Online Patient Support Excellence: Using Brand Website Services to Grow Loyal Customers


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The benchmark framework probed 10 chronic care product websites through 51 support categories that appear across the patient lifecycle, from getting started with a product to becoming a loyal patient who adheres to treatment.

Benchmark products examined include: Boniva, Cimzia, Enbrel, Forteo, Fosamax, Humira, Reclast, Remicade, Rituxan, and Simponi.

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Online Patient Support Excellence: Using Brand Website Services to Grow Loyal Customers

  1. 1. Strategic Benchmarking Research & AnalysisBest Practices, LLCREPORT SAMPLE:Online Patient Support Excellence:Using Brand Website Servicesto Grow Loyal Customers
  2. 2. Table of ContentsPROJECT BACKGROUND Benchmark OverviewSTUDY FINDINGS Online Patient Support Area #1: GETTING STARTED Learning About the Condition Learning About Treatment Tools for Obtaining Treatment Online Patient Support Area #2: REIMBURSEMENT AND ACCESS Support Offered for Gaining Access and Reimbursement Using Reimbursement Specialists Online Patient Support Area #3: TRAINING AND ONBOARDING Online Patient Support Area #4: ONGOING SUPPORT Patient Resources Patients Tools Achieving Online Support Leadership: Additional Website Analysis Appendix: Additional Case Examples About Best Practices, LLC
  3. 3. BESTPRACTICES,®LLC3Study Methodology: Reviewing Online SupportForteo10 Chronic CareBrands &BlockbustersOsteoporosisRheumatoidArthritisOncologyCrohn’s /ImflammatoryConditionsBenchmarkTheFullScope&RangeofPatientSupportServicesProvidedbyChronicCareProductWebsitesConditionsExaminedProducts InBenchmarkWebsiteServicesBenchmark• Learning about thecondition• Learning about theproduct• Tools for obtainingtreatment• Help in gainingaccess &reimbursement• Using reimbursementspecialists• Internet-basedtraining andonboarding tools• Ongoing patientsupport resources• Patient tools• Loyalty programs• Achieving on-lineleadershipImportant Themes &CategoriesFramework ForConductingReview• GettingStarted• Reimburse-ment andAccess• Training andOn-boarding• OngoingSupport• AchievingOnlineInternet-BasedSupportLeadershipThis internet benchmark review and analysis studied 10 leading chronic care productwebsites and their corresponding online patient support services. The benchmarkframework probed 51 categories that appear across the patient lifecycle, from beginningtreatment to becoming a loyal patient who adheres to treatment.Patient SupportFocus:Compare 10 ChronicCare BrandsEnbrelHumiraRemicadeCimziaBonivaReclastFosamaxSimponiRituxan
  4. 4. BESTPRACTICES,®LLC4Study Map: Optimizing Online Support throughout theTreatment LifecycleThe path to online patient support leadership traverse several critical patient lifecyclephases: from learning about the condition and starting treatment to developing andmaintaining product loyalty. The Internet supports a wide array of tools, informationdelivery, kits, hotlines, access to experts, and many other critical patient tools.Patient SupportServices ExcellenceThrough The Web1.Learn aboutCondition:Disease, Terms,Search & Product2.Learn AboutTreatment: PI, FAQs,Spokespeople,Testi-monials, Competitors& Alliances3.Align Treatment Tools:Hotlines, Kits, SignatureSupport, Directories,Guides7. Support AdherenceThru Updates, Calen-dars, Reminders,Caregiver Support,Diet & Exercise4. Help GainAccess:Insurance Q&As,Support, PriorAuthoriza- tion &Medicare Part D5. UsingReimbursementSpecialists:Hotlines,Counselors &Experts8. Offer MaintenanceServices: ProductTravel and StorageSupport, Tipsheets, Recycling, & WasteDisposal10.Winning OnlineLeadership: SearchEngine Optimization,Multilingual Options,etc.6. ProvideTraining &Onboarding thruAnimation,Graphics, Video,Phone, Internet &Home Visits9.Offer LoyaltyPrograms & CardsTo Support PatientAdherence
  5. 5. BESTPRACTICES,®LLC5Chronic Care Brands Examined:Universe of Learning: Chronic Care Brands Examined•Boniva•Cimzia•Enbrel•Forteo•Fosamax•Humira•Reclast•Remicade•Rituxan•SimponiThis study analyzes ten biopharmaceutical product websites and their associated onlinepatient support services. All of these products (which are listed below) treat chronicconditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis, for which treatment is oftenexpensive and patient education and long-term support are essential.
  6. 6. BESTPRACTICES,®LLC6Patient Support Area #1:Getting Started
  7. 7. BESTPRACTICES,®LLC7SAMPLE DATA SUMMARY: Learning About the ConditionBenchmark brands use the following services and features on their websites to inform andeducate patients about their medical conditions and prepare them for critical healthcaredecisions. The following slides examine the prevalence of each support feature,highlighting innovative examples from actual brand websites.“Learning About the Condition”Benchmark Average:(% of Brand Websites Using)Disease State Information xx%Website Medical / Disease State Glossary xx%Website Search Function xx%Differentiated Disease versus Product Information xx%(n=10)
