Developing People Manager Practices


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Developing People Manager Practices

  2. 2. American ExpressBlue Box Development Platform: It aims at imparting leadershipdevelopment, business fundamentals and functional skills. As part ofthe American Express leader’s development, each leader is coachedabout channels/vehicles that may be used to develop his/her teammembers based on their learning style as well as the best-fit.Some of the major pillars, that are key to ensuring that the modelworks for all, follow:- Each employee’s personal accountability towards self development- Leaders are required to ensure that their direct reports have created an actionable development plan- The organization provides multiple dimensions and resources to learn as well as learn from (more than 3000 online training solutions).
  3. 3. NIIT Ltd.The NIIT Global Leadership Program was launched to build a leadershippipeline for roles that need to be filled in the years to come. Keeping thisobjective at the fore, a global leadership program was launched in 2008 toidentify and develop the “leaders of tomorrow”, who might be groomed totake on Sr. Management positions in future. The program wasconceptualized, designed, and executed in-house. The participants aredeveloped on various management skills.The key objectives of this program were to:- Groom the next level of leadership for higher roles.- Provide general management skills in line with the organization’s objectives.- Recognize high performers by putting them through an “elite program.”- Expose leaders to global best practices through interaction with academic and industry leaders- Assess suitability of potential leaders for next roles within the organization.
  4. 4. QualcommA unique feature of Qualcomm development initiatives is use of“disruptive learning”, which is a philosophy around a series of programswith external thought leaders and industry experts who expose employeesto different ideas, new ways of thinking and leading-edge innovation. Thisseries encourages employees to go beyond evolutionary work torevolutionary work.
  5. 5. Eureka Forbes LimitedEureka Forbes Limited formed its own ‘Academy of Learning’ for fulfillingthe development needs of its people and shaping their latent talent inalignment with demands of the industry and trade.Academy offered two basic courses towards ‘Self and LeadershipDevelopment’.A distance-learning Management Diploma was specially designed byNarsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS) for customersales specialists, group customer sales specialists, team leaders and groupcustomer service specialists and service supervisors. While initially thediploma was aimed at the sales team only, now it has been extended tothe service team to bring about increased customer orientation in thecompany. Secondly, a Leadership Self-Learning Program is for branchmanagers, divisional sales managers and area sales managers. Thisprogram covers a host of managerial and leadership skills and uses coursematerial imported from abroad from Crisp Publications.
  6. 6. Mc DonaldDeveloping Store Managers:1. Basic Shift Management [BSM]:It takes place at the Floor Manager 2/Trainee Manager level. BSM also deepens the candidates understanding of operational skills, standards and procedures.2. Advanced Shift Management [ASM]: The ASM is intended for a new manager who is transitioning into running the restaurant shifts. It develops the managers ability to observe and gather facts, analyze information, and then act and communicate according to McDonalds policies and good business/people practices.3. Effective Management Practices[EMP]: The EMP is an opportunity for Assistant Managers to gain knowledge of recognizing various real-world problems within the restaurant and the different approaches in analyzing and resolving them.4. Restaurant Leadership Program [RLP]:It focuses on the skills and behaviors necessary to drive business results within a McDonalds restaurant environment. This includes a focus on leadership skills, team building, decision-making strategies, and problem solving.
  7. 7. MakemytripMMT has designed a Managerial Excellence Workshop-SUMMIT for allpeople leaders and managers across all functions at MMT. This 2-dayintervention was followed by 4 face to face coaching sessions for the next 4months. This program was designed in partnership with Manford - anindustry leader in driving people and enterprise development, corporatebreakthroughs and executive coaching domains.This 2 day intervention which was customized to address our key peoplemanagement priorities focused on:–Enabling Managers to understand the dynamics of managing relationships with theirteams and integrate Cross Functional Appreciation–Fighting mediocrity in the workplace; thorough striving for excellence–Capitalizing on the platform to build relationships and add value to enhancebusiness–Providing insight into the functional and dysfunctional styles for personaleffectiveness. Gain understanding of factors influencing service management.–Inspiring and motivating teams for the value they add to the organizational mandateof growth and development of its people.–Understanding various conflict handling styles and gaining appreciation
  8. 8. InterGlobeThe company believes that communication is of great importance whendealing with people. Keeping this in mind it designed program oncommunication called Communication for Excellence. The program hasbeen especially developed for leaders who need to perform at their verybest in a highly demanding working environment. Participants learn howto unlock their own talents and potential, get sensitized to thecommunication styles of others thus enabling them to pioneer andmaximize their performance.This workshop was conducted by Yiftach Sagiv, a globally renownedmanagement consultant with The How Company, Netherlands. This is aninspiring development intervention which leverages the best ofexperiential learning to weave a lasting learning experience.
  9. 9. Intuit TechnologiesIntuit Technologies has Rotational Development Program and the FinanceRotational Development Program which puts approximately 20 highlyqualified college graduates to the test in a 27-month training program,exposing them to all parts of the Small Business Division and the financeand operations organization. Associates develop their potential to befuture leaders and rotate across key business functions and locations togain a deep knowledge of the customers, products and internal processes.
  10. 10. QualcommEmerging Leader Program (ELP): To prepare future front line leaders andbuild the leadership pipeline, Qualcomm offers ELP. It is designedspecifically for individual contributors who have the potential and desire tobe future leaders of the company, giving them an opportunity todemonstrate early leadership skills and expand roles within theirfunctional area. This program takes participants through a dynamicblended learning experience over the span of 12 weeks and includes a180-degree assessment (self and manager ratings), day and a halfclassroom session, four one- to two-hour virtual meetings, one-on-onesessions with their manager, learning partner meetings, online learningcomponents, and learning community website