The Advantages of Digital Portrait Photography


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The Advantages of Digital Portrait Photography

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  2. 2. The Advantages ofDigital Portrait Photography Digital portrait photography has become very popular for both professional photographers and amateurs alike. Countless photographs can be taken without the worry of wasting film. Unwanted photographs can be deleted from the camera with the push of a button. With the emergence of advanced digital cameras that are affordable and readily available to the public, just about anyone is capable of taking quality digital portrait photography.
  3. 3. Photograph editing software Photograph editing software has the capability of removing red eye, adjusting the lightness or darkness, along with countless other modifications to photographs. Photographers now have a greater margin of error because imperfections can be fixed by the editing software. Digital cameras have unbelievable features, such as faster shutter speeds, night and portrait modes, and better zoom capabilities, which make the job of a photographer much easier.
  4. 4. Tips for taking great Digital Portrait Photography Here are some good tips and tricks that will help you excel at producing digital portrait photography. Try to be sure and provide enough light as to avoid using flash whenever possible. Not only does flash create red eye, it can also reflect off of clothing and jewelry, causing undesirable effects. If you have to use a flash, avoid the blink syndrome by taking several warm-up shots.
  5. 5. Eyes To Become Accustomed This will allow the subjects’ eyes to become accustomed and help reduce the incidence of blinking during the shot. Keep your viewer’s attention focused on the subject of the photograph by using simple backgrounds. Leave plenty of room around the subject by avoiding the urge to fill you frame with the subject. Different sizes of prints often require cropping of the edges and you want to have plenty of room to work with.
  6. 6. Take advantage of the digital cameras faster shutter speed Take advantage of the digital cameras faster shutter speed. This is especially beneficial for shooting babies and capturing facial expressions. Engage the subject in a conversation about a topic that pleases them. You are more apt to capture and beautiful, natural expression rather than a forced, rehearsed smile. A more natural setting for the portrait can make you subject feel more at ease as well as conveying openness and friendliness.
  7. 7. Try converting your portraits to black and white Try converting your portraits to black and white to give them a more elegant and dramatic look. Outdoor portrait photography can sometimes present challenges. It is important to research and prepare for the portrait before hand. Try to have everything set up ahead of time, including lighting, background, props, etc. Digital portrait photography can be very rewarding. Don’t worry too much or be intimidated by it. There is a lot of photograph editing software available that can easily help make corrections and alterations to images.
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