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Reliance Commercial Finance

  1. 1. India’s Best Companies forRewards and Recognition 2012 Reliance Commercial Finance International Leaders and India’s Foremost in Work – Life Benefits, Rewards and Loyalty Solutions
  2. 2. Rewards & Recognition philosophy
  3. 3. Unique proposition• Circle of triumph as a brand has been developed which symbolizes R&R• Family connect: Building a business connect through a individual & families.• Celebrating awards in a colorful & exceptional manner• Touching off roll staff through spot recognitions. (Best Loggers, Best Disbursers)• The Final Frontier: Our channel partners DSA’s are felicitated through this forum.• Hi 5 club: Employees completing 5 years are felicitated along with families• Incentive trips: Organization sponsors an offshore trip for top performers• Frequency: Monthly, Quarterly & Yearly• Types of Recognition - 3 Fold approach: 1. Organization based (6 degree of perfection) 2. Culture based (customer centricity, collaboration, innovation, knowledge, appreciation culture, quality awards) 3. Business & Performance based (CEO’s club, CFO’s club) Titre du document - date - Arial regular 8pts 3
  4. 4. Reliance DNA’s a part of R&R DNA recognitions: Behavior of employees which is a reflection of our organization DNA Value system is recognized and awarded.The six DNA’S are:1. Entrepreneurial Mindset: Building ownership for visionary growth & profitability2. Ownership & Commitment: Stronger together, committed to organization vision3. Speed & Execution: Speed in thought & action to enable state-of-the-art execution of ideas4. Integrity: Constant guiding force5. Respect & Dignity: Cares for people and values human dignity6. Pride & Passion: Emotion that bond us and drive excellence Titre du document - date - Arial regular 8pts 4
  5. 5. Taking R&R to the next level 24*7 recognition: The entire process of R&R is online, through a people portal called Parivartan. Transparency & Fairness maintained R&R Committee, led by senior leadership team at RCF Regular update of winners on our intranet called ‘My World’ Aspirational value: Platform for recognition in public domain. On an average 12% of employees are recognized across organisation Titre du document - date - Arial regular 8pts 5
  6. 6. Measuring effectiveness - ROIEmployee responses are surest and the most scientific way to measure oureffectiveness. These responses are taken constantly. In the recent GPTW surveywe scored a rocking 78% to the statement‘Everybody has an opportunity to get special recognition’.3 DNA nominations received on an average to each employeeReplication of R&R practice across Reliance Capital group companies.Collaborative culture being fostered as result of which productivity has increased AUM per employee (in crs) 16 16 15 14 13 12 10 8 09 - 10 6 10 - 11 4 11 - 12 2 0 09 - 10 10 - 11 11 - 12 Titre du document - date - Arial regular 8pts
  7. 7. Few Glimpses Titre du document - date - Arial regular 8pts 7
  8. 8. Thank You