How To Get Your Credit Report For Free


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How to get your credit report for free. You need to regularly check on your credit report and getting it for free will save you money. Learn how to do this and also how to repair your credit on your own.

Repairing your own credit can save your $1000's in fees and interest. Check out all the insider information provided here

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How To Get Your Credit Report For Free

  1. 1. Check Your Credit ScoreRegularlyFind Out How You Can Get Your CreditReport For FreeGo
  2. 2. Be Sure To Check Your Credit Score!You are more likely to notice problems andinconsistencies if you check your credit score on aregular basis – at least once a year and preferablythree times a year. Be sure to check your creditrating with each credit bureau, too. If you noticeanything odd or anything you don’t recognize (suchas a charge account you did not open) report itimmediately.
  3. 3. Credit Bureaus Make Mistakes!Sometimes, these errors are caused by mistakesmade at the credit bureau, but they could be anindication that someone is using your identity. Ineither case, such mistakes could hurt your creditscore. Fixing such errors improves your credit score.
  4. 4. What To Do About Identity Theft1. Contact the three major credit bureaus and ask to speak tothe fraud department. Explain that you have been thevictim of identity theft (or believe you may have been) andask that an “alert” be placed on your file.This will let anyone looking at your report know that you mayhave been the victim of fraud. It will also mean that youwill be alerted any time a lender asks to look at your file –each time a lender does look at your file, it may be anindication that the identity thieves are trying to open a newaccount in your name.
  5. 5. Identity Theft Procedures2. Call the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at 1-877-438-4338. This is the special hot line thatthe FTC has set up to help customers deal withfraud and identity theft. You will be able to getup-to-date information about your rights andadvice as to what you can do to improve yourcredit score and keep in safe in the future.
  6. 6. Identity Theft Procedures3. Contact the police. Identity theft is a crime andyou need to file a police report (be sure to keep acopy of this report) so that you can help thepolice potentially catch the criminals responsible.Contacting the police will also give you a papertrail and proof that a crime has been committed.Keeping a paper trail of the crime and yourresponse will make it easier for you to repair yourcredit if it has been damaged by identity thieves.
  7. 7. Identity Theft Procedures4. Contact your creditors or any creditors thatthe identity thieves have opened an accountwith. Ask to speak to the security departmentand explain your predicament. You may needto have your accounts closed or at least yourpasswords changed to protect yourself.
  8. 8. You Must Check Your Credit Report -Regularly• Identity theft is a frustrating experience because lenderswill want to be paid and you will want to avoid paying forcharges you did not run up.• Being persistent and keeping good proof that you havebeen the victim of a crime will help to clear your creditscore.• In the meantime, however, you will be faced with a muchlower credit rating than you deserve and you may have toput off larger purchases that may require a loan.
  9. 9. Repair Your Own Credit AndSave $1000’sSee Reviews Of The BestDo-It-Yourself Credit Repair SystemsTo See More About Getting Your CreditReport For FreeGo
  10. 10. Repair Your Own Credit AndSave $1000’sSee Reviews Of The BestDo-It-Yourself Credit Repair SystemsTo See More About Getting Your CreditReport For FreeGo