guidance for practitioners used under a CC licence from
  • 7. What can you do for a professional organisation? • Join! • ‘A strong membership is necessary for organisations to have a strong voice’ (Fiona Bradley, IFLA) • Advocate the value of the body • Get involved – offer time and talents • Provide feedback • Support other members used under a CC licence from
  • 8. Professional organisations
  • 9. Membership feesStudent membership fees, 2012/13:CILIP: £38Special Libraries Association: $40 (about £26)ARA: £12ISKO: €15 (about £12) = £117.50BIALL: £8.50ALA: $33 (about £21)Aslib: FREE (under MMU’s membership)IFLA: FREE (with membership of an affiliatedorganisation)
  • 10. How to find the right organisation foryou?• Join! • Try them out while they’re cheap• Find out about them• Read website & publications (where available – try the library)• Talk to members• Read blog posts• Look at conference programs• What are other people in your sector/desired sector members of? used under a CC licence from
  • 11. What if you can’t find the rightorganisation for you?• Think about creating your own!• Find like-minded people• Build your CV• Make a difference!
  • 12. Image used under a CC licence from Bethan Ruddock @bethanar www.lisnewprofs.com21/11/2012 13