Your Questions About Best Internet Security 2012


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Your Questions About Best Internet Security 2012

  1. 1. Your Questions About Best Internet Security 2012Best Internet Security 2012 information as PDFHelen asks…Which is the best internet security software for 2012?Some sites consider Bit defender internet security 2012 as the best while some others Norton360 and so on..Please some1 tells me which is the best.Thanks in advance!!admin answers:These are a few tips to help secure your computer at least somewhat … .I am not saying none ofthese programs do not have false-alarms or you’ll be 100% protected all the time..These are just a few tips.Some users swear that the free scanners are not any good (note: SOME are better thanothers)… That is not true. Some of the free scanners (see below) are actually better than theones you have to pay for (protection wise), and of course 100% Free————-Anti-viruses –Both of these top two scanners have similar (Great) detection rates and are “neck and neck” as 1/7
  2. 2. the best Free anti-virus if you ask me. … Some sites (detection and removal-wise) have Avira“slipping” though I still trust it. (Yes I use Avast now, but I trust and happily recommend Avira, Imean)Avast – FREE – ( ) ORAvira – FREE – ( )Those are Free, but another good choice is, (3) Eset’s NOD32 Anti-virus , which provides greatprotection and no system lag, though its not free.Kaspersky while being my #4 pick is not as good as it use to be, but I had loved it as my onlyAV recommendation from about 2000-2009. It may not be one of my top 3, but its a solid #4 andone I feel loyal to, since it kept me safe for so many years (FYI, I switched for free productsgetting reviews just as good from security sites… Not due to infections getting by Kaspersky)May 2012 update: AVG is a tricky one..I am not one to go solely on “lab tests” alone, though I have to admit from various sources,such as… AVG has been getting better reviews (note: the 2012 free version).. Iam not one to constantly knock a product, IF they are improving it.. I may re-evaluate my “notrecommending AVG” stance… IF it is better now, I will gladly recommend it. AVG from myexperience with helping users, is problematic, though as I just stated, they may be improving it.——————————Firewall –The two that I would recommend 100% are very easy to configure and use, and which are bothfreeComodo’s Firewall ( ) OR Outpost ( )(ONLY USE ONE..)———————Malware/Spyware related –These are great programs to have, but do not confuse them with anti-viruses. AV’s can detectmalware and these scanners COULD detect viruses, but my advice would be to have both typesof scanners on your system. ..Both of these are free and have excellent records at removing malware/spyware infections…They really are the two best best optionsMalwareBytes ( ) And Super AntiSpyware ( )I have seen people with AV scanners like Norton think they are malware free and they (withcomputer issues) scan with MB and then they find they are loaded with malware. 2/7
  3. 3. ———————--XmetalfanxRuth asks…What is best Internet Security 2012? I want to buy now?for every two months hitting with virus then i am doing formatting my laptop. Now i decided tobuy internet security 2012. When i search internet security 2012 keyword in search engines.There are so many brands are there so now i am confused which one to buy……please shareexperience who are using license product. Thanks for your appreciate answer.admin answers:As you have planned to buy a antivirus software, then go with the best Antivirus software….I will suggest you COMODO antivirus… I am using it from past 1 yr, This the best antivirus youever get before. COMODO antivirus Special Edition offers full protection from virus threats. The 3/7
  4. 4. other features include Auto Sandbox Technology, Remote Security Setup .. .Antivirus Softwarefrom Comodo provides complete Internet Security 2012.They are offering $500 Virus-Free Guarantee*. Comodo is the only av vendor who standsbehind its product..others this will solve your problem from formatting your laptopCarol asks…Whats the best Internet Security 2012 Suit?I have had Norton Internet security for the past few years. Its very light weight and does a fullscan quick enough adn does not use up much CPU when doing a scan.BitDefener internetsecurity 2012 seems to be the best should i get it or what should i get ? … i don’t really wantone thats really heavy on CPU usage when doing a scan.Thanks 4/7
  5. 5. admin answers:Kaspersky offers a tremendous product. Its easy to install and its small enough still to wherethey dont get attacked as much as the larger brands (Mcaffee and Norton)Jenny asks…What is the best Internet Security software? Bitdefender 2012,Kaspersky 2012, Norton 2012?Hi I am currently using Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 but it is about to expire so I amlooking if it is the best Internet Security software out currently. I have looked at many reviewsonline including AV-Tests and several others and the top three that I can pick up areBitdefender, Kaspersky and Nortons and I can’t decide which one to get? Please help I justneed it for my laptop. I don’t really care about the price I just want the best Internet Securitysoftware out right now.Many thanksThanksAlso If you could please explain what the difference is between Kaspersky Internet Security2012 and Kaspersky PURE? I’ve heard that PURE uses old technology but has a few morefeatures, is that true or is there a newer version of PURE which is everything like InternetSecurity plus more? 5/7
  6. 6. admin answers:BitDefender and Kaspersky have always been among the best security programs on the marketfor years now, much better than AVG or any other free option from my security testing as a greyhat hacker. I personally use Kaspersky, but I’m considering switching to BitDefender after mylicense expires because of how good it also is.Richard asks…which is the best internet security between g data internet security2012 and k7 internet security2012? 6/7
  7. 7. admin answers: According to AV Comparatives, it’s G Data by a large margin. K7 doesn’t look all that good. Http:// Powered by Yahoo! Answers Click this link Your Questions About Best Internet Security 2012 7/7Powered by TCPDF (