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Startup Investment Trend from Seed to Series A
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Startup Investment Trend from Seed to Series A


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Investment Panel titled "Startup Investment Trend from Seed to Series A" at SVCW Conference. …

Investment Panel titled "Startup Investment Trend from Seed to Series A" at SVCW Conference.

2013 is a year of collaborative consumption and sharing economy. Ridesharing services Lyft ($60M Series C) and SideCar, owner car-sharing offers Getaround ($13.9M Series A) and RelayRides ($12.3M Series A), company owned car-sharing offers ZipCar (Acquired by Avis) represents a crowded space. Home-rental site AirBnB ($112M Series B), HomeAway (IPO) and CouchSurfing ($15M Series B), Labor marketplace TaskRabbit ($13M Series C), Thumbtack ($12.5M Series B) and Gigwalk ($6M Series A) reflects the extension of blooming sharing economy. Smart Car, In-Vehicle Technology along with wearable sensors, gesture-based sensors (MYO wristband & Leap Motion) and Smartwatch are following the growth of Smartphone devices iPhone and Android. Our panel from seed, angel and VC funds will discuss the exciting year.

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  • 1. Investment Panel: Startup Investment Trend from Seed to Series A SiliconVally China Wireless (SVCW) Sep 2013 Palo Alto CA
  • 2. Bess Ho Archimedes Labs @Bess Follow us on Twitter #SVCW #SVCWireless James Zhang Formation 8 Max Skibinsky 500 Startup @_lordmax_  Manu Rekhi Inventus Capital Partners @Manu
  • 3. James Zhang Partner Formation 8 Max Skibinsky Angel 500 Startup Bess Ho Partner Archimedes Labs Seed Angel Series A➔B➔C➔ Investment Trends Manu Rekhi Principal Inventus Capital Partners
  • 4. Year of Collaborative Consumption & Sharing Economy
  • 5. Collaborative Consumption A class of economic arrangements in which participants share access to products or services, rather than having individual ownership. eBay Craigslist Zopa Marketplaces Social Lending Airbnb Space Sharing Local Guiding P2P Travel Experience TaskRabbit P2P Task ZipCar Car Sharing
  • 6. Sharing Economy Refers to economic and social systems that enable shared access to goods, services, data and talent $15M Series A Indiegogo $10M Series A KickStarter CrowdFunding Platforms
  • 7. Share Car Own Lease Rent Share Ride Evolution of Car Ownership
  • 8. $60M Series C Lyft $10M Series A SideCar $13.9M Series A Getaround $30M Series A RelayRides Owner Car-Sharing Ridesharing
  • 9. $112M Series B AirBnB Home Sharing $513M IPO HomeAway $15M Series B CouchSurfing NASDAQ $27/Share Valued at $2.2B Jun 2011
  • 10. $13M Series C TaskRabbit Labor Marketplace $6M Series A Gigwalk $12.5M Series B Thumbtack
  • 11. Connected Car / In-Vehicle Technology
  • 12. Wearable Sensors Gesture-based Sensors MYO Wristband Leap Motion SmartWatch SmartGlass
  • 13. 3D Printing
  • 14. 225MRegistered Users 500MRegistered Users Jun 2013 Jul 2013 1.2BRegistered Users Sep 2013 500MRegistered Users Jun 2013 500MRegistered Users May 2013
  • 15. 300MActive Users Aug 2013 230MRegistered Users Aug 2013 300MRegistered Users Apr 2013 Messaging App
  • 16. 1.3BPopulation US China 50MRegistered Users S. Korea 127MPopulation Japan 739MPopulation Europe 314MPopulation 1BPopulation Africa S. America 388MPopulation
  • 17. Next Big Thing SmartCar SmartWatch 3D PrintingSmartGlass BitCoin Hardware