Developing People Managers- Make My Trip: Managing GenY


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Developing People Managers- Make My Trip: Managing GenY

  1. 1. Managing Gen Y Purva MisraSr. Vice President – Human Resources
  2. 2. Market Leader in India’s OTA Industry#1 in Total#1 in Gross Bookings Gross Bookings  Most visited online travel website in India  Largest seller of air tickets for all Indian Full Service & Low Cost Carriers  MakeMyTrip’s customers represented 12% of all domestic passengers flown (source data: July & August 2011)  Largest Producer of online room bookings for many hotel chains in India  Largest domestic e-commerce company with over 4.1 million monthly unique visitors (September 2011 comScore) Source: PhoCusWright, Mar 2010 11
  3. 3. Uniquely Positioned in an Attractive and Growing Market Large, High Growth, Underpenetrated Market Opportunity India’s Online Travel Leader Multiple Channels for Distribution and Customer Service Experienced Global Leadership Team Poised for Continued Growth 3
  4. 4. Keys to Our Success Strong Brand Recognition Superior User Experience “Best Online Travel Agency  User-friendly interface (online & offline) & Best Domestic Tour Operator” - Hotels 3.0 -Times of India 2011  Simple & fast responding booking engines High rates of repeat & direct site traffic  Customer Loyalty Program – My Trip Rewards Most searched online travel brand in India  Innovative Customer Service Online Support with 8.2 million visits per month Open Work Culture and Empowered Operational Excellence Workforce to Drive Innovation & Growth  Web analytics to manage site traffic &  Average age of employees:28 years enhance conversion rates  #3 in Great Places to Work (India 2011)  Continuous monitoring of key metrics i.e. conversions, first call resolutions,  30 year old managing an LOB of 3500 Crore and a customer satisfaction 27 year old leading a 100 Crore LOB  Web infrastructure 24x7 alert systems 12
  5. 5. From intuition to insightWe have relied too often on our intuition to take critical decisionsThe intuition is generally based on a construct/preconceived notion with which we are comfortable withWe further justify our actions based on our constructs but as we know these can be flawedThe same thing can be seen in different ways…
  6. 6. Head butt incident…
  7. 7. As seen by the Italians…
  8. 8. As seen by the French…
  9. 9. As seen by the Press…
  10. 10. We need to do away with preconceived notions,assumptions, biases by objectively understanding the DNA of our workforce 11
  11. 11. How They Came to Be POSITIVE TRAITSGROWING UP  Multi-taskers Told Valued From Day One  Team Players Laws to Protect Them  Confident & Optimistic Raised to Express Feelings  Aware of Others “Pro Kid” Society  Entrepreneurial Told to Experience New Things CHALLENGING TRAITS “Don’t make the same  Get Bored Fast mistakes we did!”  Don’t “Get” the Old Way Raised to Embrace Team Work  Impatient With Advancement 26/11, internet, social media, cellphones
  12. 12. Generation Y: What is Important to them? Clearer, plain language communication More wellness, health and lifestyle benefits options Opportunities to accomplish their Career aspirations Expect a lot from their leadership Training, training and more training Reward & praise Challenge Fun & enjoyment at work Empowerment Justified compensation 13
  13. 13. Role of our people managers– ensuring we deliver our promise and vision Vision Indias No. 1 Travel Company To deliver our vision, we must build Employee promise culture which leads to exceptional performance … At MMT, we provide you with opportunities aligning your interest and growth with inspirational leadership & recognising you for a great job done We do this by delivering the employee promise … Talent Management Leadership … while Outcomes strengthening our foundations HR function 14 Strong operating model – Strong HR team – Building HR capabilities
  14. 14. Our Employee Promise At MMT, we provide you with opportunities aligning your interest and growth with inspirational leadership & recognising you for a great job done What it means ….a warm welcome, challenging role, trusted to do a great job, excellent growth opportunities, thanks for a job well done…
  15. 15. Delivering our promise – Creating unique culture Clarity Clarity We provide you with a culture driven by our core values, clarity on our purpose, vision, strategy and objectives. We challenge, stretch and demand a lot of you. LeaderReward Leader my Your leaders recognise you for a good job done and exhibit authentic leader traits MMT Team We work hard to provide you with a team working experience you enjoy Growth Growth Team We provide opportunities for you to grow and develop Reward We pay you fairly and regularly discuss how you are doing in your job
  16. 16. Retaining Generation Y
  17. 17. RETENTION TIP # 1 Communicate often and Set-Up an Open Work culture
  18. 18. RETENTION TIP # 2 Career Development
  19. 19. RETENTION TIP #3 Efficient Total Reward Strategy
  20. 20. RETENTION TIP #4 Flexibility 21
  21. 21. RETENTION TIP #5 Driving Fun@Work 22
  22. 22. Thank You