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Eureka Forbes Limited

  1. 1. Eureka Forbes Limited was born out of an entrepreneurial idea which created categories wherenone existed and changed the way durables were marketed in India Great Place to Work
  2. 2. Genesis Born in 1982 Parent : SP Group of Companies Worship two Gods Eurochamp Customer Siblings : • Direct (Home-2-Home), • Consumer (Retail, DSA), • Forbes Professional (B2B, Project), • Eurosmile (Service), • Aquamall (Manufacturing) “Eurochamp” – reason for our existence. The visible symbol and friendship hand that has been ringing doorbell for over 29 years “Eurochamp” – is nucleus for our Vision & Mission. He has created Super- brands (Aquaguard, Euroclean, Euroair, Eurovigil & Eureka Forbes) . Great Place to Work
  3. 3. What makes EFL uniqueWhat makes Eurochamps Successful the EFL wayWhat strengthens our LeadersWhat inspires our Leadership PledgeWho brings our values & beliefs to Action Great Place to Work
  4. 4. We don’t grow Profits, we grow PeopleGreat Place to Work
  5. 5. Making Eurochamp WIN at MarketplaceTo make Eurochamp win at Market place - has been the “context” ofour leadership philosophy:• Leadership development is every manager’s responsibility - not just HR• Leadership is built up from within• Employee-centrism – deep caring for our people and their families• Transforming ordinary people into extraordinary achievers / leaders . Great Place to Work
  6. 6. Translating philosophy into Action through E.L.P.F.To ensure every Eurochamp is impacted with leadership philosophy, we haveestablished “listening posts” – which are constantly evolving as they impact our cultureand climate… Voice of the Eurochamps Great Place to Work
  7. 7. Best Practice # 1Art of LeadershipTHE EFL WAY ~
  8. 8. I will take care of my people, my customers andmy company.I will make my people successful by continuoustraining and motivation.I will constantly work to expand my team andincrease sales volume.I will take personal responsibility of every newmembers of EFL family.I will fulfill my duties by working in the fieldwith my people.I will build the future for my people, teachingthem the EFL spirit, pride, earning and fun.I am proud to be a EFL Leader. Great Place to Work
  9. 9. How Frontline Leader – handholds EurochampPersonal Touch• Eurochamps faces lot of “rejection” on the field… how you make him “feel” and make him see the “learning” on day-to-day basis, is what ‘caring’ is all about• An exclusive practice “leaders day out” has been institutionalised…• Engaging families (members are invited to experience EFL culture at CRC) . Great Place to Work
  10. 10. How Frontline Leader – handholds EurochampPeople Oriented Leadership Style• Leaders invest time with Eurochamps on Field and in CRC - to learn about Eurochamps Values, Beliefs, Lifestyle, Fears, Career Aspirations, Learning Curiosity, Skill-set and Dreams.• This helps leader in incentives, motivation & giving constructive feedback.• Monthly meets in CRC becomes an extended platform for Recognising upcoming Heroes both for their achievement and effort.• Small victories are always celebrated collectively in CRC’s and on Field. 1st Sale to 500th Sale Certificates are awarded in these meets too and use Victory Drums to celebrate it . Great Place to Work
  11. 11. How Frontline Leader – handholds EurochampNo leaders are taken from outside, this forces us to build leadership fromwithin at every level: Great Place to Work
  12. 12. How Frontline Leader – handholds EurochampImparting Training & Developmental initiatives• Leaders follow 10-Commandments & Code-of-conduct for instilling grooming, etiquettes & ethical selling in every member of their team.• 14-days of N.E.O. training every Eurochamp undergoes from Day-1. Selling Skills, Product Know-how modules and Field-training is taken by GCSS & TL’s of new Eurochamps. Followed by Graduation Ceremony.• Post 30 days of joining. – New Eurochamps undergo “Refresher Training” – which integrates the first 30 days of field experience with 11- key objection handling & relationship building skills . Frontline Leaders Devt Great Place to Work
  13. 13. How Frontline Leader – handholds Eurochamp• New Eurochamp has “Mirror Review” with his reporting Leader, in the beginning of the month. With focus on Performance, Earnings, Incentives and Dreams.• Field-Coach for New Eurochamp is another process where – leader demonstrates every single step of Selling, Relationship Building and Reference Generation.• Nurturing Eurochamp with pride all the way to lead “Hum Paanch” and developing him to Team Leader and up the ladder…• Creating Internal Competitions (within CRC to All India Level)… to apply all the skills learned Great Place to Work
  14. 14. How Frontline Leader – handholds EurochampThrust on getting New Eurochamp CONFIRMED• One Eurochamp Confirmed = One Eurochamp Retained. To aid his efforts, we have three tested and trusted practices: • Own Your Bike Scheme (OYBS) • Friend-get a Friend (FGF) • Fast Track Growth Great Place to Work
  15. 15. How Frontline Leader – handholds EurochampCircle of Champions and Clubs• Work HARD = Party HARD. EFL pioneered in introducing the Culture of prestigious Clubs in order to create a memorable experience for Eurochamps in living and experiencing 4 tenets Earning, Learning, Pride and Fun. 4 months Multiple Level 8 months + PLL, LL of Qualification 12 months Great Place to Work
  16. 16. Best Practice # 2Empowering PeopleENGAGING LEADERS, TEAMS AND EUROCHAMPS ~
