Developing People Managers at Interglobe Enterprises ( Indigo)


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Best Workplaces Conference- January 2012

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Developing People Managers at Interglobe Enterprises ( Indigo)

  1. 1. IndiGoDeveloping People Managers January 2012
  2. 2. About us..We are an aviation, technology, hospitality and travel-relatedservices company ©InterGlobe Enterprises Ltd. 2011. Confidential: Not for Distribution.
  3. 3. InterGlobe Journey 1989 1994 1998 2004 2006 2007, 2011 InterGlobe Air InterGlobe InterGlobe InterGlobe InterGlobe InterGlobe Transport Technology Technologies Hotels Established Aviation Quotient (ESTD) InterGlobe InterGlobe InterGlobe InterGlobe InterGlobe Aviation InterGlobe Air Transport Technology Technologies Hotels ‘IndiGo’ Established Quotient Largest airline Distributor for Integrated BPO JV with Accor Largest domestic THE ESTD is into management Galileo and travel IT to build ‘Ibis’ low fare airline and luxury lifestylecompany in India and solutions provider hotels and to has commenced its segment with a and the flagship Worldspan GDSs for global clients manage Accor international product portfolio company of brands in South operations since ranging from InterGlobe Asia September, 2011 executive jets to luxury yachts, sports cars to mini submarines. ©InterGlobe Enterprises Ltd. 2011. Confidential: Not for Distribution.
  4. 4. Change in our Brand Identity - 2011 Logo Inspired by our Multiplicity and Dynamism, It reflects an alchemy of Ideas and Attributes. It expresses our three unchanging values despite our changing business contours: Reflects Fluidity & Stability together; INTEGRITY Change and Constancy together CUSTOMER ORIENTATION FUTURE MINDEDNESS ©InterGlobe Enterprises Ltd. 2011. Confidential: Not for Distribution.
  5. 5. People Agenda ©InterGlobe Enterprises Ltd. 2011. Confidential: Not for Distribution.
  6. 6. What drives our People Agenda Market Growth• Fastest growing domestic market ofaviation in the world –15-20% Aviation & Airline Technology•Volumes - 280 M passengers by 2020 Management Business Business •Record order of •Increasing•US$120 Billion investment envisaged by footprint in newer2020 for new aircrafts & developing airport 180 more Airbus global marketsinfrastructure A320 planes •International •Inorganic Growth•More than 8 M tourist by 2020 – leading Operations opportunitiestourist destination in south Asia; Hospitality Business•FY 12 Growth forecast of software and Distributionservices – 15 to 17%. •Aggressive growth Business plans in budget •Market share•Global MNC Center’s contribution segment of over 50 •Direct distributionestimated 20-25%; count crosses 900 Hotels by 2015 •Long term through Airline•Leveraging tier 2/ 3 cities, projected development companiesaddition of 2.5 Lakh jobs this year partners to Accor * Data as disclosed in Hewitt annual report ©InterGlobe Enterprises Ltd. 2011. Confidential: Not for Distribution.
  7. 7. What drives our People Agenda Market Dynamics • Young • Gen Y – Spend centric • Semi urban to Urban profile • Career & Choice driven Business Growth & • Demanding ….. Diverse challenges • Diversity Gender > 37% Talent Demographics Age below 30 years 70% Increasing Expats in the Managerial Population Competencies ©InterGlobe Enterprises Ltd. 2011. Confidential: Not for Distribution.
  8. 8. What drives our People Agenda Market Dynamics Competencies Empowering and Developing Facilitating Change and Innovation Aligning Strategies and Systems Business Growth & Achieving Results Diverse challenges Talent Demographics Delighting Customers Business and Commercial Acumen Building and Nurturing Partnerships • Organization Focus on highlighted Competencies competencies •Weaving with our “Values” – Integrity, Customer Orientation, Future Mindedness ©InterGlobe Enterprises Ltd. 2011. Confidential: Not for Distribution.
  9. 9. IndiGo Stands for Three Things on time low fares courteous, hassle free service9
  10. 10. Committed to Deliver on our Promise Employees
  11. 11. Developing People Managers – Challenges Classical Large operations organization Rapid Growth Geographic spread Diverse managerial style Cultural integration issues Inconsistent employee experience Insular outlook ©InterGlobe Enterprises Ltd. 2011. Confidential: Not for Distribution.
  12. 12. Developing People Managers – Challenges Individual contributors need to be catapulted to manager positions AOCS & IFS – very young managers Engineering & Flight Operations – Tenured individual contributors become managers in a short span of time Similar Situation for Enabling Functions ©InterGlobe Enterprises Ltd. 2011. Confidential: Not for Distribution.
