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  1. 1. GREECEΚαλώς ήλθατε στην Ελλάδα
  3. 3. GREECE OF DEFİNİTİONGreece is a country in Southern Europe and Greece is Balkans largestand most well-established country. The official language is Greek . 25March 1821,the Ottoman state was divided and independent country.After that , 11 July 1975, the Republic was proclaimed.Greece , officiallythe Hellenic Republic.Greeces population is about 12 million. The oldcurrency is drachma. Nonetheless, today is using Euro because Greece isa member of the european union .Athens is the countrys capital andlargest city and Athens has population about 4 million.Greece has landborders with Albania the Republic of Macedonia and Bulgaria tothe north, and Turkey to the northeast.There are lots of cities in Greece.Nevertheless , the most important cities are Salonika,Piraeus,Xanti,Patras,Giangia ,Kavala Komotine etc.. At the same time Greece has moremuch islands such as Mykanos ,Santorini,Kos,Rodos,Girit,Samos,Naxos,Patros,Patmos,Amorgos ,Symi , Xios etc..In addition , Greece hashighly delicious foods and drinks , spectacular music and dances , andthe wonderful islands with it’s really famous country.
  4. 4. GREEK DANCES OF CULTUREDance has been a very important event for greeks throughouthistory. In ancient greek, dance, song and music were fundamentalsfor theatre. Therefore, "xopoc"(horos) means dance and sing.Moreover, chorus and choreography words were born from thisword. Sirtaki is known as the most famous greek dance all over theworld. Whereas, situation in greece is different. There are manydances that are more common than sirtaki. If we look at prevalence,greeces national dance is sirto. Also,rembetiko and zeybetikos arevery important dances. Rembetiko is especially the most popularfolk dance in modern greece. Zeybetikos is popular in coastalaegean and ıslands taverns. Also, it is very popular amongstmuslim greeks and it is similar to turkeys zeybek.
  6. 6. Customs And Traditions Of GreeceEASTER: Easter is both national and religional feastthat is as important as christmas for greek people.Easter is celebrated on a sunday that coincidesbetween 22nd march and 25th april. According toorthodox traditions, eggs are painted red in holyThursday this symbolizes the virgin mary, virginity,lifetime and doomsday.On thursday women makemuffin and cookies.On Friday flag is stroken to the halfstroke.On saturdays and sunday, there exist somecelebrations for people moreover on sunday, a sheepis sacrificed (for god and jesus).People start fasting onMonday.
  7. 7. BAPTISM :Its an orthodoxtradition. Mostly, it is donebefore the baby is one year old.The baby is called as a babyuntil it is baptized. The baby isprepared and brought to thechurch for baptizing. The cleantowels , holy water , a special lotionwith olive oil and religious necklaceare prepared. The baby is put intobaptism water and than the baby isgotten out from the water by thepriest. After that baptism bath timefor the baby. Oil and religiousnecklace immerse to the bathingwater. After that the priest whispersbaby’s name to baby’s ear 3 times.(moslty greek babies have the samenames with their grandmother andgrandfather) .After the ritual ends,participants wish to say “na saszisei”(long life) to the baby and to itsfamily and gifts are given.
  8. 8. GREEK WEDDİNGGreeks celebrate their weddings with european style as appropriatefor todays modern weddings.Also traditional ways outweigh.Forexample; in todays Greece, couples make an appoinment from apastor and get married with a wedding ceremony in orthodoxchurches.We can compare this event with Turkeys ımam wedding,however,ımam wedding is not an official marriage in Turkey, incontrast, pastors wedding is official in Greece.In addition,Greekfamilies are conservative just like Turkish families and they applysome traditions.
  9. 9. GREEK‘S MOST FAMOUS TASTESGreek cuisine is greeces national cuisine.This cuisine isthe heir of greek culture for hundreds of years (includingancient greek and byzantine).It is a part of mediterraneanand balkan cuisines. It includes crete cuisine.Many offoods are based with olive-oil.It has many similarities withturkish west anatolian cuisine and their dishes are commonsince byzantine. By the side of being close, there are somesimilarities about food names too.For example, bothcountries have the same baklava recipe but in Turkey,it isbaklava,in Greece it is baklavas. Another example is dolmain Turkey and dolmades in Greece.
  10. 10. STİFADO
  11. 11. FAVA
  12. 12. PİLAKİ
  13. 13. AGİNARES
  14. 14. KALAMARİ
  15. 15. SİKOTAKİA
  16. 16. KEFTEDES
  18. 18. DOLMADES
  19. 19. Garides_Saganaki
  20. 20. SOUVLAKİ
  21. 21. FASOLADA
  22. 22. HORİATİKİ
  23. 23. TZATZİKİ
  24. 24. YİROS
  25. 25. REGİONAL SWEETS• Lokmades • Kadaifi
  26. 26. Baklavas
  27. 27. GREEK DRİNKSEllada cafeii Frappe Serbeti
  29. 29. GREECE TOURISM Greece is the cradle of many civilizations.There are plentyof historical places.For examples , Athens is a reallysignificant city and it has a lot of historical places andAthens is famous for its ; Acropolis,Hadrianous Door ,Stadium,temple of zeus etc.Also,Salonica is a other veryimportant city and Greek people using two or three namesfor salonica these are salonika ,saloniki or Thessaloniki butgenerally say that ‘’Thessaloniki’’. Salonica is reallysignificant for Greek and Turkish people because Atatürkwas born in Thessaloniki. So there are many Turkishpeople go to the Thessaloniki. Furthermore , as we allknow Greece has more much island but the most popularislands which are Mykonos, Santorini, Kos, Rhodes.
  30. 30. . KOS ISLANDHippocrates was born in Kos so this islands is really important forGreek people and doctors.Today many doctors coming this islandbecause they are Hippocrates take an oath. In addition to Kos hasbeautiful beaches it is about 290 km long.
  31. 31. RHODES ISLAND The ancient walled city of Rhodes, the list of world heritage byUnesco were taken. In the past,considered one of the sevenwonders of the world,god of the sun Port of the island `s bronzestatue of Helios. Sculpture too great. However, what a pity it wasreally major earthquake down.Additionally,there are many Turkspiece in this island.
  32. 32. MYKONOS ISLANDMykonos island is a place where high society visits mostly. Everythingabout entertainment can be found in this island, for example, non-stopaction, entertainment until late in bars, night clubs, restaurants with livemusic, entertainment centers.In the island, the most interesting thing isnudist camp. The camp attracts many poeple from all over the world. Theisland also known as the island of liberties because it is famous with itscrazy lifestyle and its tolerance for all kind of sexual preference.
  33. 33. SANTORINI ISLANDIt had got its moon shape by a volcanic eruption to arrive at island,people have to use cable car or climb 580 stairs or ride a mule. Greekscall santorini as the island of love. According to a rumor, even friendsdecide to marry after a holiday in the island.