General Information About Photo Contests


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General Information About Photo Contests

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  2. 2. General Information About Photo Contests Photography has become fun and interesting past time for thousands of people all over the world. In the quest to create the perfect technique and gain new knowledge about photography, many photo contests have appeared on different types of websites on the internet.
  3. 3. They Like The Best These contests allow photographers from all over the world to submit the photographs that they like the best and see how they compare to others in the same category. The judging for these photo contests can be done by trained professionals giving their honest opinions about the technique used and the image placement or by allowing other photographers to vote on the photographs that they like the best.
  4. 4. Rules And Restrictions For The Contest A photo contest's rules and regulations can vary depending on a number of different criteria. These will typically include how experienced the photographer may be, the topics allowed for the photographs, and the length of time the photographer has to obtain their images before they must be submitted.
  5. 5. Original Image Each submission to the contest must be an original image taken by the photographer or else the submission will be disqualified from the contest. The photo must also adhere to any other guidelines that were set for the submission, such as size of the photograph, placement of the image, or medium desired, such as black and white photography.
  6. 6. Submitting The Photo For The Contest Every photograph that is submitted to the photo contests should adhere strictly to the rules posted for submitting the photo accurately. The instructions should be read carefully to make sure all of the rules are being followed and the photo is being submitted using the correct procedure.
  7. 7. Topic Of The Contest If the photographs are submitted incorrectly, it may be grounds to disqualify them from the competition. Make sure that the topic of the contest is really what the photograph is about because if the judges can’t see how your photograph relates to the topic, then they may disqualify it for not being on topic
  8. 8. What Prizes You Could Win There prizes given to the winners of the photo contest can be just about anything. Many contests offer a cash prize to the winners, while others provide gift card to certain store or restaurants that may be in the area where the photographer lives. New photography equipment can also be a valuable prize to the winner of a photo contest and the prize will typically show up within a few weeks of you being announced as the winner.
  9. 9. Skills As A Photographer Even if the prize offered for winning the contest is small, submitting your photographs to the contest is a great way to see how good your photo really is and what other people think of your skills as a photographer.
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