A Sanctuary in Time


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A Sanctuary in Time

  1. 1. A Sanctuary in Time Erev Shabbat at Congregation Beth Am
  2. 2. Psalm 150 Composed by Billy Tiep | Tizmoret l’cha DoDi Composed by shlomo carlebach | shabbat in the Round Native American Melody as heard at Kehilat Kol Haneshama, Jerusalem aDonai s’faTai Composed by noah aronson | Tizmoret Yih’Yu l’RaTzon Composed by fred Ross-Perry cantor lauren Bandman, cantor Kay Greenwald, fred Ross-Perry, Russell norman mi chamocha Composed by Danny nichols | Tizmoret V’shamRu Composed by moshe Rothblum | shabbat in the Round oPen Words and Music by Judith silver cantor lauren Bandman, Kari Kirk, Daniel cher, Russell norman meDiTaTion Composed by marshall a. Portnoy cantor lauren Bandman, Ben lloyd, Russell norman Psalm 29 niGGun Composed by shlomo carlebach | shabbat in the Round oPen mY liPs Composed by Peter and ellen allard cantor lauren Bandman, Kari Kirk, Daniel cher, Russell norman DoDi li Composed by nira chen | shabbat in the Round oseh shalom Composed by Jerome Rossen | shabbat in the Round elohai n’zToR Composed by Danny maseng cantor Kay Greenwald, cantor lauren Bandman, Kari Kirk, Daniel cher, Russell norman oseh shalom Composed by michael hunter ochs | Tizmoret *All texts from the liturgy except for Open. Songs are not in service order.
  3. 3. Rejoice, Reflect and Renew with the sacred songs of shabbat. Our tradition teaches that the first three days of each week are an extension of the spirit of the previous Shabbat, as are the last three days of each week for the upcoming Shabbat. This idea of experiencing the celebration, rest and rejuvenation of Shabbat throughout the week is the inspiration for this compilation. Our hope is that this music, lovingly recorded especially for our Beth Am community, will inspire you to carry the spirit of Shabbat with you wherever you go. Enjoy! ~Cantor Lauren Bandman shaBBaT in The RounD cantor lauren Bandman vocals/guitar Be’eri moalem viola Ken mowrey percussion TizmoReT cantor lauren Bandman vocals/guitar Jonny hollin percussion Jesse Krohn percussion Ben lloyd oboe Russell norman piano harlan ohara bass fred Ross-Perry vocals/guitar also feaTuRinG Daniel cher violin cantor Kay Greenwald vocals Kari Kirk vocals
  4. 4. www.betham.org/sanctuarylisten for song texts, commentary and more information This album was funded in part by the Beth am music and art fund. Your contributions are welcomed to support future projects. Special thankS to anonymous (2), congregation Beth am Board of Directors, micki miller, Dr. harry and Brenda mittelman, Barbara oshman and heather Rafter. thank you alSo to The amazing performers who gave of their time and extraordinary talents, matt cohen and John mcGleenan at one union Recording studios, carol Kantor Douglas, mandy eisner, mark holtzman, Ben lloyd, Rabbi Janet marder and Rachel Tasch. musical Direction by cantor lauren Bandman Produced by cantor lauren Bandman Recorded and mixed by matt cohen at one union Recording studios mastered by Jonathan Wyner Design and layout by liz Vaisben original artwork © 2013 lisa Rauchwerger autumn 2013 | 5774 congregation Beth am | los altos hills, california