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Aditi Technologies

  1. 1. India’s Best Companies forRewards and Recognition 2012 Aditi Technologies Pvt Ltd WWW.ADITI.COM International Leaders and India’s Foremost in Work – Life Benefits, Rewards and Loyalty Solutions
  2. 2. What? Aditi’s Philosophy for Rewards & RecognitionWe value: Intense, Creative, People Driven, Socially Conscious &Ethical peopleOur philosophy is to recognize and reward their:• Performance• Discretionary effort• Customer Centricity CEO Award of Excellence 2012• Learning• Innovation• Efficiency• Merit• Skills• Consistency• Attitude• Behavior• Culture• Tenure of Service• Special OccasionsNominees for any category are recognized and a subset is rewarded.
  3. 3. What? Aditi’s Philosophy for Rewards & Recognition
  4. 4. Why?Experience has taught us to understand the value of recognizing and rewarding our people.This practice :• Creates a positive culture• Creates high level employee engagement• Promotes team spirit• Provides a sense of fairness• Generates loyalty• Fosters leadership• Motivates for better performance 4
  5. 5. EMPLOYEES FILL ADITI WEBSITE Titre du document - date - Arial regular 8pts 5
  6. 6. EMPLOYEES FILL ADITI WEBSITE Titre du document - date - Arial regular 8pts 6
  7. 7. We had a fine year of learning! Recognition for CONTRIBUTION TO LEARNING AT ADITI LaunchPad programs – our campus bootcamp Made possible by a Manas Ranjan Maharana – Test Lead Sachin M Rao – Senior Dev Engineer Enthusiastic Sachin has Suhail Ahmad Khan – Test Manager Venkata Subramanian Senior Development Engineer Mentoring is contributed to the SDET Suhail Always small L&D team second nature to him. Manas has been attached with recent SDET fresher batch throughout and made them understand the fresher batch by educating them with programming fundamentals and industrial coding standards, along with Sundar. Also part of the Hackathon team and contributed to the fresher batch using his experience in testing and VSTS tool usage. Has been a mentor for the whole batch known for his soft spoken nature, Venkat is an ardent and 75+ testing fundamentals. delivered an OTT session. from the time he took up the assignment. presenter for technical topics. Now contributing to training the fresher batch. committed Sumanth Somayaji Technical Lead A smart techie who has almost all .Net Vasudevan Somasundaram Associate Technical Architect A tech-savvy and Guruprasad Holla Korangala Associate Technical Architect An energetic, Babu A Technical Lead Babu, a SQL MVP has contributed to*And we still have March to go! employees. All technologies under his belt and specializes in presentation (both on stage and WPF). He is now the new face in fresher dynamic presenter, Vasudevan Somasundaram aka Vasu is helping us now in teaching fresher folks. thoughtful and technically strong, Guru has always contributed to LEAD program current fresher training programIf you are wondering how such numbers are possible, it is no secret. More than a burning vision acknowledged in training program. and now has graciously agreed to sharpen the coding standards of fresher batchesand a hungry plan, LEAD has a team of over 75 people… and counting. All these people join usin our journey to be a 21st Century Learning Organization. Let me introduce them to you. Ajit Kumar Jha Kumar Vishesh Dineshkumar Irsath Ali – various forums. Senior Technical Lead Muthusammi Test Lead Development A cool headed Technical Lead Irsath, cool Engineer mentor who has Hard core techie and Ajith has reached LEAD voluntarily and and compulsive passionate about testing,First off, we are proud to have 3 people who have joined the LEAD team in the last few months. contributed in training couple of fresher batches in handled two fresher batches. He brought in various best practices in coder, Dinesh has a passion for mentoring young minds has extended his helping hand in bringing up Launch Pad. training fresher. Also has delivered who come into the company. fresher batch. If you’re still counting, here you go. We are very proud of the LEAD*PARTNERSSwati Jain, Lead – Learning and DevelopmentSwati Jain, Lead – Learning and Development OTTs and enthusiastic participant of many Open Talks. Now, for the second time he is mentoring