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Introduction to App Store Optimization
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Introduction to App Store Optimization


Published on

Betable's Tyler York hosted it's first webinar yesterday: Introduction to App Store Optimization.

Betable's Tyler York hosted it's first webinar yesterday: Introduction to App Store Optimization.

Published in: Technology

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  • A great source of ASO:
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  • 1. APP STOREOPTIMIZATIONTyler York – Marketing at Betable
  • 2. My ASO experience Lookout Mobile Security  #1 Android Mobile Security app  Marketing employee #3, worked on ASO, keyword optimization, and rebrand  Grew from 1m to 4.5m users in 6 months Betable  Advise game companies on ASO, marketing
  • 3. Results from this class Soulcraft Beeline RTD 2  Paid iOS app, $2.99  Increased sales 40%
  • 4. DiscoverabilityThe art of getting found
  • 5. Two ways to get discoveredPeople search for you People find you
  • 6. What drives iOS Discoverability?Search Rank Leaderboard Rank Keywords  Downloads Downloads Ratings (number) Rating (stars) Will talk about iOS 6 changes in a minute
  • 7. iOS Example
  • 8. What drives AndroidDiscoverability?Search Rank Leaderboard Rank Title  Download rating: Word and phrase  Downloads usage in description  Install-to-Open Rate  UninstallRate  Retention
  • 9. Android Example
  • 10. Optimize your descriptionFor people and for robots
  • 11. Writing a good description Attention  Why should they look at this app? Interest  Why this app versus others?  Social proof, reviews, quotes, #1, etc Desire  Make them want it  Begin telling the story  Feature list Action
  • 12. Description Example – Lili for iOS
  • 13. iOS 6 Changes First screenshot featured in app listing Developer name no longer impacts rank Ratings (# of rating and Stars) significantly more important New concept of “Keyword cloud” Public transit Bus Subway DRT MUNI BART
  • 14. iOS 6 Changes
  • 15. Android-specific Tips Title Word & phrase placement Word & phrase placement (repeatedly) Competing apps
  • 16. Android Example
  • 17. Design an eye-catching iconYou have 1.5 seconds to convince me
  • 18. Why icons matter None of these icons stand out
  • 19. Picking a direction for your icon Competitive analysis – what are consumers expecting? How can we differentiate?  Style  Color  Graphic/Symbol  Text The 10 foot test  Contrast  Recognizable
  • 20. Icon example
  • 21. Getting your icon made Hire a design firm  TheSkinFactory, SoftFacade, IconFactory Hire a designer  Reach out to your network Cost / Quality 99 Designs  Best ratio of quality-to-cost oDesk / eLance Do it yourself
  • 22. Outmaneuver competing appsThey are already doing this
  • 23. Analyzing competitors Discovering competitors’ keywords  Identify competing keywords  Rank them for each app, repeat  Determine top keywords, best opportunities
  • 24. Competitive analysis example
  • 25.
  • 26. Beating an established competitorOn iOS On Android Icon  Keyword usage Discoverability  Title tag Rating  Icon Screenshot  Rating
  • 27. Getting FeaturedThe Holy Grail
  • 28. Getting Featured on iOS Think like Apple: does my app align with their vision and goals?  Beautiful  Innovative  Uses Apple functionality  Popular  Monetizes
  • 29. Getting Featured on Android Think like Google: does my app align with their vision and goals?  Wellbuilt, follows best practices  Consistent across devices  Localized (or “language agnostic”)  Unique to Android Submit to Friday Review
  • 30. QUESTIONSThank you for attending.