Social Media Summit - Iowa State University
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Social Media Summit - Iowa State University



Social media marketing presentation for Iowa State University. Thanks to the questions and comments from 150+ people attending that made this a special time in Ames.

Social media marketing presentation for Iowa State University. Thanks to the questions and comments from 150+ people attending that made this a special time in Ames.



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Social Media Summit - Iowa State University Social Media Summit - Iowa State University Presentation Transcript

  • Social Media Summit Iowa State University Ames, IA 3 December 2009
  • Who is Bob Johnson, Ph.D.?
    • Higher education marketing since 1980s
    • Owner… Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC
    • Partner w/Gerry McGovern at Customer Carewords, Ltd
    • “ Your Higher Education Marketing Newsletter” (email newsletter)
    • “ Bob Johnson’s Blog on Higher Education Marketing”
    • Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook user
  • What does this mean?
    • 25% of 2009 freshmen report using Facebook to help make their college choice
  • YouTube, Flickr, Twitter for Ford…
  • ► Critical point to start…
    • The website is your most important online marketing tool…
    • Fixing broken links and dated content is more important than social media
  • The Social Media “Groundswell”…
    • “ A social trend in which people use technology to get the things they need from each other , ◄ rather than from traditional institutions like corporations.”
        • Groundswell, Harvard Business Press, 2008
    • What’s in the Groundswell…
      • Facebook and MySpace
      • Wikipedia
      • YouTube
      • Rate My Professor
      • Twitter and LinkedIn
  • 2 new social media mistakes… ....
  • Social media… a really big world
  • Social Media site traffic… Nov 21, 2009
    • 1. Facebook 46.09%
    • 2. MySpace 18.59%
    • 3. YouTube 13.96%
    • 4. Tagged 1.51%
    • 5. Yahoo! Answers 1.13%
    • 6.Twitter 1.06%
    • 7. Yahoo! Profiles 0.81%
    • 8. myYearbook 0.60%
    • 9. Windows Live Home 0.51%
    • 10. Meebo 0.50%
  • ► Most people are “spectators”…
    • Re active participation… control expectations
    • How people 18 to 55+ use social media
      • Creators…. 24%
      • Critics……… 37%
      • Collectors… 21%
      • Joiners…… 51%
      • Spectators… 73% ◄
      • Inactives…… 18%
        • Groups overlap… thus the high total percent
  • Is “Social Media” a marketing tool?
    • Yes, but…
      • Not a direct sales/recruitment tool
      • Social media allow potential students to listen to people talk about their experience with you
      • Social media allows people to ask questions about the value of your education and to get “experience answers” from your students and alumni
      • You can’t control social media discussions
      • You can monitor and influence them
  • Three levels of marketing Alex Brown at Free Marketing Social media discussions, word-of-mouth, etc. Engagement Marketing Web 2.0, Facebook fan page, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Traditional Marketing Website 1.0, Advertising, PR, Special Events
  • Iowa State and social media…
    • Many sites…
    • Activity varies greatly
  • Facebook… 500+ results Iowa State University………………….. Iowa State
  • YouTube… 2,150+ results Iowa State University……………………Iowa State
  • Twitter… 20 results Iowa State….…………………Iowa State University
  • In perspective… Starbucks & Iowa State
    • Starbucks…
      • Facebook fans in Nov… 1.5 million
    • Iowa State
      • Facebook fans in Nov… 11,785
    • Starbucks…
      • Twitter followers in November… 536,049
    • Iowa State news
      • Twitter followers in November… 1,861
  • Facebook…
    • If you build it…
    • How many people will notice?
  • Iowa State on Facebook…
  • ► Increase Facebook audiences…
    • Prominent link to Facebook from the entry page to your website section… don’t make them hunt
    • Include your Facebook link at end of individual email you send from your division
    • Add a FB icon to email newsletters
    • Get current students to talk about their Iowa State experiences, w/ links to videos, photos
      • Select as you would student bloggers
    • Viral marketing ◄
      • Goal: Fans of your fans will see the link on their FB pages and join as a result
  • Encourage Facebook fans…
    • Give your fans permission to…
      • Post videos
      • Post photographs
      • Link from their updates
    • If fans say something critical of you…
      • Remember, this is “reality” marketing
      • In most cases, don’t remove the comment
      • Don’t answer right away… watch how other community members react ◄
      • The best response comes from your supporters