another Swati, who joined us a few months back, is responsible for L&D process (pronounced “lead star partners”) (what’s this?), employees who have stepped up to drive Swati, who joined us a few months back, is responsible for L&D process (CBE) fresher batch. maturity. She is driving a bunch of first-ever initiatives at Aditi. From learning and development initiatives or teach our folks what they know. developing a competency framework a bunch of first-ever initiatives at Aditi. From maturity. She is driving for Aditi, rolling out mentoring developing a competency framework for Aditi, rolling out mentoring programs, structuring the various organization development programs, developing assessment centers, to vendor management. Steady and driven, programs, structuring the various organization development programs, Talks Open she brings with her valuable outside experience. developing assessment centers, to vendor management. Steady and driven, Kalpesh Pradeep Pradeep Vineet Technical/functional programs – Software Development, Technology, Test, she brings with her valuable outside experience.In her own words, “Hail from Ahmedabad. I did my initial Masters in Finance, but pretty soon realized that I enjoyed working withpeople and real faces more that than I liked working with numbers! So further studied and specialized in HR. Worked in the areas of Vic Parmar Singh, Rathinam, Kumar PMPower, CONNECT, Hackthons… Principal Founder CEO Arora, Prithvi Raj Singh Cheranjeevi KamalNath Reddy M SubhashHuman Capital Consulting and Corporate HR roles in India from 2003-2005. Robert Bosch was my previous employer in India. Technical Lead Thumma – – Technical Lead Srikante Architect and M.D. Has delivered Test Lead Has delivered a high Gowda – Test interactive sessions Has voluntarily end technical LeadIn herto Seattle in Jan 2006 after marriage. After spendingdid my initial Masters in Finance, but pretty soon realized that I enjoyed working with Our Very Chairman A VineetMoved own words, “Hail from Ahmedabad. I a little over 5 eventful years there - gathering a couple more on SharePoint come up and delivered discussion on memory Ever smiling Subhash, has 2007 and unit testing to MS learning interventions to dumps which has been received voluntarily taken up fresherpeople and real faces more that than Itravelling extensively, moved back t o Bangalore - India in March 2011. specialized in HR. Worked in the areas of ownprofessional credits and certifications, working and liked working with numbers! So further studied and LEAD*Partne is an team and HMH respectively. A fresher folks, talent pool. very well by technical audience. batch testing programs,Thoroughly enjoyed the years there - but the feeling of coming back HOME is priceless… Evangelist and the first open Our r in the truest sense, Paddy ardent supporter of key person in getting the LEAD Also helped in creating knowledge sharingHumanBanglorian,Consulting and Corporate HR roles in India here for the first time during my internship withmy previous employer in India.Am not a Capital but it has always exercised a pull on me ever since I came from 2003-2005. Robert Bosch was talk speaker. Vic has been at Chairman is also a never misses an opportunity to LEAD activities and one search center and notifications up and running. “Startup” learning packages for talent pool. Also taken sessions with talent pool, OTTs and mentored young an OTT session. budding testers.Wipro. the forefront in letting Aditians Lead*Partner. He had don the LEAD*Partner hat of our prominent Tejasvi B K – Dattatrey Krishnan Nirmal Ram PMoved to Seattle in Jan 2006 after marriage. After spending a little over 5 eventful years there - gathering a couple more about cutting edge tech. know delivered an Open Talk on whenever he is down in India LEAD*Partner. Apart Group Project Sindol – Devanathan – K – TechnicalCurrently live in Bangalore with my husband Sachin and daughter Anvesha. While I am still transitioning and getting used to t he new Manager Technical Technical Lead Leadprofessional credits and certifications,matter of a coupletravelling extensively, moved back t o Bangalore - India in March 2011.has delivered an Open talkphase, love the fact that meeting family is barely a working and hours now!” He