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Proposed technical plan to improve reporting on medical needs and supplies for 2010 Haiti Earthquake

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  • Excellent slideshow about the need to innovate company models; the way to represent them succinctly; and the desire to make advancement initiatives actionable. Excellent use of images as well as obvious to see illustrative examples.
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  • Proposed Technical Plan

    1. 1. Phase I Proposal 2010 Haiti Earthquake @CrisisCamp SHDH Jan 17, 2010
    2. 2. Healthcare Status Most hospitals in the area were destroyed Most serious procedures involved caesarian sections and amputations Some medical teams ran out of supplies they arrived with. Construct splints out of cardboard while re-using latex gloves
    3. 3. Affected Haitians 65.9% literacy rate is lowest in the region 50% of 10 Million Haitians are under 20 year old 50% of children are unvaccinated 90% of children suffer from waterborne diseases & intestinal parasites
    4. 4. Must Be Low Tech Create a reporting system that is easy to use & remember Use color & number Encourage Haitians to report data
    5. 5. Proposed Visualization Map Show summary of Triage Statistics at each incident location Black Box (White Font) No showing no. of Morgue Red Box (White Font) showing No no. of Immediate Yellow Box (Black Font) No showing no. of Delayed Green Box (White Font) No showing no. of Minor
    6. 6. Triage Reporting Colors Black Red Yellow Green
    7. 7. Evacuation Priority Urgent evacuation is required within two hours to save life or limb evacuation is necessary within Priority four hours or the casualty will deteriorate to “Urgent” Routine evacuation within 24 hours to complete treatment
    8. 8. Black Morgue (Pulseless / Non-Breathing) Text Examples: Victims who are dead, or whose injuries make survival unlikely
    9. 9. Red Immediate (Life Threatening Injury) Examples: arterial lesions, internal hemorrhage, major amputations
    10. 10. Yellow Delayed (Serious, Non Life Threatening) Examples: minor amputations, flesh wounds, fractures and dislocations
    11. 11. Green Minor (Walking Wounded) Examples: minor lacerations, sprains, abrasions
    12. 12. Proposed Twitter Use Case Use hash tag #haitimed 10 5 2 20
    13. 13. Types of Injuries Blunt Trauma Burn C-Spine Cardiac Crushing Fracture Laceration Penetrating Injury
    14. 14. Estimated Medical Supplies Antibiotics IV Solutions Hospital Supplies for patients with trauma injuries Bandages and other First Aid materials Pain Relievers Primary Care Medicines for children & adults