  17. 17. How EFL – handholds Front Line Leader Training Intent… “Eureka Forbes believes that the strength of the business is in its people and training is a vital ingredient in enabling our salespeople and Training leaders to achieve market leadership and profitability while Intent maintaining a high standard of quality customer service”. Established in 1999 • To Sustain a learning culture • To Provide opportunity for on-the-job development • To Prepare high-potential Eurochamps for promotion • To Sustain high motivation • Tie-ups with recognized universities & colleges • To launch OD initiatives Great Place to Work
  18. 18. EFL Business Academy All programs designed by EFBA are linked to their impact on business in the form of: Structure (recruitment, selection, filling of manpower gaps, establishing new markets etc.) Process (policies, 10-commandments, PRDP’s, Dashboards etc.) People (retention, training, Euro Fun days, enrolled in schemes like OYBS, FGF etc.) Financial Results (productivity, growth, club qualifiers, etc.) Great Place to Work
  19. 19. EFBA initiatives – empowering People Performance linked Recognition for Eurochamps, Leaders • Qualifying for Prestigious Clubs – is one of the measures of Selling Skills, Product Knowledge, Field Coach, PRDP and Productivity based Programs Great Place to Work
  20. 20. EFBA initiatives – empowering People Skills assessment from perspective of implementation • In-house competitions are launched from time to time. People apply the skills learned through Role Plays, Quiz, Technical Contests, Knowledge Games and Exercises. • These learning tournaments are marketed pan India. • Certificates and gifts are awarded. • Their pictures are published in Eurochamp Magazine with their success stories Great Place to Work
  21. 21. EFBA initiatives – empowering People OD & Development Initiatives – helps in shaping culture and sustains alignment between Individual & EFL – Euro Senate • This concept has given ‘Empowerment of the people’ a whole new meaning in the corporate world through a unique and innovative governance model comprising 56 ‘Elected’ Eurochamps from across India – 14 Senators and 42 Councilors • Aptly called the Euro Senate, this ‘House of Eurochamps’ was formed to ensure that the voice of our people is truly heard through ‘Elected’ representatives. Great Place to Work
  22. 22. EFBA initiatives – empowering People OD & Development Initiatives – helps in shaping culture and sustains alignment between Individual & EFL – Happiness Workshops • A new initiative taken this year across India called “Happiness at Workplace”. • First of its kind workshop with leadership groups as large as 400 in numbers. • This workshop focused on “Relationships” and “Results” and how combination of these two lead to sustainable happiness at workplace Great Place to Work
  23. 23. EFBA initiatives – empowering People OD & Development Initiatives – helps in shaping culture and sustains alignment between Individual & EFL – YBL-DP The objective of YBL-DP is to identify potential leaders (GCSS, TL’s) under the age group of 29 and groom them to take junior management positions through customized and structured syllabus. The Framework for YBL-DP: 1. Identify Potential Leaders 2. Establish one-on-one dialogue of Trust 3. Mutually agreed development calendar of 12-structured Activities 4. Assign Mentor 5. Review of Skills – by Head HR 6. Follow-up (FU) and Follow-through (FT) – Shadow Calendar Great Place to Work
  24. 24. EFBA initiatives – empowering People Training Policy integrated with Promotion (non negotiable norm). Every leader has to conduct minimum three training programs every month –as per his leadership level. This is a “must” criteria for every leader who has to appear for his promotion board Abstract from HCRC training policy Great Place to Work
  25. 25. Best Practice # 3Inspiring PeopleKEEPING EUROCHAMPS REVVED UP ~
  26. 26. Top Leadership – inspiring & empowering People Deputation of top sales talent overseas MD participated in AMP at Harvard Business School – On return, trained managers on Balanced Scorecard, After Action Review Workshops conducted by Senior Management team: Success 365, Dream Workshops, Brand Culturization, Leader & Coach Cross functional meetings (CLT, MANCOM, SBU Core Teams) 360 degree feedback Exclusive “Euro Fun Days” . Great Place to Work
  27. 27. “Eurochamps beyond EFL…” Great Place to Work
  28. 28. Practices that empower Eurochamp to build… Friend-Get a-Friend – working with own friends and earning too O.Y.B.S. – owning a dream bike at young age Euro Senate – for being the voice of Eurochamps Phone-a-Friend – bonding Eurochamp and Customers Happiness Workshops – integrating relationships and results Young Business Leaders Development program – building leadership pipeline Circle of Champions & Prestigious Clubs – lifestyle incentives, experiencing ELPF culture S.A.P. – only Direct Sales company in the World, which has invested in ensuring fairness and transparency at all levels Great Place to Work
  29. 29. Translating philosophy into Action through E.L.P.F.To ensure every Eurochamp is impacted with leadership philosophy, we haveestablished “listening posts” – which is constantly evolving as it impacts our culture andclimate… Great Place to Work
  30. 30. Actualising Maslow through The Culture Great Place to Work
  31. 31. Actualising Maslow through The Climate Great Place to Work
  32. 32. Eureka Forbes Limited was born out of an entrepreneurial idea which created categories where none existed and changed the way durables were marketed in IndiaGreat Place to Work Great Place to Work