  13. 13. Developing People Managers – Challenges Areas of gap: Understanding of people processes & policies – Consistent implementation Difficult people decisions – managing career aspirations of young staff Ability to translate the vision / experience that the manager himself has & cascade the same down the line Dedicating time to people development – since there are always “Ops” pressures ©InterGlobe Enterprises Ltd. 2011. Confidential: Not for Distribution.
  14. 14. “ifly”“Ifly” is the name given to the Training Centre at IndiGo. Not just our call sign, it denotes the ability of an individual employee to fly out to the open skies of knowledge and skill enhancement Vibrant Colours and an Innovative Ambience greet our visitors to “ifly” Lounge and Walkways with a flair Unique Names of The Class Rooms
  15. 15. Integrated Leadership Development Process Development Planning Career planning Identification of Talent Pool Potential diagnostics PDP ratings of 2 years Validated by CEOs  Driven by Corp / BU  HPHP talent Pool LeadershipNEXT initiative  Validated by respective External Agency CEOs  Tenure of two years Assessments ©InterGlobe Enterprises Ltd. 2011. Confidential: Not for Distribution.
  16. 16. Core Leadership Competencies• Empowering & Developing• Valuing People• Achieving Results• Aligning Strategies & Systems• Delighting the Customer• Facilitating Change & Innovation• Business & Commercial Acumen• Building & Nurturing Partnerships
  17. 17. Talent Classification•Competency Based assessment 7 4 1 Defined Characteristics and High New External differentiated development Hires action plans for each box 8 5 2 Medium Talent under Potential Watch 9 6 3 Low Incompatible Color coded boxes to show Talent segmentation of Talent Low Medium High Contribution ©InterGlobe Enterprises Ltd. 2011. Confidential: Not for Distribution.
  18. 18. Development Interventions – Airport Managers & In-Flight Managers Managerial Excellence: Airport Managers are trained on various scenarios – Regular & Irregular operations to provide a Hassle Free & Courteous Service and an On time Performance at the Terminal and at the Ramp. Developing Second line Performance Counselling Valuing People Customer Orientation
  19. 19. Development Planning – GMs & VPsAssessment - Development Center - Health Appraisal - Competency Based Recruitment Program - Competency testing Interviews - Online OPQ AdministrationDevelopment Planning - Dev Center facilitated , Inputs from LT & Group HR HeadDevelopment Frameworks - Being Coaches of Hi Perf- Hi Pot - Internally Facilitated Mentoring by LT member - Perspective Broadening thru National / International Forums - Challenging Assignments & Projects as part of Development Plan -
  20. 20. “Developing our People Managers”Through our Leadership Programs, we endeavor to educate our Managers from DifferentVerticals (on a single forum) to achieve advocacy of a common philosophy and encourage sharing of best practices for People Management Inspire Excellence: Our challenge is the age of our leaders who spear head our teams. Our solution is not just a training program but a forum to share ideas. Therefore, our Supervisors come together with the facilitator to enable themselves to Give & Receive Feedback, Driving Positivity in their Teams and Managing Conflict Leadership EDGS: Our DGM GM population is run through an intensive program on Developing Self (Self Introspection in Personal and professional Life) and Enabling their teams (Planning & Execution, Evolving Ideas and Collecting Information). Tools and Behaviours to Retain Employees is emphasized upon
  21. 21. Development Planning – First Time SupervisorsDevelopment Drivers - Early Warning System - Skip Level - Performance Development Process - Engagement Diagnostics - Cost Drivers
  22. 22. IndiGo Stands for Three Things on time low fares courteous, hassle free service
  23. 23. Aligning Employees● President’s Blog: Instant connect with employees● Feedback: IndiGo encourages feedback in an open and frank manner● Town Hall: An open house by IndiGo president with employee interaction se at one of IndiGo destinations every three weeks.● Leadership Team Visits: Leadership Team travels across the country and meets our geographically scattered people almost every quarter. Apart from giving out the business updates and informing about where we are and where we plan to go, it has within its purview fun activities like dinner, parties, sports event etc.● Skip Meetings – Meetings facilitated by HR where in Leadership meet with team members of their DRs 23