  • Doing Social Media at Iowa State
    • Lessons from people who are doing it now…
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
  • Facebook…
  • Twitter…
  • Notes on ROI…
    • Old style advertising:
    • “ I know 50% works, but I don’t know which 50%.”
    • Abandon what doesn’t get attention
  • Basic ROI points…
    • Do you have measurable goals?
      • Increase recruitment conversion?
      • Increase event registrations?
      • Increase annual fund contributions?
      • Increase sale of athletic gear?
    • Do you know results before social media?
      • Best to compare before & after results
      • Can you separate impact of other activities?
  • Basic ROI points (continued)…
    • Social media isn’t free…
      • People resources to create content and monitor what’s happening… count hours spent on SM
      • Budget resources diverted from other activities
      • Change current activities with least ROI now
    • Engagement isn’t a final ROI measure…
      • Engagement is important
      • But engagement is not always the end goal
  • Basic ROI points (continued)…
    • Things you can track…
      • Relative growth of fans (FB), followers (Twitter) and connections (LinkedIn)
      • Comments and questions from the community on Facebook
      • Link tracking from Facebook and Twitter posts
      • Views and comments on YouTube
    • Special attention to tracking…
      • Links to annual fund contribution pages
      • Links to inquiry and application forms
  • ROI is an emerging skill…
  • Twitter… unrealized potential
    • Twitter growth has slowed…
    • Tweet every day…
    • Multiple sites are fine…
  • To see higher ed follower growth … http:// /Universities ... Thanks to Barb Chamberlain
  • Bio to build brand…
    • Good example…
      • “ Saint Leo University is a leading provider of higher education to young adults, working adults, and military personnel looking to further their education.”
    • Good example…
      • “ UC Davis official undergrad admission updates, deadlines and interesting tidbits.”
  • Check yourself against competitors…
  • Measuring influence at Klout…
    • “ You have built a personal brand around your identity. There is a good chance that you work in social media or marketing but you might even be famous in real life. Being a persona is not just about having a ton of followers, to make it to the top right corner you need to engage with your audience. Make no mistake about it though, when you talk people listen.”
  • Another new metrics tool…
    • How many of your followers you're really reaching
    • How quickly your network is growing (or shrinking!)
    • Who's dumping you
    • Who your most influential followers are, and how to reach them
    • Who else your followers are following
  • Qualitative analysis…
    • “ TweetPsych uses two linguistic analysis algorithms (RID and LIWC) to build a psychological profile of a person based on the content of their tweets.”
      • Cognitive content
      • Primordial, conceptual, emotional content
      • Sites like yours
  • Integrated Marketing and Social Media Case Review: University of Phoenix Facebook… 22,878 fans Twitter… 1,860 followers LinkedIn… 3,085 alumni in 7 groups
  • From an obscure home page link…
  • Start people at the “Wall”… 8,678 fans on 21 May 2009… 22,000+ in November
  • ► Don’t fear “Discussions”… Where is my Pell Grant money ?
  • Getting personal on Twitter… @danportnoy has 1,375 followers
  • Building Brand on MySpace…
  • Building Brand on YouTube…
  • Building brand on LinkedIn… 1,926 alumni in May… 3,000+ in November
  • In the near future…
    • Easier access to online locations…
    • One password open all your doors
  • Easier access to Internet locations… http:// / .......
  • The cost of getting started… (From Heather Mansfield at DIOSA Communications, ), spring 2009
    • Create initial sites on FB, MySpace, Twitter, FlickR, YouTube… $2,700
    • Create sites only on FB, MySpace… $750
    • Staff time allocation… 25% to 50% at start
  • The summary… 7 points
    • People turn to social media for “real” information based on actual experience…
    • Promote your social media sites every day…
    • Social media won’t go away, individual sites may change importance…
    • You can’t control social media content…
    • Social media will become more integrated…
    • To measure ROI, set quantifiable goals
    • Experiment, then change
  • Keeping up to date…
  • Groundswell blog…
  • New book in 2010…
  • Especially for Facebook…
  • Mashable
  • Dave Evan’s Blog…
  • Pew Internet research reports…
  • Shameless self-promotion…
  • Thank You! Bob Johnson, Ph.D. President Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC Marshall, MI 49068 248.766.6425 [email_address] Customer Carewords Research for Online Marketing Success: