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  1. 1. Introducing MyReviewPlugin: The premiumwordpress review plugin of choice for affiliatemarketers who are serious about makingmoney onlineDid you know that over 70% of users search for reviews on products they areINTERESTED in BUYING online?Is it any surprise Amazon is selling millions of dollars worth of merchandise?One of the main factors behind its success is user generated reviews, positiveand negative!Ever heard of CNET, ZDNet or PCMagazine? They are big time affiliates rakingin the dough. Their secret? Its simply detailed reviews of all kinds of gadgets,computers, IPhones, TVs, softwares, you name it!Bottom line is reviews sell products and convert researchers intobuyers. • Imagine if you could create review sites like the big dogs do WITHOUT spending the big money and with the ease of wordpress? • Think about how you could quickly and easily create: o Detailed reviews for the skeptics o Star ratings for the skimmers o Feature by feature comparisons for comparing types o User generated reviews to target the social types who want to see others buying and saying good things about a product before they purchase.Now you can do all that and much more with MyReviewPlugin. Its acomprehensive wordpress plugin that levels the playing field for all of us andputs the power in your hands! You can turn any wordpress blog into a a fullfledged review site literally in minutes.You can review anything from software, web hosting, physical products,
  2. 2. restaurants, service providers (lawyers, lawn mowers, day care centers andmuch more). Create beautiful and eye catching comparison tables to showusers the side by side comparisons of products or services.MyReviewPlugins support is top notch and I would go as far as saying thatMark (the owner) sets a really high standard when it comes to taking care ofhis customers. Special OfferHere are the Special prices on both license types:Single Site License: Allows you to run it on a single website for life. Normallysells for $90 but you get it for the special price of $67.50Unlimited Site License: Allows you to run MyReviewPlugin on as many sitesas you wish for life. It sells regularly for $130 but you get it for the specialprice of $97.50These prices include life time upgrades and technical support. Steps to get MyReviewPlugin for Special PriceHere are the steps to get the Special price that you wont find anywhere else onthe Internet: 1. Go to 2. Click on big orange Get It Now button or the Get It Now! link close to top right corner 3. Select the type of license you want. To use it on an unlimited number of sites, click on the third option "Unlimited Site License + 3 Extra Themes Bonus Pack" 4. Enter warrior25off in the discount coupon box and click on the link (looks like circular arrows) outside the discount box to take 25% off instantly.
  3. 3. Afteryou apply the discount you will see this: BONUS!! • A complete section on how to make money with review sites using MyReviewPlugin (that doesnt include being an affiliate of MyReviewPlugin). You will get seven different ways to make money with MyReviewPlugin. Pick one or a couple and run with it! • New video tutorials to walk you through installation and setup have been added in the private area of the website. You will get access to that as part of your purchase. • Step by step videos tutorials explain how to use MyReviewPlugin in your own wordpress theme if you decide not to use one of the bonus themes that come with MyReviewPlugin. • Video Walkthroughs are included that show you step by step how to setup sites like the ones seen on the demo page.In addition to getting MyReviewPlugin at Special price, you will get eightexcellent wordpress themes and three wordpress plugins. Together all ofthem give you more power over your competitors and will make you moremoney. Testimonials
  4. 4. owol recommended MyReviewPlugin over wpreviewengine and wpreviewsiteand uses it on all his sites:Mike liked it:bigg says:
  5. 5. Rob likes MyReviewPlugin: Questions and AnswersQ: Do I HAVE TO follow all the steps above to get MyReviewPlugin atthe low price?A: Only if you want to save 25% from the regular price :-) Essentially you haveto click on the special link, select the type of license (single site or unlimitedsites), enter the coupon code warrior25off and apply it (Don’t forget to applythe coupon otherwise your final price will not reflect the discount)Q: What will I get after I purchase MyReviewPlugin?A: Here’s what you will get after you purchase MyReviewPlugin 1. Your unique license key to activate the plugin. 2. PDF Guide explaining step by step how to setup the plugin and start using it right away. 3. Three plugins : Dr. Link, the Import Man and Little Comment Man. 4. Eight excellent wordpress themes that are ready out of the box for easy web site development.Q: How long will this Special Offer last?A: To be perfectly honest, this is a limited time deal to offer MyReviewPlugin atan introductory price. This is THE best deal you are going to get onMyReviewPlugin and will not last for long.If you are serious about making long term affiliate income in your onlinebusiness, dont hesitate and get your copy today! It really is an investment thatwill pay you back many times over.Q: Why should I secure my copy of MyReviewPlugin now??A: Excellent question! I convinced Mark into offering it at huge discount and he
  6. 6. agreed to a limited time promotion. This is the first time its being offered atsuch a low price and you wont find it at this price anywhere else online. It willend soon as Mark doesnt want to upset his current customers who bought it atfull price. So have you secured your copy yet?Q: Are there any hidden monthly fees, upsells, downsells, cross sells orany of those other sneaky gimmicks I can remember the names of?A: Glad you asked :-) No there’s none of that. You just pay one time only anduse MyReviewPlugin for life one one or more sites depending on the type oflicense you choose.Q: What if I don’t like it?A: You have about a month and haIf to play with MyReviewPlugin. If within thatperiod, you think it will not help you in creating effective and professionallooking review sites quickly and easily and make more money, simply refund it.MyReviewPlugin comes with a 45-day money back guarantee and you willreceive your money within 48 hours of requesting a refund. No questionsasked.Q: I want to know more about MyReviewPlugin?A: Click the button below:to learn about the cool features, screenshots, three bonus plugins, eightexcellent wordpress themes , comparison tables and much more. When youfeel you are ready, come back here and claim your special offer before itsgone!It comes with dozens of comparison icons, star images, and hundreds of call toaction images, eight great themes, language control and translations toGerman, French, Spanish and Dutch and more.