"I used the Best PracticeDatabase as my main system for                                                                   ...
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1-Pager: Best Practices Database


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An excellent overview of one of our most popular and cost-effective services!

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1-Pager: Best Practices Database

  1. 1. "I used the Best PracticeDatabase as my main system for Unlimited access to a $40-million growingbenchmarking. I always couldfind the right answers within the body of proprietary research and forward-right time which helped us to looking analysis on critical topics.improve our performance.”– Senior Manager, Competitive Healthcare business insights, analysis andIntelligence, Top 50 Pharma understanding leading to superior financialCompany and operational performance. Free access to live research overview"When we get asked how to staff The Best Practices BioPharma and Life Sciences Database is a sessions conducted by Best Practicesor structure a department, there research, analysis and decision-support service for professionals leaders who worked on the studies.is no better source than the Best working across functions within the healthcare. This insight deliversPractice Database. Newly hired on-demand access to valuable performance benchmarks and bestor promoted managers especially practice research findings from leading global companies.need the bigger picture of theindustrys best practices andstandards in their area, even ifthey have the technical Save time through more powerful search capabilities, aexpertise. This information is specialized Pharma Filter, and Top Pharma Issues -- a Research Alertsdifficult to find anywhere else -- growing list of Best Practices, LLCs most popular research answers to the industrys most vexing questions. Personalized Orientationeven if the general topic isaddressed in journal Be the first to access new research. View Pharma Usage Statistics Surveys, Top Pharma Issues, and read summaries ofpublications. The research in the Ability to transfer access between recently-published research in quarterly Newsletters.Best Practice Database are users during membership Help others in your company take a fresh look at theiruniquely practical, actionable and Call-in Membership Support business issues by sending them research. Or by havingdetailed. It is golden; I would not them participate in one of our current Pharma Benchmark Invitations to participate inlive without the Best Practice Studies. benchmark exchange studiesDatabase.” Ultimately, the research in the Database will allow you to– Executive, Top 15 Pharma increase revenue, decrease costs and retain keyCompany customers.For more information on any of Marty Daniel,our products or service please Client Services Managervisit us on the Web at:http://www.best-in-class.com/ Marty works with her pharma and biotech clients across multiple therapeutic areas to find solutions that will help them make informed decisions. She has 5 years of business development experience with Fortune 500 companies. BEST PRACTICES, @bestpracticesnc Best Practices LLC ® LLC