Latest craze in home decor bay window curtain


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Latest craze in home decor bay window curtain

  1. 1. Latest craze in home decor - Bay window curtainpolesBay window curtain poles did not have a very good reputation regarding dressing them with curtains until quiterecently as the only thing that could be done regarding the hanging of the curtain that would be sensible would beusing a curtain track that is flexible. With the discovery and use of bay window curtain poles this problem hascompletely vanished. The concept of bay window curtain poles has resulted in revolutionising window treatmentsthat one can apply to their bay windows since they can be given a more contemporary feel and look through thecurtain poles made especially for them. You get better scope for designing your curtains through them as well.Good pole designers can offer you a range of different kinds of curtain poles for bay windows in various brands,designs and colours to suit the tastes and requirements of the customers as well as the decor of your home. Thestyles and finishes offered by these companies are many and unique, with choices to suit all. The curtain poles canbe got along with straight poles which are matched with them.Even if you have extra difficult windows or windows with intricate shapes, there is no need to worry you can usemetal curtain tracks which are flexible enough to be twisted into the required shape, offering a better alternative toconventional PVC tracks. These are available in a variety of colours as well.More information can be found on this website.Pole sesigners especially advices the customers to go for curtain pole of Silent Gliss Metropole for bay windowssince they are of high quality and provide customers with a range of options as well. There are extra brackets aswell which can be used but without any restrictions on the curtains. The top fixing can be done closely to theceiling as well with these types as the pole can be fit almost directly. The range offered by them not only gives agreat decorative look but maintains the track’s efficiency as well, even during frequent use of the curtains. You canget the poles made to measure and custom bent so that you get the maximum advantage.Pole vendors offer a calculator for bay windows so that your measurements turn out correct and the angles areconfirmed, giving an exact and correct fitting.The many advantages of quality and style along with a guarantee makes poles the ultimate addition for shopperson the lookout for good bay window curtain poles.