Best Practices: Backward Compatibility


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A series of best practices: some tips on how to manage Backward Compatibility

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Best Practices: Backward Compatibility

  1. 1. Managing Backward Compatibility Best Practices
  2. 2. Backward Compatibility: on API & Services To facilitate merging feature by feature with minimal impact on the whole system, it is key to support backward compatibility in the development. • Use V2 method in API / Service / Stored procedure Ex: Instead of changing the current method : public object Method (long applicationId) Create a new one : public object Method_V2 (short channelId, string universCode) Then flag the old one as obsolete : [System.Obsolete("This method is shouldn't be used anymore, use Method_V2 instead")] public object Method (long applicationId) 2
  3. 3. Backward Compatibility: on Database • On Database, Add and clean after Ex: You need to change a table with a new column Table_1 (ID INT, Col1 VARCHAR(10)) Add the new column and keep the existing one : Table_1 (ID INT, Col1 VARCHAR(10), Col2 INT) With the new feature, the Col1 won’t be used anymore, but in the case this is used by another feature or if the feature is not validated in time to go to production, the database release won’t be an issue. 3
  4. 4. Backward cCompatibility: New Parameters • Use over loading Ex: You need to add a parameter to an existing method MethodA(parameter 1, parameter 2) Create another method : MethodA(parameter1, parameter 2, parameter 3) And change the existing one to call the new one : MethodA (parameter1, parameter 2) Call MethodA (parameter1, parameter 2, default value for paramater 3) Manage the default value in the new method. 4
  5. 5. Backward Compatibility: object request / response • Use object request / response Prefer object request instead of a list of parameter Ex: MethodA(parameter 1, parameter 2, parameter 3, paramater 4, parameter 5) MethodA(objectRequest request) In this case, objectRequest will provide 5 properties corresponding to parameter 1 to 5 You can now change the object request wihtout breaking change and manage new parameter on the service / API side. 5
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