  8. 8. BESTPRACTICES,®LLC8SAMPLE DATA SLIDE: A Medical Glossary Enriches aPatient’s Educational ExperienceDoes the brand website include a medical /disease state glossary?Opportunities forInnovation:• A systematized medicalglossary makes patientsmore effectivecommunicators in theirinteractions with a physician• At least one site provides adisease state informationsection that explains theconcept of Bone MineralDensity (BMD) and apatient’s resultant “T-score”as a measure of bone healthYes, 20%No, 80%An educated patient can better engage on each brand service front, from understandingthe disease itself to understanding how the product works to treat the disease toeffectively communicating with a physician to secure optimal treatment.(n=10)
  9. 9. BESTPRACTICES,®LLC9A Product Timeline Positions Enbrel as a Treatment LeaderThe product information available on Enbrel’s website demonstrates a long clinical historyand timeline of FDA approval for various treatment indications. For newly diagnosedpatients, this kind of longevity can engender a sense of product credibility.Clinical information provides acompelling, transparent windowinto a product’s background andestablishes treatment credibility.
  10. 10. BESTPRACTICES,®LLC10Unique or Notable Product Features Often HighlightedDoes the brand website highlight a uniqueor notable product fact or attribute?Yes, 70%No, 30%Most brand websites seek to underscore a unique or notable product attribute in someway. While some brand websites promote clinical success and effectiveness, otherspromote unique compound formulations or methods of drug delivery.(n=10)
  11. 11. BESTPRACTICES,®LLC11Some Product Advantages Are Built into Brand LogosThe website for Forteo asserts that the product “is the only osteoporosis medicine that canhelp build new bone.” This distinct product advantage is made especially visible topatients entering the brand website or searching for product information online: thetreatment benefit is actually integrated directly into the brand logo.Website declares a singular advantageof treatment with the product, echoingclaim in brand logo.Visual graphs serve to demonstrateproduct advantage, namely the ability torebuild bone in osteoporosis patients.FORTEO Logo:
  12. 12. BESTPRACTICES,®LLC12Highlight Unique Treatment Features: Ease and Comfortof UseFor musculoskeletal diseases requiring treatment by injection, ease and comfort of use arekey product differentiators. Cimzia’s website highlights a branded partnership with thedesigner/manufacturer of its award-winning prefilled syringe. In so doing, the websitearticulates a crucial product advantage in terms of quality of life for its users.Oversized menu tabdraws attention tounique productfeature.Arthritis Foundation “Ease-of-UseCommendation” distinguishesproduct in a crucial aspect oftreatment – injection.
  13. 13. BESTPRACTICES,®LLC13FAQ Pages Impart Product, Disease, and General InfoDoes the brand website incorporate aresource page that answers frequentlyasked patient questions (FAQs)?Opportunities forInnovation:• While some websites groupdisease and treatment infotogether with insurance info,other websites separate thisinfo into distinct FAQ pages,which may be easier tosearch and navigateYes, 70%No, 30%“Frequently Asked Questions” pages collect the answers to common patient inquiries in aconvenient place and in a useful format. A well-designed roster of FAQs can engenderpatient confidence by allaying pressing concerns and pointing toward treatment andservice solutions.(n=10)
  14. 14. BESTPRACTICES,®LLC14An In-house, Online Doctor Responds Directly to FAQsFAQ pages provide “one-stop education” for website browsers, passing on a wide breadthof information on treatment and services from a single webpage. This FAQ page standsout for its use of video as a medium of response to whichever question is selected.Multimedia (text andvideo) reinforces patientknowledge and caters todifferent learning styles.Interactive drop downmenu engages patientsand enhances websiteexperience.FAQ pages deliver crucial information in easilydigestible form; fill in key knowledge gaps.
  15. 15. BESTPRACTICES,®LLC15Patient Support Area #2:Reimbursement & Access
  16. 16. BESTPRACTICES,®LLC16A Glossary of Terms Makes the Insurance Picture ClearerDoes the brand website contain aglossary of key insurance terms?Yes, 20%No, 80%Some forms of support are simple: helping patients understand key terms (such as “priorauthorization”) that they will confront in the access and reimbursement process.Glossaries that help patients navigate the reimbursement bureaucracy can be empowering.(n=10)
  17. 17. BESTPRACTICES,®LLC17Patient Support Area #3:Training & Onboarding
  18. 18. BESTPRACTICES,®LLC18Injectable Medicines Are Supported by Nurse HotlinesDo brand website support services includea hotline staffed with nurses who cananswer patient questions?Opportunities forInnovation:• Nurses are available 8 AM –11 PM, seven days a week,in two benchmarkedprograms, and 8 AM – 8 PM,Monday through Friday, inanother• One brand website enablesyou to “Request a NurseCall” at a convenient timeover the InternetYes, 60%No, 40%As part of their signature patient support programs, some brand websites provide patientswith the opportunity to speak with registered nurses who can answer questions and offeradministration assistance.(n=5)
  19. 19. BESTPRACTICES,®LLC19Some Brands Provide 7-Day-a-Week Access toHealthcare ProfessionalsEnbrel’s patient support phone number provides patient access to nurses every day of theweek for 15 hours, even though its other services (such as reimbursement and insuranceassistance) are only available Monday-Friday, 8 AM – 8 PM.Link for Report: Online Patient Support Excellence
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