EDU 5611 Module 3
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EDU 5611 Module 3






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EDU 5611 Module 3 EDU 5611 Module 3 Presentation Transcript

  • #10 Search for a Specific File Type
      • Want to find a specific type of file like a PDF, Document, or Mp3?
      • Just type in “filetype.pdf” and instantly get only PDF results!
  • #9 Consolidate Email Accounts
      • Do you have a separate email account for work, APSU, your personal life, and those pesky sign-up sites?
      • Through Gmail you can have all old emails from other accounts imported into your Gmail inbox. Also, you can forward all new emails from other accounts to your Gmail account.
      • Ta-da—all your email in one place!
  • #8 Google Groups
      • Assigning a group project for your high school students and need a way for them to meet and work? Is your Professional Learning Community struggling to find time to meet?
      • Google Groups is the perfect way to meet online, safely and securely. You can collaborate, set up timelines, and email lists.
  • #7 Save As PDF
      • Need an easy way to share a website with a colleague? Emails taking too long to send because of size?
      • Use this bookmarklet to save any webpage instantly as a PDF. PDF’s can be opened and sent easily.
  • #6 Invite Others
      • Want to make sure parents remember the upcoming field trip? Not sure your classmates know what day you are meeting?
      • Use Invite Others on Google Calendar to keep everyone up-to-date. Simply add an email address under the event you create and a reminder will be sent to everyone you add.
  • #5 Google Scholar
      • Doubting the credibility of a source you are using?
      • Use Google Scholar to find scholarly journals, articles, critiques, and other literature that has been peer-reviewed.
      • You and your students will be able to have the best scholarly documents at your fingertips.
  • #4 Get a Text Message With Your Daily Agenda
      • Do you live a crazy, hectic wonderfully busy life as a teacher, parent, student, etc?
      • With Google Calendar, you can have your schedule for the day sent directly to your phone.
      • On those days when the grocery store, meetings, and assignments seem to clutter your brain, let Google Calendar remind you of what needs to be done.
    Paper due by 4
  • #3 Blogger
      • Want an easy way to stay in touch with parents, collaborate with teachers, and teach your students great writing skills?
      • Use Blogger to easily create a blog where you can post assignments, projects, and pictures for parents and colleagues. Let students share their ideas and knowledge about your subject. A blog is an instant newsletter and networking tool!
  • #2 Google Images
      • Do you need that perfect picture to show your students? Are images a requirement for the project your students are working on?
      • Google Images lets you search for images with a few simple keywords. Make sure to only use “labeled for reuse” images (a feature under usage on advanced image search).
      • This is the best way to find images that are free and usable.
  • And the
  • #1 Collaborate on group projects through Google Docs
      • Have a project due in a few days and no time to meet? Tired of carrying home stacks of papers and projects?
      • Google Docs lets you edit and collaborate documents, presentations, and spreadsheets in real-time.
      • You can even grade and comment on student work!
  • Resources All images taken from Microsoft Office or Google Images (reusable only)