10 tips to acquire loyal app users(eng)


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Presentation given by Fiksu CEO, Micah Adler, in Seoul, December 2012 - An event co-hosted with beSUCCESS, Korea.

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10 tips to acquire loyal app users(eng)

  1. 1. 10 Tips to Acquire Loyal AppUsers in the US and Globally Micah Adler, CEO and Founder of Fiksu December 15, 2012
  2. 2. Mobile Apps: Big Opportunities, Big Challenges‣ 1.4 million apps in Apple App Store & GooglePlay‣ $19B mobile apps & advertising revenue in 2012 (MARY MEEKER, DEC 2012)‣ $46 Billion in revenue will be generated by mobile apps in 2016 (ABI RESEARCH, NOV 2012)‣ 92% of all smartphone users download apps (FIERCE MOBILE, NOV 2012)‣ Average iOS device uses > 100 apps overall (APPLE CEO TIM COOK, SEPT 2012)
  3. 3. Mobile App Marketing Landscape is Complex Source: LUMA Partners
  4. 4. Fiksu High-Performance Mobile App Marketing Platform• Turnkey integration to entire mobile app ecosystem: – Ad networks, RTB exchanges, Incent Networks, . . .• Intelligent algorithms optimize performance. Optimization Centralized Buying Integrated Attribution Performance EXCEPTIONAL MARKETING RESULTS
  5. 5. The World’s Leading Mobile App Marketers Use Fiksu to:‣ Deliver large install volumes cost effectively‣ Acquire highly-engaged, loyal users‣ Drive cost efficiency for best ROI‣ Achieve exceptional store visibility to drive organic users‣ Gain actionable insights into marketing performance‣ Outsource to the experts
  6. 6. Challenges in expansion to US & Globally ‣ Localization ‣User acquisition practices › Some markets highly competitive
  7. 7. Considerations for Going Global‣ Localization › The app itself › Ensuring app’s discoverability in country-specific stores: › Title, description, search keywords and ads
  8. 8. Considerations for Going Global‣ User Acquisition in Highly Competitive Markets › Getting to Top 10 in iOS App Store: › US: ≅ 65k-75k downloads/day › Korea: ≅15k-20k downloads/day › Volume requires broad user acquisition strategies › Important: use country specific traffic sources
  9. 9. 10 Tips for Global User AcquisitionBased on Fiksu’s experience withpromoting hundreds of top apps
  10. 10. 1: Maximize organic lift through optimal app store rank‣ Organic lift: organic downloads driven by ad spend‣ Goals based on rank: Rank #1 › Best cost/organic download . . Cost > › Maximize volume . . Benefit . › Quality of organic users – . .‣ Key variables to track: . . Optimal ROI › Overall app rank . . – › Category, sub-category rank . . . Insufficient › App ratings . . volume XX
  11. 11. 2) Balance incent and non-incent sources‣ Highly competitive markets (like the US): › Incentivized traffic crucial in reaching ranking goals › Non-incent traffic provides loyal users‣ Fiksu launched our own rewards platform: FreeMyApps › 750,000 monthly active users › Launched more than 120 titles this year alone › Used by 30 of the top 50 grossing game publishers in the iTunes Store
  12. 12. 3) Incorporate vast global media inventoryIncentivized Non-Incentivized Ad Networks RTB Exchanges Social Publisher Direct Example: Fiksu reach: 225 billion iOS and Android impressions per month
  13. 13. 4) Centralize your media buyingWithout centralized buying:‣ More difficult to obtain large install volumes cost effectively‣ Multiple bids on the same publisher inventory‣ Audience saturation limits the life of campaigns‣ Network-specific optimization worse than campaign-wide optimization
  14. 14. 5) Optimize on post-download events based on your loyal user‣ Attribute post-download actions driving your business Repeat usage In App Purchase Registrations, leads Online & Physical Sales‣ Tie actions back to media sources driving loyal users‣ Tightly couple to optimization for best performance “Expanded Loyal user base Optimize Optimize while reducing cost to acquire on loyal users- on Up to 3x loyal users by 50%; achieved #2 in Downloads performance iOS Productivity category.” – Cole Mercer, Director of Marketing, Lemon
  15. 15. 6) Integrate attribution with optimization‣ Attribution challenges: › Different traffic sources require different attribution technologies › iOS transitioning slowly from UDID to IDfA‣ Advantages of integration with optimization: › More reliable data › Insights actionable immediately › Evaluate millions of combinations to drive superior performance‣
  16. 16. 7) Learn from the past‣ Use historical conversion and monetization data › Loyal usage should be tied back to ad spend Media Performance › Entire history of campaign › Entire history of resulting users › Leverage data across apps Loyal User History LTV‣ Key data source for optimization‣ Fiksu: over 58B in-app actions in our KnowledgeBase Better Decisions › All tracked back to source Better ROI
  17. 17. 8) Unite all metrics in one place‣ Key to success: consolidate reporting from all media sources into single analytics dashboard‣ Real-time‣ Immediately actionable
  18. 18. 9) Take advantage of real time bidding‣ RTB exchanges: the most targeted way to buy media‣ Purchasing more directly from publisher‣ Delivers best price/performance‣ Many advertisers do not access this inventory‣ Integrate optimization and attribution directly with RTB Exchanges to ensure effiency
  19. 19. 10) Take advantage of holidays and new device introductions‣ Holiday period offers huge opportunity, but it’s competitive and expensive‣ 2011 spike in app discovery & user activity: › 6.8 million new iOS & Android devices were activated on Christmas Day › 1.2 billion apps were downloaded between Christmas and New Years Eve › Traffic and spending doubled during that week › Opportunity for those seeking peak growth‣ Similar opportunities at times of new device introductions such as the iPhone 5 launch
  20. 20. 10 Tips from Fiksu’s experience1 Maximize organic lift through optimal App Store rank2 Balance incent and non-incent sources3 Incorporate vast global media inventory4 Centralize your media buying5 Optimize on post-download events based on your loyal user6 Integrate attribution with optimization7 Learn from the past8 Unite all metrics in one place9 Utilize real time bidding10 Take advantage of holidays and new device introductions
  21. 21. Contact Us Fiksu APAC Phone: +65 6372 9538Email: sales-apac@fiksu.com
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