Trends in business, the making time from his various from coaxing other Have contributed Lead A volunteer to He is called as on WP7 and did an Open talk industry and life in Aditi in commitments. Open Talks on people to participate in to educate account managers A BI expert, conduct design SQL guru onceThoroughly enjoyed the years there - but the feeling of coming back HOME is priceless… and projects teams on contributed to a couple of patterns program to a specific, by the participants of theIshita Bhatnagar, Assistant – Learning and Development ever since I came here for the first time during my internship with 8 just a week on Windows general. ‘Managing your career’ and ‘The LEAD activities, Vineet “SCRUM” and known as Aditi’s batches of BI programs focused audience group. Also session. In fact, that was hisAm not a Banglorian, but it has always exercised a pull on me after the build preview by Road Ahead’ and a PMPower has delivered Open Talks in-house Scrum Master! across the business units. Also a regular speaker for delivered an OTT session. first session at Aditi on SQL server.Wipro. Ishita, who joined along with Swati is fresh off her MBA program; is eager to OTTs. Now, he is planning Microsoft! Coming Soon: an session on ‘Aditi growth on ‘Customer Delight’ in to train the fresher on SQL make her mark. She is responsible for the efficacy and efficiency of all LEAD Open Talks on Metro apps strategy and transformation’ F4 and Manyata server, one of his favorite and proven.Currently live in Bangalore with my husband Sachin and daughter Anvesha. While I am stillTalks. training programs in addition to managing induction and Open Tech transitioning and getting used to t he new during his last 2 visits bear Venkataramana Hitesh D Kesharia Rohith Hanumantha Raju Rameshphase, love the factAlready her responsibilities arematter of and she seems to be up to it! A great that meeting family is barely a growing a couple hours now!” testimony to that. Besthavemula – Technical Lead Associate technical architect Associate test architect Rohith has Rangachari Test Manager A techie who Hitesh, contributed in Enabler from Gen-Y addition to the team! delivered a couple of brilliant A great executing the test MS side for Test learning Sahil Sathesh Sundararajan S, Solution Shyamsu sessions on BI – Integrated services and expressed his contributor to LEAD’s pit learning calendar for a quarter and has delivered a calendar helped us in finding trainers, reviewing Sagar, Subraman Architect ndar H interest in doing more for LEAD stop program session on performance testing. content and more.In her own words, “Waking up to the realms of light, still marveling what is around. I tame a feeling right there, which proposes me activities. and runs a technical quiz Principal iam, Apart from Sundare weekly. Also delivered onto unfold.” the OTT platform. Architect Principal spearheadin sha – Shreenivas Madhu K Samee Athar Mohammed. Dileep K NComing from Agra, (and I hate calling it a small town, in all probability a majority of humans would know what Agra is and nothing The Architect g the General Kamath Automation Test Manager Test Lead.about ‘Dilli’ for that matter), I have seen the magnificence in simple things, simple people. Mentoring Genius who makes A LEAD*Partner to the core. ‘Hackathon’ Manager Test Manager Shreeni, the go- Lead Madhu The test strategy guru whose session pulled The database testing man it a point to connect with Aditi Sathesh has delivered Open initiative at A visionary, Shyam has to person for most of the testing related delivered back to back sessions on Watin the maximum participants for Test from NECC who delivered session onI have always lived a seamless life, with a thought on mind -‘life won’t offer me this again’. newcomers and guide them. Talks on Windows Azure and Aditi (He has laid path for “Testing as technologies and enabler for Test learning calendar at Manyata and F4. Learning calendar the same. Also our internal Selenium trainer.Writing poetry is something I do when I want to rewire with life. Sahil is the quintessential ‘How We sell what we sell’. done 4 so far and promises Service” by his brilliantThree C’s work wonders for me- Coffee, Creativity, and Continuity. Kowsalya V Gurunadh Anshul Khandelwal Ravi Suriya LEAD*Partner who has Has also conducted PMPower many more to come) Sundar open talk which has Development D Senior Business Development Senior Test EngineerPlaying Angry Birds, Scrapbooking and Reading-‘A million little pieces’ has become quite enthralling for me these days. Engineer Test Lead Executive Passionate contributed in myriad ways. session on Aditi Tech Stacks has really shone as an Open talk pulled nearly hundred Budding The The Agile lady, who about testing,I now, step out of that shell, to learn, to discover, to strengthen, to innovate and to create.” Noteworthy among them, Sahil and Offerings speaker. His Open talk on people from Aditi. Have developer who delivered a session on globalizatio n tester who delivered a delivered back to back session on the same at he has brought key had delivered an Open talk on ‘Facebook Architecture’ was contributed to other Accessibility testing in Test learning calendar. session on the same under Test learning calendar Manyata and F4. Look forward to an Open Talk by her speakers from industry to Aditi to deliver Open talks Sriranjani Muralidharan, Technical Architect, On Special duty with LEAD cloud computing and OData quite a hit with sessions in LEAD activities by his Need I introduce Sriranjani (aka Sri) who has been with Aditi for 6 years in protocol long before Aditi Manyata and F4 pulling in quite valuable inputs from vast technology management and delivery roles, Sri, who continues to be a techie! acquired Cumulux! Now that is a good crowd. Also done a few experience. foresight  OTTs. With her passion for technology mentoring, Sri has run unique competency development programs within BUs. She is on a 6-month exchange program Joseph S Raj, Sunny Neogi, Niranjan Shalini from the engineering team to LEAD; taking technology learning to the next Solution Director – Nelamangal Shuklalevel. Specifically, she spearheaded the (Cloud) Azure movement, will run campus bootcamps Architect Marketing am, VP PD General Joseph has Surprise! The An Open Manager,and institute software design and architecture development programs. delivered an enigmatic Mr. Talk on Finance open talk on Neogi is a “mentoring’ Delivered an eye-You know the other faces who operate LEAD team interactive dashboards and has LEAD*Partner and you must and a opening open talk on guided LEAD technical be wondering how we PMPower session on ‘The New personal finance 7 trainings with his valuable managed to get hold of a rating System’ shows how Niru management. Filled with
  8. 8. How?Performance, Visibility, Impact Formal Team performance & outcome CEO Award of Excellence LEAD*Partner of the Year “Funtastic” Team Star of The Quarter Customer Centric Team Tenure of service Fastest Growing Team Certifications / Hot skillsIndividual Team Individual milestones Customer raves viral Achievements in Projects/ Dept Projects/ Dept Achievements Milestones in Projects, Dept charter Projects, Dept charter Milestones Special mention by CEO/Leaders Special mention by CEO/Leaders Mentions in social mediaPersonal touch, Care, Gen Y Camaraderie, Culture Informal
  9. 9. How?Fame or FortuneContinuous stream of appreciation,recognition and reward• For upholding values | reinforcing right behavior | making an impact• In the team | company | customers | society• For individual | team | cross-functional efforts• On work | beyond work | other achievements• Using various formal | informal | social mechanisms• Run by company | teams | individual sponsors | volunteer groups• Across all groups/departments | outsourced functions 9
  10. 10. How?• Email• Pat-on-back• Surprise events• Team sponsorship for a day or weekend of fun• Client raves being published• Thank you cards• Public appreciation from the CEO• Appreciation by BU Head in stand up meetings and Staff updates• All nominations are discussed by a panel with representation from across the board.• We also recognize employee families by inviting them for company events and organizing special events which include family.• Award functions and Special Events celebrated in the company include awards for outsourced functions like Facilities, housekeeping, cleaners etc., 10
  11. 11. WE LOVE OUR ROCKSTARS Titre du document - date - Arial regular 8pts 11
  12. 12. Thank You